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Bedroom Door Decoration

Bedroom Door Decoration

I always had some kind of decoration on my bedroom door when I was a kid. A Christmas ornament, a picture, a quote…whatever resonated with me at the time. This is a great craft to have your kids do to create something personalized for their bedroom door. They can pick out different pictures, words, or objects to incorporate into their door design.


  • Dowel
  • Ribbon of choice (I recommend 3/8″)
  • Pictures, magazine clippings, printed words, graphics
  • Colored Card stock paper or construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Hot glue gun
  • Paint(optional)


1. Wrap your dowel in ribbon and secure each end with a dot of hot glue. Another option would be to paint the dowel.

2. Cut a piece of ribbon for the “hanger”. I used a piece that was approximately 2 feet long. Wrap one end of the ribbon around the dowel to create a loop about one inch in from the end of the dowel.

3. Repeat on the other side so that you now have a ribbon hanger for your decoration.

4. Get together your embellishments for your door decoration. I used descriptive words, images, and the room owners name. I printed off all of the words and images and glued them to scrapbooking paper.  You could use photographs, magazine clippings, or small objects as well. Lay out your personal tokens to figure out how you want everything to hang.

5. Attach your  hanging items to the dowel with a piece of ribbon. Hot glue the object to the end of the ribbon, then loop and glue the ribbon to the dowel. I recommend starting in the center and working your way out.

6. You are almost finished! Hot glue the name to the center of the dowel. Voila…you have a personalized bedroom door accessory.

This same project could also be a mobile if you make all of of your hanging objects double sided. Have fun making this project with the kids during your next craft session!