Braided Ribbon Wreath

This braided ribbon wreath is one you will enjoy making. Once you learn the technique, you can try it with different size ribbons to make large wreaths for doors and walls or small ones for ornaments. I used this tutorial from The Trouble with Crafting to learn the process. There is also a great YouTube video showing the process for small braided wreath ornaments, Christmas Ribbon Wreath by cibglazer. I found these both helpful but then I upped it a notch to make this larger version of a braided wreath. I love the results, hope you do too!

This type of braid is called a Military Braid. We will make two identical braids and put them together on a metal hoop to create our wreath.


  • 10″ metal hoop or a metal hanger formed into a circle.
  • Approximately 55″ inches of blue satin ribbon to wrap around the metal hoop
  • 4 lengths of 5/8″ blue satin ribbon cut 72″ long
  • 32″ of woven simmer silver ribbon, plus a 24″ piece of the same ribbon (Bow)
  • 32″ of Elenora, Royal/silver 3/8″ ribbon, plus a 24″ piece of the same ribbon (Bow)
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks



After forming a hoop from a metal hanger, or use a metal purchased hoop, wrap the metal with about 55″ of blue satin. Secure the ends with a dot of glue. Also use a pliers to bend the hanger part to form a loop so the wreath can be hung. If you use a purchased hoop, attach small length of ribbon now to use to hang your finished wreath.

We will make two braids that are identical. Following are the directions for one braid. Begin by taking two of the 72″ long satin ribbons

Step 1:  Take two 72″ long satin ribbons. Fold down 1- 1/2″ from one end of each satin ribbon. I used a pin to hold it in place while I inserted a small piece of Stitch Witchery or other similar product under the end of the ribbon. The Stitch Witchery is used to hold the end down. You can see it at the tip of the pin. You want  to create a loop at one end. Make sure there is an opening of at least 1″ in the loop. Do the same for the other ribbon.

Step 2:  Working from the back, begin the braiding by sticking one loop of one ribbon through the loop of the other ribbon. About one inch should be showing on the other side.


Step 3: Taking the right ribbon in your hand, fold the ribbon away from you to form a loop. Don’t crease the ribbon, allow it to be rounded. Push the loop through the opening of the left ribbon until it is about 1″ beyond the opening. Gently pull on the left ribbon to remove the slack but don’t crimp the ribbon. Keep them flat.


Step 4: Take the left ribbon, fold it away from you and form a loop. Push the new loop through the last loop. Pull the right ribbon to remove the slack.


Step 5: Repeat Step 3 and Step 4 until you used up the ribbons. One may be a little longer than the other. That’s OK. Uniform side loops look more professional and with practice it will become easier. Remember to keep the ribbon braid flat.


Step 6: To end the braid, just push the remaining end of the last ribbon through the loop



Step 7: Repeat Step 1-6 with the two remaining 72″ ribbons to make the second braid.


Step 8: When the two braids are complete, put a pin at the end to hold the ends in place.We will secure this later.


Step 9: Lay the braids right side down on a table and place the covered metal hoop over the braids. Arrange the braids to fit the curve of the hoop. The bottom of the two braids are overlapped slightly at the bottom of the wreath. The top is also overlapped slightly. Pin the braid in place. When you have the braids look even and round, place a dot of hot glue under the loop to hold the braid in place. I then made small rolls with the  remaining ribbon ends left at the end of the braid and glued them in place on the front side. Don’t cut them, just roll them and glue. This is where the bow will go, so it will be OK. You can see how I had bent and covered the entire hanger to create a hook on the wreath. Turn the wreath over.

Directions for adding a bow will be featured on Thursday’s blog.

Enjoy braiding!


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  1. saraswati
    November 19, 2011 at 6:01 am (5 years ago)

    This is simply great! I am going to make one and gift it to my grand daughters. suprb!