Ribbon Chandelier

Ribbon Chandelier

Ribbon chandeliers are a fun, easy project that can be made for many occasions. They add a fun flair to a dinner party, but they are also perfect for a birthday party or even as a decoration in a girl’s bedroom. It would also be a cute idea to get a fabric marker and have guests write down advice or well wishes on the ribbon at a bridal or baby shower and then assemble this for the bride or new mother.


  • Paper lantern
  • Ribbon of various colors, designs, and widths
  • Double sided tape, hot glue, or craft glue


Start out by assembling your paper lantern. These can be found at most party or craft stores.

Turn your lantern upside down so that the hook is on the bottom. Tie your pieces of ribbon along the bottom bar of the paper lantern. Make sure that your knot is in the middle so that you have equal lengths of ribbon hanging down from both sides(only unless you want a tiered look then don’t worry about having the knot in the middle). I wanted my ribbon to hang down about a foot from the lantern so I used 24 inch long pieces of ribbon. Make sure to seal your ribbon edges before you start applying the ribbon to the lantern.

Once I finished tying the ribbon across the bar, I still wanted a little more volume to my chandelier. I had to attach ribbon to the inside rim of the lantern to get the fullness that I wanted. Take a piece of ribbon and fold it in half. Apply your double sided tape or glue to the fold.

Stick the piece of ribbon inside the lantern and adhere it to the inside rim as shown in the picture above.

Continue this around the entire rim of the paper lantern. Once you have ribbon covering the middle bar and the rim of the lantern then you are ready to hang your new chandelier.

I used a coordinating piece of ribbon to hang my ribbon chandelier, but feel free to experiment with using tulle. Ribbon chandeliers are a great decoration for any party, and they are fun to make as well. Have fun planning your next party!


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  1. Crystal
    February 15, 2012 at 7:16 am (5 years ago)

    These ribbon chandeliers are such a cute idea, and could be used for so many things. Thanks for sharing