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Bunny Easter Basket

Bunny Easter Basket

Do you remember the Ghost Treat or Trick Bucket we made back around Halloween?


I love repurposing crafts, so I thought Easter would be the perfect opportunity to use this bucket again. Technically, I guess we are making a Bunny Easter Egg Bucket.

1. Start out by removing the black felt ghost face.

2. Cut out two bunny ears from stiff white felt or card stock. Add pink to the inside of the ears with a marker or layer another smaller piece of pink felt or paper over the white ear.

3. Adhere the ears to the inside of your bucket and you are finished!

I think I would also wrap the handle in pink ribbon to match the ears instead of the black ribbon we used for the ghost.

This is sure to be the most popular Easter Egg Bucket at all of the Easter Egg hunts you go to this weekend.

Happy Easter!


Blog Share-Bunny Bows

Bunny Bows


Are you needing a cute hair accessory for all of your Easter Egg Hunts? Well look no further than these precious Bunny Bows. You can find the tutorial for these cuties on Ten Cow Chick. Have a great day, and check back later this week for a tutorial on another Easter Egg Hunt essential!


Tulle Candy Necklace

Tulle Candy Necklace


I LOVED¬† candy necklaces when I was a kid. The one down side to them was that the candy touched your skin, so after biting off a few of the candies they could start to get sticky. Yuck. I think I have solved the sticky candy problem with this tulle candy necklace. Another plus to this necklace is the opportunity to use a wider variety of candy. I think these would be a great gift to include in your children’s Easter basket :)¬† I hope this becomes your kids favorite new craft!


  • Tulle
  • 1/4″ ribbon or baker’s twine
  • Individually wrapped candy of choice


1. Start out by cutting a 24″-36″ piece of tulle depending on how long you would like your necklace to be. I cut my tulle 24″ long. Lay your tulle out on a flat surface.


2. Place your candy at the bottom of the tulle strip. My tulle strip is 24″x6″.


3. Fold the top of the tulle over the candy to create a 24″x3″ strip of tulle with candy in the middle.


4. Take your ribbon or baker’s twine and tie bows in between each piece of candy making sure that the tulle is completely wrapped around the candy.


5. Tie the ends of the tulle into a bow or knot and your necklace is done! Just untie a ribbon bow each time you would like to remove a piece of candy.


This would make a great craft/favor for a birthday party. Have fun making your very own tulle candy necklaces!


Blog Share-Easy Bunny Candy Pouch

Easy Bunny Candy Pouch

How cute is this bunny treat bag? I can’t think of a better way to present spring or Easter treats to family and friends. You can find the tutorial for this adorable Easy Bunny Candy Pouch on mer mag. You could change up the template to make a baby chick, puppy, or balloon pouch for other occasions. Check back later this week for more Easter and spring themed crafts!


Shamrock Clippie

Shamrock Clippie

Don’t forget to wear your green on Sunday or the pinch monster may attack you! Here’s a fun craft that will fill your need for a little something green for St. Patrick’s Day.


  • 3/8″ ribbon of choice-I used Lime/Hunter Lollipop ribbon
  • Alligator clip
  • Hot glue gun


1. Begin by cutting 3-3″ pieces and 1-2″ piece of your ribbon.

2. Take one of your 3″ pieces and fold it in half to create a crease. Put a very small dot of glue in the crease and pinch it together.

3. Bend your ribbon so that the ends overlap in a point to create a heart shape. Glue the ends together to create your “leaf”. Repeat with the other two 3″ pieces of ribbon.

4. Glue one of your leaves to the end of the 2″ piece of ribbon.

5. Glue the other 2 leaves on either side of the attached leaf and trim the stem to your desired length.

6. Pop the shamrock on a lined alligator clip and you are ready for St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy early St. Patrick’s Day!


Blog Share-Stained Glass Rainbow Craft

Stained Glass Rainbow

Are you looking for a fun St. Patrick’s Day craft to do with the kids? Well look no further than these Stained Glass Rainbows spotted on Mom On Timeout. This craft would also be great to make on a rainy day to summon a rainbow to appear out of the dark clouds :) This method could be used to make all kinds of stained glass decorations such as cupcakes, smiley faces, and flowers. Have fun creating your very own stained glass rainbows!


Ribbon Cuff

Ribbon Cuff

These ribbon cuffs are so easy to make, and you probably have all of the supplies on hand(that means this is a “free” project). This is a great craft for both kids and adults to make, so this project is perfect for a mother-daughter craft party. Lets get started!


  • Cardboard tube from toilet paper, paper towels, wrapping paper, etc.
  • Ribbon of choice
  • Adhesive of choice-double sided tape, craft glue, hot glue
  • Beads or other embellishments


1. Cut a section off of the cardboard tube that’s about 2 inches wide. Cut an opening in the section so that your cuff can easily be placed on your wrist.

2. I used 7/8″ double ruffle ribbon for my cuff, but you can use ANY ribbon for your cuff. You could pick multiple ribbons and make many different cuffs(one for every outfit :) ), or you can combine a couple different ribbons for one cuff. Start out by securing the end of your ribbon to the back of one end of the cuff with your desired adhesive. Make sure that the ribbon hangs off the edge of the cuff a little to hide the cardboard.

3. Begin wrapping your ribbon around the cardboard cuff. I overlapped each ruffle as I wrapped keeping the ribbon on the front of the cuff straight(that creates angled lines on the back of the cuff).

Front of Cuff

Back of Cuff

4. Continue wrapping the ribbon until you reach the end of the cuff making sure to leave a little bit hanging over the edge to hide the cardboard. Secure the end of the ribbon to the back of the cuff with double sided tape or glue. At this time you could add a little bling to your cuff with some beads and gems. I didn’t add any extra embellishments to my cuff because I wanted the ruffles to stand out. You could be finished at this point, but I added one more element to my cuff. I cut two 6″ pieces of 3/8″ ribbon and attached them to each side of the cuff. I tied them in a bow so that my cuff won’t slip off.

Now you are finished! Enjoy making this fun, simple craft for all of your friends.




Blog Share- Pom-Pom Scarf

Pom Pom Scarf

I love this Pom-Pom Scarf. It’s a fluffy, whimsical accessory that would complement any winter outfit. I think the double ruffle ribbon adds the perfect finishing touch to this scarf. Who doesn’t love ruffles and soft pom-poms? Head over to the Tea Rose Home to see the tutorial for this great craft. The yarn pom-poms could also be used to make a playful garland or a bouquet of “yarn flowers”. What’s your favorite yarn pom-pom craft?