Easy Valentine Necklace

Easy Valentine Necklace

Do you want to give out extra special Valentines this year? Well I have an easy Valentine necklace for you that varies a little from the traditional Valentine that you usually receive. Grab the kids because they will love making these for all of their friends.


  • Scrapbook paper or card stock
  • Hole punch
  • 1/4″ or 3/8″ Ribbon
  • Marker, crayon, colored pencil, or pen
  • Scissors


1. Trace a heart pattern onto the back of your paper.

2. Cut out your heart and fold in half. Punch a hole towards the top of your heart close to the fold. Unfold and you have two holes for your ribbon. Decorate your heart as desired. You can add a name, initial, or just draw a fun design.

3. Thread your piece of ribbon through the holes. For this necklace I tied my bow over the front of the heart, but you could also tie your bow on the top of the necklace that would fall at the back of your neck.

Wasn’t that easy? You can also write a sweet message on the back of the heart. I think it would be fun to put a lollipop through the loop of ribbon that’s in front of the heart so that you are making your special Valentine a double gift(who doesn’t love candy and a necklace?). This same method can be used to make gift tags to put on jars of Valentine treats :) Have fun making all of your Valentine’s Day gifts this weekend!


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