Framed Ribbon Art

Framed Ribbon Art

Have you been trying to come up with something to fill that empty space on your wall? Well I have an answer…ribbon art! This is a great way to use up scraps and create a beautiful decoration at the same time. It’s quick to make and the possibilities are endless.


  • Picture Frame
  • Ribbon of choice
  • Glue or tape


1. Start out by deciding what kind of color theme you would like to use. I wanted to use light greens and yellows, so I found a variety of designs, colors, and sizes of ribbon to match my theme.

2. Cut pieces of ribbon to the appropriate length. Add 2 inches to your frame dimensions to get your ribbon lengths. My frame was 8×12, so my ribbon pieces were 10″ and 14″ long. Start arranging your ribbon on top of your frame until you get your desired pattern that fits in the frame.

3. I decided that I wanted to weave a couple of ribbons through my pattern to give my art  a “patchwork” design. This is an optional step because the art looks great with just “stripes” of ribbon as well.

4. I would recommend taking a picture of your design at this point so that you have a reference as you adhere the ribbon to your base. Cut a piece of paper or card stock to fit in your frame(I used the “picture” that comes in the frame). Piece by piece glue/tape the ribbon to your paper base. If you are weaving ribbon through the design, make sure to only adhere the ribbon to the back and front edges of the paper. The second picture below shows where I taped the ribbon on the front. You won’t be able to weave the ribbon through if you attach the entire piece of ribbon to the paper at first.

5. Once all of your ribbon is secured to the base, you may carefully put your art into the frame. I think I may go get a white frame for this ribbon art and use the black frame to create something for another room. Ribbon art would be a great decoration for a nursery or child’s room. Have fun creating these works of art for your home!


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