Party Hats

 “Party Week”

Wow! The season of happiness is upon us. Getting ready for New Year’s Eve or any other party is our theme for the week.

I thought it would be fun to offer ideas to help you celebrate the New Year.

Party Hats are an especially fun way to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

Guests can make their own when they arrive at  your home.


  • Heavy paper 12″x12″ in size – scrap booking paper is ideal. Smaller paper squares for smaller hats.
  • Embellishments: feathers, marabou, ribbons, glitter stars, trims, beads, tulle. A large variety of accessories to decorate the hats.
  • Wire
  • Stapler
  • Hot glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • 3/8″ ribbon or thinner for ties
  • Pencil and string


Ahead of time you can trace and cut the hats into the right shape for forming a cone. The size of the hat is determined by the length of the string you use as your radius. I used almost 12 inches to make the large hat and about 5 inches for the small version. Tie the string around the pencil near the tip. Hold the string at one corner on the wrong side of the paper. Hold the pencil upright as  you draw a curved line from one side of the paper the other side. Keep the string taut in order to make a perfect arch. Cut along the line. Cut a small curved line at the corner. Overlap the edges together to form a cone. Glue, staple or tape the edges. You have formed the hat.

Cut two ribbons about 15-20 inches long. Staple one end of each to opposite sides of the hat.

Guests can decorate the hat or you could decorate it ahead of time. I remember one favorite New Year’s Eve party where each of my guests decorated their own hats with the materials provided by me. We held a contest to see who created the craziest, most beautiful, or classiest hat.

On the hats today, I glued marabou around the bottom, added a tulle pom to the top, and feathers and glittery leaves to finish off the festive flair. There is a matching hat for Grace’s American Girl Doll. Anyone would love to wear these party hats.

Of course there are many occasions to make party hats in this same way.  How about a party for your daughter and her friends with their American Girl dolls. Don’t forget birthday parties!

Be sure to CHIRP your party ideas.


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