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Woven Headband

I love the classic look of this headband. It goes so well with the argyle sweaters you see all over. You could choose colors to match your sweater.


1” plastic headband

⅜” ribbon in colors of your choice

Hot glue gun



1.     Cut your ribbon into 4 pieces that are about 40” long. Decide which color(s) you would like to be the inside diamond. I only used two colors for my headband. I picked hot pink to be the inside diamond and taupe to be the outside triangles.

2.     Hot glue one inside ribbon to one outside ribbon. Repeat with the other pair of ribbons.

3.     Hold the headband upside down and hold one pair of the ribbons on an angle to the inside of the headband. Make sure the inside color is angled up and apply the ribbon to the headband with a dot of hot glue. Repeat with the other pair of ribbons by applying them on the outside of the headband to the opposing angle so that the two pairs create an “X”.

4.     You have two left ribbons and two right ribbons. Fold down the upper left ribbon over the front seam and secure it with a dot of glue.

Fold down the upper right ribbon over the back seam and secure it as well. Now you are at your starting position. Hold the headband upside down and make sure to work from the outside of the headband. You should have two right ribbons and two left ribbons.

5.     Fold the right front ribbon to the back of the headband so that there are now three left ribbons.

6.     Fold the one right ribbon to the front of the headband. Now you have four ribbons on the left-an upper front, a lower front, an upper back, an upper back and a lower back.

7.     Fold the upper back ribbon to the front, weaving it between the upper and lower front ribbons.

8.     Fold the upper front ribbon to the back, making sure that it goes under the lower back ribbon.

9.     Now you are back to the starting position. Repeat steps 5-8 until you reach the end of the headband. You will need to fold all the ribbons flat against the head and don’t let them twist. I used an alligator clip to hold my ribbon in place as I continued to weave because you don’t want any gaps.

10.  Once you get to the end of the headband, apply a clip to hold your weave in place. On you last set of steps, glue down the ribbon from steps 5 and 6 and trim the excess.

11.  Continue with steps 7 and 8 and glue those ribbons down as well. Trim the extra ribbon and seal the ends. You can also tuck in the ends and glue in place to make a finished look.

Your woven headband is now complete.

Using 4 ribbons of the same color create a great subtle effect like the white example above.

This headband uses 4 different colors to create an entirely new look.

Have fun experimenting with different color combinations.

Hey! Another great gift idea!


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Wednesday Tip – Lining Metal Headbands

Tips for Lining Metal Headbands


  • Metal headband
  • ⅜” ribbon
  • Double sided tape


1. Line ribbon up with headband and leave about ½” of extra on each side and cut to desired length.

2. Put double sided tape on the length of the ribbon.

3. Starting at one side, fold ½” of the ribbon underneath the headband and then apply the ribbon all the way around the outside of the headband. Finish by folding the extra ½” underneath the finishing end of the headband.

4. Cut two ¾” pieces of ribbon to finish the ends of the headband. Add double sided tape to the small pieces and adhere the center of the small piece to the outside of each end of the headband.

5. Fold the extra ribbon flaps to the underside of the headband and press firmly.

6. Now your headband is ready to wear or embellish.

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Time to get your crafting on!





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Headband Week

Rosette Headband

As we get ready for the holiday parties, we all want to have something new and exciting to wear whether it’s to a Christmas luncheon or a dinner date. This Rosette Headband is beautiful enough to carry you through each occasion. It looks so sophisticated in the neutral colors. Of course, you could change the color of the ribbon to match any outfit.

They would also make a great gift for someone special on your list.


Stretch grosgrain, stretch satin, or fold over elastic

1 ½” wide ribbon

Hot glue

Needle and thread

1.     Cut stretch grosgrain/satin to fit your head. Take the circumference of your head and subtract about 2 inches so that the headband will have some tension. Sew the two ends of the stretch ribbon together.

2.     Now it’s time for the rosettes. I made three rosettes of various sizes. I cut my strips of ribbon into 16”, 22”, and 28”. You can do as many rosettes of your choice of sizes as you would like.

3.     Tie a knot at one end of your ribbon strips.

Twist and fold the ribbon around the knot, gluing as you go, until you get your desired size of rosette.

Play with how you twist the ribbon until you get the look that you like.

4.      Once you finish making the rosette, glue the end to the bottom of the flower.

5.     Once you have finished your rosettes, glue them onto your headband. Feel free to run a stitch through the middle if you feel like it needs more support.

6.     Now you are ready to model your headband to all of your friends. Feel free to embellish the rosettes with beads or glitter to add some extra flair. I could see using 3 beads of a neutral color. String the beads on one thread, tie the thread ends to make the beads cluster and sew them to the center of the rosettes.

You will look SOOOOOO beautiful!

Enjoy and be sure to continue to post your favorite creations on our Friday Crafts.


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Customize Your Christmas Cards

You know all those last year’s Christmas cards you’ve saved and still have in that drawer? Anyway, that’s where mine are. I save them for the addresses and the meaningful messages and letters from family and friends. Occasionally I read them in the summer just to keep my far away friends close at heart. But now Christmas is here and I still have those cards. Here is a cute way to recycle them into new cards. Making a special card is fun! This one is for my nature -loving friend who spends all year long feeding the birds in his yard.



  •  Old Christmas card
  • Tag or heavy weight paper, any color
  • Scrap booking paper (I’m using the checkered part of this gingerbread paper. I’ll save the gingerbread boys for another card.)
  • Burlap, and burlap stings
  • Red sheer ribbons
  • Glue and Hot glue


I cut out the part of the card I wanted to save. After cutting all the possible parts – burlap, picture, scrap booking paper, I arranged them on the card stock. It took several tries before I liked the arrangement. Overlapping shapes and using several different textures creates a good design.

When I decided on a design I liked, I glued the pieces down. The bows were tied to the message from the old card and glued in place.

Now I have a personalized card for my special friend. Hope he enjoys it! Merry Christmas, Grandpa Hank!

Merry Christmas Season!

Enjoy the season of making gifts from the heart!



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Cookie Can – Christmas Gift Wrapping

This week’s theme is Christmas Gifts

I love the smell of Christmas cookies baking and love sharing them with friends. Cookies spread a lot of cheer to everyone, friends, teachers, neighbors, mail carriers, etc.

Here is a great container for your favorite goodies!

Cookie Can


  • Empty Pringle can
  • Sheet of Holiday Scrapbook paper ( I used the Snowman paper)
  • Ribbon – (to match the paper)
  • Snowflake resin pieces
  • Glue stick
  • Hot glue


1. Eat the chips!  Not hard to do, is it?

2. Measure and cut the paper to fit the size of the empty can. The can I used was 1o – 3/8″ tall, and I measured the paper on the wrong side to hide the pencil marks.

Since there was a stripe I wanted to use, I cut off the stripes at the top of the paper and trimmed off some of the blue part. That way I could use the pattern at the top of the can.

3. Glue the paper to the can.

4. Add the ribbon by gluing it around the can.

5. Glue down the resin snowflakes.

6.  Glue on a flat bow. I also glued ribbon, a ribbon loop, and a resin snowflake to the inside of the loop. I think the “Let it snow” piece would make a great gift tag.

7. Fill with cookies, wrapped candies, or chocolate covered pretzels and see the recipient eye’s sparkle.

There are so many different ways to decorate a container. Use your imagination. Those on your gift list will appreciate your effort.

As you start to make your Christmas gifts, please CHIRP your ideas with us.

Have fun!


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Ribbon Christmas Trees

I love these Christmas Ribbon Trees. There are so many different ways to construct them. I made two different kinds of trees this year.

Looped Ribbon Tree (On the right)


  • 9” Styrofoam cone
  • Cover for the Styrofoam cone (felt, paper or you can paint the cone)
  • Three shades of green 5/8” grosgrain ribbon (I used 5/8” grosgrain in emerald, apple and lime.
  • Modern Trees 1.5” grosgrain ribbon from our new collection. I cut the ribbon in half lengthwise.
  • Hot glue



1. Cover the Styrofoam cone. I used red paper and glued it to the cone. You could also paint the cone or cover it with fabric.

2. Cut each colored ribbon into:  12 – 4” pieces, 13  – 3.5” pieces, 4  – 3” pieces. Follow this table:


Ribbon length # ribbon loops # loops per color Space between rows
1 4 inches 16 4 1.5
2 4 16 4 1.5
3 4 16 4 1.0
4 3.5 12 3 1.0
5 3.5 12 3 1.0
6 3.5 12 3 1.0
7 3.5 8 2 + one extra one 1.0
8 3.5 8 2 .5
9 3.0 8 2 .5
10 3.0 7 2 – one

At the top

3. Form each ribbon into a loop like this. Hot glue the overlapping part.

4. Start at the bottom to hot glue the ribbon on the first row. I let the ribbons overhang the bottom to make sure the lower edge was hidden. I used a repeated pattern with the colors.

5. Row 2 was skewed to the right by one ribbon color to create an overall diagonal look. In each row the ribbons were glued in-between the ribbons of the previous row. Continue Row 3 the same way.
6. Rows 4 – 6 used ribbons that are 3.5 inches long. Follow the chart. You will not use as many ribbons as you progress to the top of the tree.

Tree Top Directions

For the top: I cut 3 – 5” pieces of ribbon, each a different color. I marked the center of 2 ribbons. Next fold the ends to make a double cone shape.

Glue the two ribbons on the top. Make a small cone shape from the third ribbon and glue to the very center of the top.

I like to finish off the bottom with a circle of green felt.

* * * * * * *

Whimsical Christmas Tree – the “WHO TREE”


  • 6 1/2 inch Styrofoam cone
  • green felt or green paint to cover the cone
  • Emerald Green Grosgrain 1 1/2″
  • Red/Green Lollipop ribbon, 3/8″
  • Red/ Green Fashion Dots, 3/8″
  • Hot glue gun
  • Pins


1. Cover the cone with green felt or paint it green. While it’s drying, make the ribbon loops.

2. Start at the bottom, glue the green ribbon on first. I used loops made from a 4″ pieces of ribbon. There are  7 loops on the first row. Then I glued a 3/8″ ribbon loop in-between, overlapping the 1 1/2″ green ribbon loops.

3. Each row used a slightly shorter ribbon. For example, row 2 uses a green ribbon of 3.5″ length. Each row is half a inch shorter. OR you can experiment with the lengths you want to use. The contrasting smaller ribbons are the same length and go in-between, overlapping the larger green ribbons. I measured the place for each row by marking the place with pins. The distance gets shorter as you go up the tree.

4. Overlap each row slightly to hide the edges of the loops.

5. The top has smaller loops with a circle loop at the very top. I thought the tree needed a little something else. After playing around with some supplies: wire, pearl beads and some Korker ribbons, I came up with this whimsical top. I think it works! The end of the wire is glued to the top of the cone. The other end is twisted so the beads stay on. The Korker ribbons are glued to the very tip. Because there is a wire holding the beads, the top can be bend in different directions. My granddaughter named it the “Who Tree”.

Remember it’s your turn to chirp your Christmas Decorations using RABOM supplies on the  Friday Craft tab.

Enjoy the goodness of the season.


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Christmas Decorations Tips

Tip #1

Hang Ornaments from Ribbons Over a Mirror

Use ribbons to hang ornaments over mirrors or in front of windows. The ornaments are reflected in the mirrors making them glimmer and glow while adding dimension to your room.

Tip #2

Tulle Ornaments

Remember the tulle wreaths I showed you before Thanksgiving? These two ornaments use the same technique.

Supplies for Snowflake Tulle Ornament:

One 3/4″ white plastic ring (package of 14 found in the drapery department)

7 pieces of 6″ white tulle 3″ long cut in “V” shape on the ends

Resin snowflake

Hot glue


Fold each tulle piece in half, make a loop at the fold and knot it through the ring.

Do this for each piece of tulle.

Hot glue the snowflake to the center of the tulle snowflake.

Add a hanger.

Poinsettia Ribbon Ornament

This is made the same way.

 Cut 5/8″ Red solid sheer ribbon into 4″ pieces. Cut as you go to tightly fill the ring.

Knot the ribbons on a plastic ring.

Hot glue a green Korker ribbon for a bow at the top.

Add a hanger.

Enjoy! Don’t forget to submit your favorite crafted decoration using RABOM supplies.


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Tuesday Blog Sharing

 Felt Ornament

Blog Share Day

I found this felt ornament on-line. I just had to share it with you. Click on the picture to check it out.



Don’t you love it? Just think of the different materials you could use to make it unique -circles of paper, ribbon, burlap, tulle, etc. The possibilities are endless.

I am getting so excited about the holidays. I think decorating my tree is one of the joys of my holiday season. My tree is a family history. There are ornaments dating back to our very first tree.

The story of those ornaments goes like this. My husband and I were newly married, living on a budget, yet wanting a meaningful, beautiful Christmas tree. After trudging through the snow we found the perfect tree to cut. Nearby in the woods the ground was covered with small flower-like pine cones. We collected as many as we could find. At home, I sprayed each one using different colors of bright paint. Adding a wire loop and an ornament hanger they were ready to grace our first tree. I still have those same pine cones, many years later. I have given each of my children a few to hang on their trees, but have several left for mine. They represent years of happiness and fond memories. They are hidden among the new glistening ornaments. Not everyone sees them, but I know they are there.

Since then, new ornaments have been added each year. Some were gifts, some are child crafted just for mom and dad, and some mark special occasions. All those memories come back as I hang each one on the tree.

Ribbons and Bows Oh My invites you to post your favorite crafted decorations using RABOM supplies. You will find the Friday Share tab at the top of my blog. It’s “Your Turn to Chirp!”

 Have fun decorating!






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Glass Ribbon Ornaments

Theme of the Week: Christmas Decorations

Monday’s Project:

Glass Ribbon Ornaments

General Supplies:

  • Clear glass Christmas ornaments with removable tops (found at all hobby stores)
  • Ribbon – choose about 4 different patterns in any theme you wish
  • Wooden skewer to help position ribbon in the ornament
General Instructions:
1. Remove metal top from your ornament.

2. Insert ribbon into the ornament

3. Use a wooden skewer to help position the ribbon.

4. Re-insert your top and tie with a piece of coordinating ribbon for hanging.

On the Ribbons and Bows Oh My home page, you will see glass ribbon ornaments found under Projects.

These ornaments can be used for any occasion or decoration:
Christmas, Birthdays, Weddings, Halloween, Your athletes, School colors, and for Baby’s first Christmas. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

These are the ones I made this year. It is so much fun experimenting with different combinations of ribbons.

Mint and Peppermint Parfait Ribbon Ornament


  • One 3 1/4″ glass ornament
  • 4 Hot Pink Korkers
  • 4 Green Korkers
  • 2 – 12″ pieces of 3/8″ hot pink grosgrain

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  1. Layer 2 korkers of the same color at a time. Continue until all the korkers are used. Turn the bulb around and slightly tilt it as  you feed in the korkers. Use a wooden skewer to help position the ribbon.
  2. Replace the top.
  3. Add a bow and a hanging ribbon using the two 12″ pieces of 3/8″ hot pink grosgrain ribbon.


Angel Ribbon Ornament


  • One 3 1/4″ glass ornament
  • 12-24″ Angel decorated ribbon
  • 24″ saddle stitch ribbon in red
  • 24″ saddle stitch ribbon in white/red
  • 24″ Angel for a bow
  • 12″ white satin ribbon, 3/8″ or less

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  1. Add the Angel ribbon to the ornament first. Twist the decorated ribbon with the image on the outside. Use a skewer to position the ribbon for the angels are right-side up. Adding 12″ of the 5/8″ decorated ribbon at a time makes it easier to control.
  2. Add the other ribbons randomly. This gives a casual effect and adds to the interest of the ornament. Each ornament will be unique!
  3. Replace the top.
  4. Finish with hanger made from the white satin ribbon. Loop it through the hanger of the ornament, tie the top in a square knot. Add a Angel ribbon bow.


Soccer Ribbon Ornament

( For the athlete in your  family)


  • One 3 1/4″ glass ornament
  • 12″ Jolly Holiday decorated ribbon (three sets of words)
  • 24″ of Soccer ribbon in red, 7/8″ wide – cut into two 12″ pieces
  • 24″ Swiss dots, White/black, 5/8″ wide
  • 24″ Stripes, black, 7/8″ wide
  • 24″ red satin ribbon, 3/8″ wide for the hanger

Click here to order sports ribbon.


  1. Add the Jolly Holiday ribbon using a skewer to position the ribbon. Make sure the words are facing up so you can easily read them.
  2. Add one 12″ piece of the Soccer ribbon. Twist the ribbon as you feed it through the opening. Use a skewer to spread it out as much as you can.
  3. Add the Swiss dots and Stripes.
  4. Add the last 12″ piece of Soccer ribbon.
  5. Try different layers until you like the results. I used a long nosed tweezers to remove any ribbon that wasn’t cooperating! Then I tried again.
  6. Replace the top. Add the red satin ribbon hanger.


Train Ribbon Ornament

(For Andy’s First Christmas!)


  • 24″ plus a little more of Trains, 5/8″ wide, in 12″ pieces
  • 24″ plus a little more of Stripes, Baby Blue, 5/8″ wide, cut in 12″ pieces , plus 12″ of the bow
  • 24″ Blue grosgrain, 5/8″ wide, cut in 12″ pieces
  • 12′ red satin, 3/8″ wide for color in the glass ornament and another 12″ for the hanger.

Click here to order Train Ribbon.


  1. I put the Train ribbon in first. By using smaller pieces, I could control where they go. The results will still become a random design.
  2. Add the other ribbons, interchanging the colors to create an effect you like.
  3. Replace the top and add a bow and hanging ribbon.

This is so much fun! There are so many possibilities!

See  you tomorrow,


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