Tutorial Thursday: Woven Headband!

This Woven Headband is SO easy once you get started! And it makes a beautiful base-layer to your prettiest Boutique Bows! The possibilities with the Woven Headband are endless and endlessly cute. Find all the supplies you need at ribbonandbowsohmy.com and  et the step-by-step Visual Tutorial from the blog right here : http://bit.ly/298iGME

You’ll need the following:

  • 4 x 36 inches of 3/8 inch ribbon
  • 1 inch plastic headband
  • glue gun, lighter, scissors, alligator clip

Surround-a-Bow Video Tutorial!

This shamrock-shaped layering-bow adds beautiful layers to your Boutique Bows and Twisted Boutique Bows! Use layers of 3/8ths ribbon to add color and beautiful details to your Boutique Bows and Stacked Bows. Super easy and SUPER customizable, we love this bow-upgrade! You’ll need about 25 inches of 3/8 ribbon for a 4inch bow. Pro Tip: keep your ribbon on-spool while you place your Surround-a-Bow to eliminate wasted ribbon!

match surroundabow mailchimp make cute bow even cuter surroundabow mailchimp

Free iphone wallpaper!

These abstract iphone wallpapers make a cute change in your day-to-day! Rotate one of these cuties in for a pop of color and a nice change!


Rhinestone Cheer Strip Tutorial Video + Pinnable!

Rhinestones make the fiercest bows! With Rabom Rhinestone Cheerstrips, the rhinestone patterns are ready-to-go and sized for 3 inch Grosgrain Cheerbows! Just iron-on and fold that next-level bow! Find so many more patterns and all your Cheerbow supplies at ribbonandbowsohmy.com


  • Place sticky side down over grosgrain 1/2 to 1 inch from your tail (leave plenty of room!)
  • Using Cotton setting, gently but firmly iron back of ribbon in 15 second increments
  • Flip over and iron front in 5 second increments
  • Place in freezer for 10 to 30 seconds
  • Gently peel away plastic
  • If you like, re-iron back of ribbon to smooth away any wrinkles and hang or drape grosgrain to allow any remaining wrinkles to fall out. Done!

Cheerstrip Rhinestone Tutorial - perfectly sized for 3 inch grosgrain! >> ribbonandbowsohmy.com

Summer Fun idea: Yard Tic Tac Toe

Fun game of strategy MEETS outside time MEETS surprisingly huge playing board! This is a super cute idea for summer entertainment outside!


Pinwheel Bow Pinnable Tutorial!

Pin away, Ribbonistas! This Pinnable Tutorial gives you a quick visual guide to how easy the Pinwheel Bow can be! Remind yourself of the steps and help your followers out at the same time. Happy Pinning, as they say!

Pinwheel Bow Bow Board Pinnable smaller

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