DIY Tutu Wall Art

This idea is so fantastic! Seen on Pinterest and scroll through for all the awesome combinations of color and ribbon that can become your own, customizable DIY Tutu Wall Art!


Tie Dye Cheesecake!

No, it is no longer Easter. Fortunately, it is always Cheesecake. These marbled cheesecakes from Hungry Happenings deserve a mention even though they are Easter Egg themed – you creative bakers out there can definitely make great use of this concept and recipe! Even if you just go with shades of Pink or Blue, this edible craft is going to look (and taste) so awesome! Because Cheesecake :) tie-dye-cheesecake-easter-eggs-recipe

Anthropologie Copy Cat Canvas!

This one is a little bit different but we LOVE the concept: spend far less than $3,600 for something VERY lovely! Head to Brit + Co. for this awesome DIY!


Bunny Tail Bags!



These easy bunny bags are a cute way to deliver Easter and Spring goodies! All you need is twine + paper bag and a cotton ball – LOVE how rustic, simple, and adorable these are! via Clear and Simple Stamps Blog.



DIY PomPom Pillow

This is so cute! Could use any size pompom + hot glue and take it up a notch! As Molly from Almost Makes Perfect says

“I’m super excited about this pillow because it’s one of the easiest projects i’ve done in a while, and requires literally no crafting skills besides a little patience and something to watch on TV.

DIY-modern-pom-pom-pillow-@mollymadfis-2 DIY-modern-pom-pom-pillow-almost-makes-perfect

PomPom Bunnies!

These cute PomPom Bunnies from Blitsy come with a video tutorial – and they’re super cute, super easy!


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