Pinnable Boutique Bow Tutorial!


Sometimes you need a video, and then other times you just need a reminder! We love the visual tutorial as a companion to the video tutorial. So handy! Pin this and keep it in a good spot so you never miss a move while making your Boutique Bows!

Boutique Bow Bow Board Pinnable


This is so cool, Ribbonistas! Have you heard of Framebridge? Here’s their bio: “Custom framing. Clear pricing. Free Shipping Both Ways.” So you mail-in or upload your artwork, choose your framing, and then they send it back to you framed but – as we understand it – for WAY less money than traditional framing! COOL! Preserve the memories and the bank account ;D And don’t wait for those Michael’s and Hobby Lobby sales! Frame it when ya need it.


Woven Tshirt Headband

Such a great way to upcycle tshirts! If you’re anything like us, your “donation” box will pile up with tshirts for a *long* time before making it to a second-hand store – this is a great way to score some new headbands for the summer and knock out some of those donations that are hanging around the house! Click through for full directions!


Tutorial: Boutique Bow + Bow Board

Is this your first Boutique Bow? Perfect! With the Bow Board, you’ll waste zero ribbon as you’re learning, producing a great bow every time (first time included!!) We love this method and it could not be easier, more reliable or repeatable. This is one of our series of Rabom Bowmaking 101 Class : stay tuned for more essential bow tutorials from the best-priced, best-quality ribbon store on the internet!

  • 26 inches of 1.5 inch Grosgrain
  • ~4-5 inches of 5/8 inch matching Grosgrain
  • 4 alligator clips
  • one 5-inch bow board
  • needle + thread OR thin gauge wire at least 12 inches
  • scissors
  • lighter
  • glue gun

Rosy Rhubarb Strawberry Pie with The Kitchen McCabe

Continuing this week with food that is too cool to not discuss, we LOVE this Rosy Strawberry Rhubarb Pie from the Kitchen McCabe! Maybe one day we’ll make? Kitchen McCabe certainly makes it look easy! Love love love.


Daisy Chain Pie Crust with Handmade Charlotte

This pie is sweet looking in more ways than one! We do not often post recipe or food DIY’s but this week we’ve found so many cute ones! Even if we never make it, we’re so happy that Handmade Charlotte and her gorgeous pies exist!

Daisy-Chain-Pie-Crust-Tutorial-10Daisy-Chain-Pie-Crust-Tutorial-11 Daisy-Chain-Pie-Crust-Tutorial-8

Spied on Etsy: Ribbon Cross Wall Art!

Spotted on Pinterest and HOW COOL! This craft looks beautiful, simple, and so easy to make! You can find your Rabom burlap and poly-burlap right here!  This Wood and Ribbon Wall Art is a beautiful alternative to a wreath for your front door (and requires so much less ribbon!) and think it would make the sweetest of hostess gifts! So, so cool!3c14ff1a3ec26af9c80f904fd7a51098

Book Vase with Kate’s Creative Space!

This idea is so beautiful! We love the idea of a set of book vases for a nursery! Books when not full of flowers, gorgeous DIY vases when flowers are inside! Check out Kate’s Creative Space for so many book DIY ideas with beautiful books!

IMG_6869-707x1024Making-a-book-vase-748x1024 Kates-secret-book-box-764x1024 Matildas-Map-Dress-768x1024

Concrete + Gold DIY Planters

Here’s what’s SO cool about these DIY concrete planters: they take the form of any container into which you pour the concrete – you can make the prettiest, coolest, most unique shapes! The instructions on DIY in PDX will help you get there! Love this tutorial and LOVE that a suite of matching pots is so easy to make!

concrete-pots-31 concrete-pots-33

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