Ribbon Christmas Trees

I love these Christmas Ribbon Trees. There are so many different ways to construct them. I made two different kinds of trees this year.

Looped Ribbon Tree (On the right)


  • 9” Styrofoam cone
  • Cover for the Styrofoam cone (felt, paper or you can paint the cone)
  • Three shades of green 5/8” grosgrain ribbon (I used 5/8” grosgrain in emerald, apple and lime.
  • Modern Trees 1.5” grosgrain ribbon from our new collection. I cut the ribbon in half lengthwise.
  • Hot glue



1. Cover the Styrofoam cone. I used red paper and glued it to the cone. You could also paint the cone or cover it with fabric.

2. Cut each colored ribbon into:  12 – 4” pieces, 13  – 3.5” pieces, 4  – 3” pieces. Follow this table:


Ribbon length # ribbon loops # loops per color Space between rows
1 4 inches 16 4 1.5
2 4 16 4 1.5
3 4 16 4 1.0
4 3.5 12 3 1.0
5 3.5 12 3 1.0
6 3.5 12 3 1.0
7 3.5 8 2 + one extra one 1.0
8 3.5 8 2 .5
9 3.0 8 2 .5
10 3.0 7 2 – one

At the top

3. Form each ribbon into a loop like this. Hot glue the overlapping part.

4. Start at the bottom to hot glue the ribbon on the first row. I let the ribbons overhang the bottom to make sure the lower edge was hidden. I used a repeated pattern with the colors.

5. Row 2 was skewed to the right by one ribbon color to create an overall diagonal look. In each row the ribbons were glued in-between the ribbons of the previous row. Continue Row 3 the same way.
6. Rows 4 – 6 used ribbons that are 3.5 inches long. Follow the chart. You will not use as many ribbons as you progress to the top of the tree.

Tree Top Directions

For the top: I cut 3 – 5” pieces of ribbon, each a different color. I marked the center of 2 ribbons. Next fold the ends to make a double cone shape.

Glue the two ribbons on the top. Make a small cone shape from the third ribbon and glue to the very center of the top.

I like to finish off the bottom with a circle of green felt.

* * * * * * *

Whimsical Christmas Tree – the “WHO TREE”


  • 6 1/2 inch Styrofoam cone
  • green felt or green paint to cover the cone
  • Emerald Green Grosgrain 1 1/2″
  • Red/Green Lollipop ribbon, 3/8″
  • Red/ Green Fashion Dots, 3/8″
  • Hot glue gun
  • Pins


1. Cover the cone with green felt or paint it green. While it’s drying, make the ribbon loops.

2. Start at the bottom, glue the green ribbon on first. I used loops made from a 4″ pieces of ribbon. There are  7 loops on the first row. Then I glued a 3/8″ ribbon loop in-between, overlapping the 1 1/2″ green ribbon loops.

3. Each row used a slightly shorter ribbon. For example, row 2 uses a green ribbon of 3.5″ length. Each row is half a inch shorter. OR you can experiment with the lengths you want to use. The contrasting smaller ribbons are the same length and go in-between, overlapping the larger green ribbons. I measured the place for each row by marking the place with pins. The distance gets shorter as you go up the tree.

4. Overlap each row slightly to hide the edges of the loops.

5. The top has smaller loops with a circle loop at the very top. I thought the tree needed a little something else. After playing around with some supplies: wire, pearl beads and some Korker ribbons, I came up with this whimsical top. I think it works! The end of the wire is glued to the top of the cone. The other end is twisted so the beads stay on. The Korker ribbons are glued to the very tip. Because there is a wire holding the beads, the top can be bend in different directions. My granddaughter named it the “Who Tree”.

Remember it’s your turn to chirp your Christmas Decorations using RABOM supplies on the  Friday Craft tab.

Enjoy the goodness of the season.


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