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Blog Share- Fairy Crowns

Fairy Crowns


Do you know any girls who would love to be fairies for an afternoon? Fairies are the “it” thing right now, and you can find fairy party ideas, crafts, and costume ideas all over blog world. This week we will highlight different tutorials so that you can make your very own fairy costume. :) Head over to 4 Crazy Kings for a tutorial on some fun Fairy Crowns. These are perfect for an afternoon of frolicking around the yard with pixie dust in hand. Check back later this week for a tutorial on a fairy wand and skirt to go with your crown.


Craft Organization Part 1

Twine Organizer

Do you have craft supplies scattered all over your house? Do you find yourself frustrated that you can’t find what you need for a project, but then it miraculously appears three weeks later? Well you aren’t alone. Over the next two weeks, RABOM will be doing a series on craft organization. We will feature great organization tips and projects from other bloggers along with a few of our own. So buckle up and get ready to turn your craft space into a crafter’s heaven!


Today we are featuring Amber’s Baker’s Twine Organizer. This is a simple project to make, and I think it would be a great way to organize and display tulle or ribbon as well. The tutorial for this frame along with other organizational tips can be found on Amber’s blog, Damask Love.

Check back later this week for more craft storage solutions!


Bunny Easter Basket

Bunny Easter Basket

Do you remember the Ghost Treat or Trick Bucket we made back around Halloween?


I love repurposing crafts, so I thought Easter would be the perfect opportunity to use this bucket again. Technically, I guess we are making a Bunny Easter Egg Bucket.

1. Start out by removing the black felt ghost face.

2. Cut out two bunny ears from stiff white felt or card stock. Add pink to the inside of the ears with a marker or layer another smaller piece of pink felt or paper over the white ear.

3. Adhere the ears to the inside of your bucket and you are finished!

I think I would also wrap the handle in pink ribbon to match the ears instead of the black ribbon we used for the ghost.

This is sure to be the most popular Easter Egg Bucket at all of the Easter Egg hunts you go to this weekend.

Happy Easter!


Tutu Costumes

Tutu Costumes

Found on My Creative Way

Tutu costumes are a great option when it comes to choosing and making a Halloween outfit. These costumes are typically easy and relatively cost effective projects. Check out our Ballet Class post for a video tutorial on making a No Sew Tutu. Here’s some ideas for different tutu costumes:

1. Ladybug- Red and Black tulle

2. Bumble Bee- Yellow and Black Tulle

3. Peacock- Turquoise and Purple Tulle

4. Ballerina- Pink Tulle

5. Tiger- Orange and Black Tulle

6. Black Cat- Black Tulle

7. The Sun-Yellow and Orange Tulle

8. Pumpkin- Orange Tulle

9. Ghost- White Tulle(make it a very long tutu worn around the chest)

The possibilities are endless when you use your imagination. What is your favorite Tutu Costume?


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Candy Corn Wreath

Candy Corn Wreath

I love all of the candy corn projects that I keep seeing on Pinterest and other blogs, so I decided to join the trend and make my own Candy Corn Wreath. This project is super easy and it doesn’t take long to complete. Are you ready?


  • White, Yellow, and Orange Tulle
  • White, Yellow, and Orange Ribbon
  • Metal hoop or wreath form
  • Scissors


1. Start out by cutting your ribbon and tulle strips. I cut my strips to be about 8 inches long. I cut about 20 strips of each color of ribbon and tulle for my 10 inch wreath form.

2. Starting with white, tie your ribbon and tulle strips onto the metal hoop. I alternated my ribbon and tulle as I knotted it onto the wreath.

3. After I finished knotting the white ribbon and tulle onto the top of the wreath, I started adding my yellow strips to the bottom of the wreath.

4. Now you have a gap on both sides for the orange strips. Divide your orange strips in half so that the orange sides of the wreath will be even. Tie on your orange strips and…Voila! You’re finished. I added a ribbon loop to the top of my wreath to make it easier to hang up. RABOM’s 3/8″ Candy Corn printed ribbon was the perfect choice for my loop. Now you have a cute Candy Corn Wreath that is perfect for not only Halloween, but the whole Fall season. Have fun making this simple wreath!


Ghost Trick or Treat Bucket

Ghost Trick or Treat Bucket

Are you and your kids getting excited about Halloween?

Do you need a new, festive bucket for your trick or treating adventures?

This is the perfect craft to get you and the kids ready for a fun night of trick or treating.


  • Paint can or other bucket container
  • White paper or paint
  • White tulle
  • Hot glue gun
  • Black fabric or paper
  • 3/8″ ribbon for handle
  • Double sided tape


1. Begin by wrapping your paint can in white paper or painting it white so that the silver can won’t show through the tulle. You can skip this step if your bucket is already white or clear. Next, you need to cut your strips of tulle. My paint can is 7.5″ tall, so the length of your strips may vary from mine. Here’s what I needed for the paint can: 20-18″ long strips, 4-8″ long strips.

2. Line the top edge of your container with double sided tape. Adhere your four 8″ strips along the top of the paint can(the 6″ side should be touching the top of the can). This should create a “base layer” of tulle for your ghost.

3. Tie a knot in the center of all of your 18″ tulle strips.

4. Glue your tulle knots to the top of the paint can so that the tails hang down. Continue this around the entire top of the container.

5.  Your paint can is starting to look a little ghostly :)  I wrapped my handle with Black RABOM Iridescence to add a little extra flair to my bucket.

6. Now it’s time for a face. Cut a ghost face out of black fabric or paper. I cut two small circles and one larger “oval” out of black fleece. Glue your face pieces onto the tulle that is on the front of the paint can.

Now your bucket is ready for some candy!

You could use this same method to make a Pumpkin Trick or Treat Bucket as well. Use orange tulle instead of white, and wrap the handle in apple solid grosgrain. It would be fun to cut out different scary jack-o-lantern faces.

Have fun making your very own Trick or Treat Buckets!


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Embellishing Wedding Favors

Wedding Favors

Using ribbon and tulle to embellish favors is a great way to incorporate your wedding colors into your favor table. I will show you a few ways that you can use ribbon and tulle to customize your wedding favors.


You can wrap tulle and/or ribbon around your bubbles to add a pop of color to this popular favor.


Most packages of cellophane bags come with twist ties, so use the twist ties and a loop of ribbon to create a cute little bow.


You can use ribbon and tulle rosettes to add color to your favor boxes. You have many options will this type of favor, so use your imagination.

I hope these ideas will give you some inspiration on how to customize your favors!


Wine Glass Centerpiece

Wine Glass Centerpiece


  • Wine glass
  • Ribbon and or tulle
  • Candle
  • Jeweled Tiger Lily(optional)


I’m going to show a few different variations on how to do a wine glass centerpiece.


Variation 1: Ribbon pieces

1.     Cut your ribbon into various lengths. You may use all one color or a mixture of colors.

2.     Pile the ribbon into the wine glass and carefully flip it upside down.

3.     Take a jeweled tiger lily and carefully peel off the center jewel.

4. Set the flower on top of the wine glass and place your candle on top of that. You may omit the flower and have the candle sitting on top of the wine glass, but I liked using the flower so that it would help keep the dripping wax off of the glass.



Variation 2: Tulle strips

1.     Cut your tulle into different size strips. You can leave your tulle as strips or make them into tulle puff. Refer to our earlier post on tulle puffs for the instructions.

2.     Place your tulle puff into the wine glass, turn it upside down, and place the flower and/or candle on top.


Variation 3: Korkers

1.     Take about 5-10 pieces of korkers and put them into the wine glass. Flip the wine glass over and add the flower and/or candle.



You can use each of these on their own, but I combined them to create a tiered centerpiece. I took three different sizes of wine glasses and filled them with a variety of items to add a little dynamic to my centerpiece. You could use all kinds of items and colors with your wine glasses to create centerpieces for many different occasions. Have fun decorating!



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Topiary Wedding Table Centerpiece

Happy New Year!

2012 may be bringing wedding bells into your life. If so, best wishes to you! To help you get started in your planning, this week’s theme is Wedding Table Centerpieces.

Tulle Topiary


  • Tulle of color(s) of your choice
  • Green foam disc for the base
  • Green foam ball(I used a 6” one)
  • Wooden dowel
  • Corsage pins
  • Glass dish, basket, or other container
  • Ribbon(optional)
  • Paint(optional)


1.     Begin by cutting your tulle for the topiary into 18” strips. It took about 25 yards of tulle to cover the entire ball.

2.     Take a strip of tulle and ball up one end to create the center. Slowly twist and wrap the tulle around the center to create a rosette. This is similar to the technique used for the Rosette Headband.

3.     Once you get to the end of your rosette, fold the end under the rosette. Place a pin through the center of the rosette making sure that it goes through the end that you just folded under your rosette.

4.     Push pin into the foam ball to secure your rosette into place. You can paint the Styrofoam ball if you would like, but I liked the green showing through a little. Continue pinning the rosettes around the ball until you have covered the foam ball.

5.     Now it’s time to grab your dowel. You may paint the dowel or cover it in ⅜” ribbon. You will want to decide what part of the ball you would like to be the bottom. Carefully insert the dowel into the bottom of the ball.

6.     Secure your foam disc to the center of your glass dish or other desired base. You can use hot glue or any other craft glue to do this. Take some strips of tulle and bunch it around the exterior of the foam disc until the space between the disc and the container is filled. Stick the dowel into the center of the foam disc. Secure bunches of tulle to the top of the disc until you can no longer see the foam disc. You could also use tissue paper or colored glass beads to hide the foam disc.

7.     Now your topiary is ready for the table. If you use sparkle tulle, I recommend misting the finished topiary with hair spray to help keep the glitter from “shedding”. I used white sparkle tulle for my topiary, but the sky is the limit. You could use any color or even use a few different colors.


Check back Wednesday for our weekly tip. This week’s tip will help you create the perfect accent for this centerpiece.

Let’s make it a great year!



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