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Color Inspiration: the Orange and Pink Wedding

Weddings are an endless source of inspiration for people who work in the wonderful world of color. That’s probably a lot of us, right? Bowmakers think about color, photographers think about color, creative directors think about color… if you’re selling a product, chances are you’re thinking about color a LOT! Well, weddings aren’t exactly a product, but they’re a hugely creative endeavor and visually speaking, they are organized almost entirely around color.

After the success of our Modern Honeycomb color contest, I became so aware of just how popular Pink + Orange is. I see it everywhere now! And it’s not a new combo – it’s been around for awhile! – but the shades have changed We’re no longer in the era of Sherbet Orange and Mauve… we’re all about saturation, mid-tones and pops of a contrasting color like Mint, Navy and Mystic Blue.

So I took to the internet to look for Pink + Orange photo inspiration and of course I ended up seeing so many wedding bouquets! There’s seriously no better place to find a wide range of oranges and pinks than in a wedding bouquet. So I took to the RABOM Ribbon racks and created some inspiration photo collages… enjoy! (Oh! And all florists and photographers are credited and liked at the bottom!)

– L

Inspired by This Blog and RABOM Ribbon inspirationZest Floral and Design and RABOM Ribbon color inspirationCalie Rose Photography and RABOM Ribbon inspirationSasparilla Sunset Color Inspiration on the RABOM blog


1.  Inspired by This BlogKT Merry PhotographyFifty50 Creative ServicesNuage Designs Custom Linens and RABOM Ribbon

2. Ben Pigao PhotographyZest Floral and Event Design and RABOM Ribbon Ribbon

3. Callie Rose Photography + RABOM Ribbon

Blog Share- Tulle and Lights

Tulle and Lights

Everyone is using tulle and lights to decorate for parties and weddings. I mean who doesn’t love fluffy, delicate tulle and twinkling lights…I sure do. Here’s a couple examples that I found around the blog world(thank you Pinterest).

Spotted on Vintage Lace & Pearls

Spotted on Eventful Life (This site features other light and tulle decorations as well)

The possibilities are endless when it comes to lights and tulle. I think it would be fun to wrap tulle covered lights around a wreath form to create a twinkling wreath. The twinkling wreath would be a great decoration and night light for a little girl’s bedroom. Have fun experimenting with these materials to add a little sparkle to your next event!


Bridal Show

RABOM at the Pink Bridal Show

Did you receive a pretty diamond ring during the holidays? If so, CONGRATULATIONS! Now it’s time for the fun part…planning your wedding. Flowers, colors, dresses, food…where to start? In the craziness of all of the planning, let RABOM help you tie the knot. We are your one stop shop for all of your ribbon and tulle needs. We had a great time talking to all of the future brides at Chattanooga’s Pink Bridal Show a couple weeks ago, and we would love to help you with all of your ribbon and DIY wedding project needs. I will be featuring some DIY wedding projects on our blog over the next couple weeks so stay tuned!

Here are some past wedding project/idea blog posts:

Ribbon Wands

Wine Glass Centerpiece

Topiary Wedding Table Centerpiece

Ribbon Flower Bouquet

These are just a few of the tutorials and blog shares that have been featured on the blog in the past, so please feel free to search the blog to find other great DIY wedding ideas. Check back soon for new projects and tutorials. Happy planning!


Wine Glass Centerpiece

Wine Glass Centerpiece


  • Wine glass
  • Ribbon and or tulle
  • Candle
  • Jeweled Tiger Lily(optional)


I’m going to show a few different variations on how to do a wine glass centerpiece.


Variation 1: Ribbon pieces

1.     Cut your ribbon into various lengths. You may use all one color or a mixture of colors.

2.     Pile the ribbon into the wine glass and carefully flip it upside down.

3.     Take a jeweled tiger lily and carefully peel off the center jewel.

4. Set the flower on top of the wine glass and place your candle on top of that. You may omit the flower and have the candle sitting on top of the wine glass, but I liked using the flower so that it would help keep the dripping wax off of the glass.



Variation 2: Tulle strips

1.     Cut your tulle into different size strips. You can leave your tulle as strips or make them into tulle puff. Refer to our earlier post on tulle puffs for the instructions.

2.     Place your tulle puff into the wine glass, turn it upside down, and place the flower and/or candle on top.


Variation 3: Korkers

1.     Take about 5-10 pieces of korkers and put them into the wine glass. Flip the wine glass over and add the flower and/or candle.



You can use each of these on their own, but I combined them to create a tiered centerpiece. I took three different sizes of wine glasses and filled them with a variety of items to add a little dynamic to my centerpiece. You could use all kinds of items and colors with your wine glasses to create centerpieces for many different occasions. Have fun decorating!



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Wedding Table Centerpiece Tip – Tealight



  • Tealight
  • ⅝” ribbon of your choice
  • Double sided tape


1.     Measure around your tealight and add about ¼”-½” to get the length of your ribbon strips. Cut your desired number of ribbon strips.

2.     Put double sided tape down the center of the back of your strip.

3.     After peeling off the paper, start to carefully apply the ribbon to the tealight.

This is a great, inexpensive way to add color accents to your table.


You can use any color of ribbon that you like. Take a look at all the different varieties and textures that Ribbons and Bows Oh My has to offer.




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Share blog – Ribbon Flower Tree and Bouquet

You will love this beautiful Ribbon Flower Tree I found to share with you. This is from Rich and Meg. I love the pearl accents infused with the turquoise and brown colors that you see everywhere lately.

Adding coordinating ribbon as a table runner really pulls this look all together.

Isn’t this bouquet so beautiful? Imagine how much money you can save in your wedding budget by not spending them on flowers!


Check in tomorrow for wedding tips!



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Topiary Wedding Table Centerpiece

Happy New Year!

2012 may be bringing wedding bells into your life. If so, best wishes to you! To help you get started in your planning, this week’s theme is Wedding Table Centerpieces.

Tulle Topiary


  • Tulle of color(s) of your choice
  • Green foam disc for the base
  • Green foam ball(I used a 6” one)
  • Wooden dowel
  • Corsage pins
  • Glass dish, basket, or other container
  • Ribbon(optional)
  • Paint(optional)


1.     Begin by cutting your tulle for the topiary into 18” strips. It took about 25 yards of tulle to cover the entire ball.

2.     Take a strip of tulle and ball up one end to create the center. Slowly twist and wrap the tulle around the center to create a rosette. This is similar to the technique used for the Rosette Headband.

3.     Once you get to the end of your rosette, fold the end under the rosette. Place a pin through the center of the rosette making sure that it goes through the end that you just folded under your rosette.

4.     Push pin into the foam ball to secure your rosette into place. You can paint the Styrofoam ball if you would like, but I liked the green showing through a little. Continue pinning the rosettes around the ball until you have covered the foam ball.

5.     Now it’s time to grab your dowel. You may paint the dowel or cover it in ⅜” ribbon. You will want to decide what part of the ball you would like to be the bottom. Carefully insert the dowel into the bottom of the ball.

6.     Secure your foam disc to the center of your glass dish or other desired base. You can use hot glue or any other craft glue to do this. Take some strips of tulle and bunch it around the exterior of the foam disc until the space between the disc and the container is filled. Stick the dowel into the center of the foam disc. Secure bunches of tulle to the top of the disc until you can no longer see the foam disc. You could also use tissue paper or colored glass beads to hide the foam disc.

7.     Now your topiary is ready for the table. If you use sparkle tulle, I recommend misting the finished topiary with hair spray to help keep the glitter from “shedding”. I used white sparkle tulle for my topiary, but the sky is the limit. You could use any color or even use a few different colors.


Check back Wednesday for our weekly tip. This week’s tip will help you create the perfect accent for this centerpiece.

Let’s make it a great year!



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Share blog – Fancy Ribbon Shoes

Check out this adorable Ribbon Flower and Shoe Cuff by Wedding Bee.

You can see how the No Sew Flower made with satin ribbon was used in these beautiful accessories.

Don’t you just love it?

Tomorrow I will share other ideas for the No Sew Ribbon flowers.



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