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Check out the story Clark submitted below! It will certainly motivate you this holiday season!


My good friend Lisa always has the same answer when I ask, “How are you doing?”

“Better than I deserve!” is her usual reply.

Those of us who know Lisa know that she deserves…well, every good thing she has. Lisa is a full time mom to two beautiful daughters and a 6-year old son. Those of you who have school age children know what the term “full-time mom” means: clean clothes for school, help with homework, games, activities, trips to the dentist and no time to catch your breath. Somehow, Lisa also finds time to be very active in her church, help out once a week at the local food kitchen, serve as home room mother and PTA vice chairman and be the “best mom on the block” (according to a number of children not her own.)

How does Lisa do it?

“I don’t know how I do it…but I love to do it. The activities help me to keep myself organized and give some shape and purpose to my week. Do I get tired…sure! Who doesn’t? When I think of giving up some activities, I begin to wonder: what is less important? Tim’s soccer game? Those grateful faces at the Community Kitchen? The youth group at church?”

Will I ever be like Lisa? I doubt it. I’m too disorganized, perhaps just a little too selfish and…dare I say it…lazy. Lisa is not the “norm,” and that’s what makes her so special. Lisa is an inspiration and example without ever meaning to be. She doesn’t do it all to stand out or set herself up as some motherhood icon. She has a selfish reason: it all makes her feel good.

Want to feel good during the upcoming holiday season? Maybe you could do a little extra for someone. Spend a little extra quality time with your own children or perhaps an aging relative. Make a craft for someone else with all of your extra ribbon. You don’t have to be Lisa…who can!? But you can do a little more. We all can!

Happy Friday friends!


Post submitted by Clark, our resident grandfather, sage, and authority on 60s rock and roll!

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