Summer Fun idea: Yard Tic Tac Toe

Fun game of strategy MEETS outside time MEETS surprisingly huge playing board! This is a super cute idea for summer entertainment outside!


Pinwheel Bow Pinnable Tutorial!

Pin away, Ribbonistas! This Pinnable Tutorial gives you a quick visual guide to how easy the Pinwheel Bow can be! Remind yourself of the steps and help your followers out at the same time. Happy Pinning, as they say!

Pinwheel Bow Bow Board Pinnable smaller

Rabom Pinwheel Bow + BowBoard Tutorial!

Pinwheel Bows are easy to fold and can be made in so many sizes! Using the Rabom Bow Board, find your favorite bow-size and ribbon-width and start making some of the sweetest big girl and baby Pinwheels!

You’ll need the following:

  • 5 inch bow board
  • 1.5 inch ribbon
  • ribbon for knot
  • scissors, glue gun, needle + thread, lighter


  • Start your Pinwheel the same way you start your Boutique Bow: starting at the bottom right corner, line your ribbon up to the edge and run the rest of your length of ribbon up and to the left.
  • Trim your Bottom Right edge along the edge of the BowBoard, using it to guide the angle of your cut. Seal that edge, clip in place with alligator clip.
  • Continue to wrap the ribbon around the BowBoard until you have looped both sides twice and your remaining tail of ribbon is running off the Upper Left corner of your BowBoard. Clip in place as you go!
  • Trim Upper Left tail the same way you trimmed Lower Right tail – using the BowBoard as your guide, trim edge parallel to BowBoard, seal end, clip in place.
  • Now you can either run 4 to 8 evenly-spaced stitches down the Center of your bowboard, pull bow off BowBoard and accordion-fold starting in the center OR – if you have sewn 8 stitches – you can attempt to scrunch bow by pulling thread. The accordion-fold method will give you more control but may require practice. You may get lucky with the Pull-and-Scrunch method! But we recommend accordion-folding, wrapping your knot once, and organizing your creases carefully into place.
  • With a Pinwheel Bow, more creases (or folds, or peaks-and-valleys) are better! You are working with a LOT of ribbon here.
  • Wrap center, tie-off on back, insert or glue your alligator clip to back. Trim ends of necessary. Place knot of your choice and you’re there!

Lark & Linen BBQ Cady DIY

The black & white Woven Stripe bow totally got us hooked. This idea from Lark & Linen is so cool! It’s a DIY that’s also a wonderful gift! We love it. And a pretty fantastic idea for Father’s Day, too!

7-diy-fathers-day-cookout-kit 5-fathers-day-diy_cookout-kit 2-smoked-sea-salts

Pinnable Boutique Bow Tutorial!


Sometimes you need a video, and then other times you just need a reminder! We love the visual tutorial as a companion to the video tutorial. So handy! Pin this and keep it in a good spot so you never miss a move while making your Boutique Bows!

Boutique Bow Bow Board Pinnable


This is so cool, Ribbonistas! Have you heard of Framebridge? Here’s their bio: “Custom framing. Clear pricing. Free Shipping Both Ways.” So you mail-in or upload your artwork, choose your framing, and then they send it back to you framed but – as we understand it – for WAY less money than traditional framing! COOL! Preserve the memories and the bank account ;D And don’t wait for those Michael’s and Hobby Lobby sales! Frame it when ya need it.


Woven Tshirt Headband

Such a great way to upcycle tshirts! If you’re anything like us, your “donation” box will pile up with tshirts for a *long* time before making it to a second-hand store – this is a great way to score some new headbands for the summer and knock out some of those donations that are hanging around the house! Click through for full directions!


Tutorial: Boutique Bow + Bow Board

Is this your first Boutique Bow? Perfect! With the Bow Board, you’ll waste zero ribbon as you’re learning, producing a great bow every time (first time included!!) We love this method and it could not be easier, more reliable or repeatable. This is one of our series of Rabom Bowmaking 101 Class : stay tuned for more essential bow tutorials from the best-priced, best-quality ribbon store on the internet!

  • 26 inches of 1.5 inch Grosgrain
  • ~4-5 inches of 5/8 inch matching Grosgrain
  • 4 alligator clips
  • one 5-inch bow board
  • needle + thread OR thin gauge wire at least 12 inches
  • scissors
  • lighter
  • glue gun

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