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Witch’s Brew Snack Mix

Witch’s Brew Snack Mix

My brother and I loved making “Witch’s Brew” around Halloween when we were younger. We would pop in Hocus Pocus and grab all of our favorite snack ingredients. This is a great chance for the kids to get creative and make their own snack. I have provided a sample recipe below, but you can include whatever you would like in your Witch’s Brew. DISCLAIMER: My version is NOT a healthy snack mix. Grab your caldron and let’s get to mixing!

Witch’s Brew

Zombie Brains(Popcorn)

Mummy Ears(Potato Chips)

Monster Teeth(Candy Corn)

Bat Eyes(Chocolate Chips)

Goblin Bones(Pretzel Sticks)

Witch Noses(Bugles)

Vampire Toenails(Peanuts)

Mix all ingredients together and enjoy your frighteningly delicious snack mix!

This could be a great way to use some of the candy you have leftover from Trick or Treating.


Halloween Party Ideas-Blog Share

Halloween Party Ideas

It’s almost Halloween! I’ve decided to do a couple of “wild card” posts this week and break away from our usual craft project ideas in honor of the approaching holiday.

Are you having a Halloween party? If so, I have the perfect blog share for you. Jenn over at Clean & Scentsible has tons of great party ideas for you all in one place. Crafts, decorations, food…you name it, she’s got it! Her spooky food table(pictured above) would be great for any Halloween gathering. I hope you have fun with all of your Halloween festivities!


Tutu Costumes

Tutu Costumes

Found on My Creative Way

Tutu costumes are a great option when it comes to choosing and making a Halloween outfit. These costumes are typically easy and relatively cost effective projects. Check out our Ballet Class post for a video tutorial on making a No Sew Tutu. Here’s some ideas for different tutu costumes:

1. Ladybug- Red and Black tulle

2. Bumble Bee- Yellow and Black Tulle

3. Peacock- Turquoise and Purple Tulle

4. Ballerina- Pink Tulle

5. Tiger- Orange and Black Tulle

6. Black Cat- Black Tulle

7. The Sun-Yellow and Orange Tulle

8. Pumpkin- Orange Tulle

9. Ghost- White Tulle(make it a very long tutu worn around the chest)

The possibilities are endless when you use your imagination. What is your favorite Tutu Costume?


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What’s making the water off New Jersey turn aquamarine

Turquoise waters reminiscent of a Caribbean island have replaced the New Jersey’s typically murky coast for the past week, thanks to combination of phytoplankton and unusual weather conditions.

The phytoplankton bloom behind the color shift was photographed on July 6by the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer on NASA’s Aqua satellite,Cheap Jerseys china which gathers data on the Earth’s water cycle.

“These upwellings occur every summer, and fuel large phytoplankton blooms,” Oscar Schofield, a marine scientist at Rutgers University in New Jersey told NASA. “Studies have suggested these summer upwelling events occur several times each summer and lead to large blooms that can discolor the water.”

An additional reason for the unusually clear waters could be a drop in the amount of freshwater making its way to the ocean this year because of a drought across the Northeast.

“Tropical water doesn’t have the river or bay runoff to make it brown or cloudy,” Stewart Farrell, director of the Coastal Research Center at Stockton University told the Press of Atlantic City.

These blooms are often harmless and can even provide an important food source for the marine food chain, but in other cases they deplete the water’s oxygen levels causing other marine life to suffocate, or even produce harmful toxins, as is currently occurring in Florida’s Lake Okeechobee.

New Jersey’s phytoplankton bloom has not produced these toxins, leaving the water safe for the ecosystem, recreation, and tourism a big part of the coastal economy. Bob Chant, a professor of marine sciences at Rutgers University says that the waters are likely to remain discolored until winds push the bloom up the coast or out to sea.

DIY Halloween Costume-Blog Share

Loofah Halloween Costume

Halloween is almost here, and I haven’t decided on a costume yet! This easy DIY Bath Puff/Loofah Costume  is definitely an option. RAZMATAZ has a tutorial on how to make this cute costume with netting, but I think tulle would work as well. Do you have your Halloween costume yet?


Creepy, Crawly Valence

Creepy, Crawly Valence

This valence will be the perfect, spooky decoration for this Halloween season. The length could be modified to make it a full length curtain for all of your guests to walk through.


  • Black tulle
  • Plastic spiders-regular or glow in the dark
  • Black ribbon
  • Hot glue or craft glue
  • Googly eyes


1. Start out by cutting your ribbon and tulle. I wanted my valence to be about 18 inches long for a door frame that was 40 inches wide. Here’s my measurements:

10 strips of 20″ long tulle

1 piece of 52″ long black ribbon

2. Lay your ribbon out along a table and get your glue ready. Starting 6 inches for one end of the ribbon, glue on one piece of tulle leaving about 1-2 inches sticking out above the ribbon.  You will want to slightly fold and pleat the tulle strip so that it will only take up 4 inches of ribbon(my tulle strips were 6 inches wide). Continue this until you have used all of the tulle.

3. After you finishing gluing all of the tulle, flip the ribbon over to hide all of the messy glue. Now it’s time to add some fun embellishments to your valence.

4. I added googly eyes and glow in the dark spiders to my valence. The spiders will look extra creepy at night since it will appear that they floating in mid-air.

Have fun making this simple, but spooky decoration!


Candy Corn Wreath

Candy Corn Wreath

I love all of the candy corn projects that I keep seeing on Pinterest and other blogs, so I decided to join the trend and make my own Candy Corn Wreath. This project is super easy and it doesn’t take long to complete. Are you ready?


  • White, Yellow, and Orange Tulle
  • White, Yellow, and Orange Ribbon
  • Metal hoop or wreath form
  • Scissors


1. Start out by cutting your ribbon and tulle strips. I cut my strips to be about 8 inches long. I cut about 20 strips of each color of ribbon and tulle for my 10 inch wreath form.

2. Starting with white, tie your ribbon and tulle strips onto the metal hoop. I alternated my ribbon and tulle as I knotted it onto the wreath.

3. After I finished knotting the white ribbon and tulle onto the top of the wreath, I started adding my yellow strips to the bottom of the wreath.

4. Now you have a gap on both sides for the orange strips. Divide your orange strips in half so that the orange sides of the wreath will be even. Tie on your orange strips and…Voila! You’re finished. I added a ribbon loop to the top of my wreath to make it easier to hang up. RABOM’s 3/8″ Candy Corn printed ribbon was the perfect choice for my loop. Now you have a cute Candy Corn Wreath that is perfect for not only Halloween, but the whole Fall season. Have fun making this simple wreath!


Ghost Trick or Treat Bucket

Ghost Trick or Treat Bucket

Are you and your kids getting excited about Halloween?

Do you need a new, festive bucket for your trick or treating adventures?

This is the perfect craft to get you and the kids ready for a fun night of trick or treating.


  • Paint can or other bucket container
  • White paper or paint
  • White tulle
  • Hot glue gun
  • Black fabric or paper
  • 3/8″ ribbon for handle
  • Double sided tape


1. Begin by wrapping your paint can in white paper or painting it white so that the silver can won’t show through the tulle. You can skip this step if your bucket is already white or clear. Next, you need to cut your strips of tulle. My paint can is 7.5″ tall, so the length of your strips may vary from mine. Here’s what I needed for the paint can: 20-18″ long strips, 4-8″ long strips.

2. Line the top edge of your container with double sided tape. Adhere your four 8″ strips along the top of the paint can(the 6″ side should be touching the top of the can). This should create a “base layer” of tulle for your ghost.

3. Tie a knot in the center of all of your 18″ tulle strips.

4. Glue your tulle knots to the top of the paint can so that the tails hang down. Continue this around the entire top of the container.

5.  Your paint can is starting to look a little ghostly :)  I wrapped my handle with Black RABOM Iridescence to add a little extra flair to my bucket.

6. Now it’s time for a face. Cut a ghost face out of black fabric or paper. I cut two small circles and one larger “oval” out of black fleece. Glue your face pieces onto the tulle that is on the front of the paint can.

Now your bucket is ready for some candy!

You could use this same method to make a Pumpkin Trick or Treat Bucket as well. Use orange tulle instead of white, and wrap the handle in apple solid grosgrain. It would be fun to cut out different scary jack-o-lantern faces.

Have fun making your very own Trick or Treat Buckets!


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Kid Halloween Crafts Part 2

Ghost Lollipops

I know almost everyone has made ghost lollipops before, but I had to post this tutorial because this was one of my favorite Halloween projects when I was a kid. This is a great craft for your child to make for all of his/her classmates. Let’s get started!


  • Round Lollipops
  • Tissues
  • 1/4″ or 3/8″ ribbon of choice
  • Black marker


1.You will need one lollipop, one tissue, and one piece of ribbon for each ghost.

2. Stick the head of your lollipop into the center of the tissue.

3. Fold the tissue to surround the lollipop and tie the ribbon around the tissue where the lollipop meets the stick. You can tie a simple knot or tie a bow.

You can leave your ghost like this, or you can add a scary face using a black marker.

I hope this becomes one of your favorite Halloween crafts as well!


Kid Halloween Crafts Part 1

Candy Corn Garland

Do you need some kid friendly Halloween decoration ideas? Well look no further. Here’s a couple garlands that will get the kids excited about the upcoming holidays.

Head over to Better Homes and Gardens to get the step by step instructions for making this cute Candy Corn Garland.

This is the perfect decoration for your mantle or door frame.

Here is another cute example of a candy corn garland, and this one uses real candy corn. This simple Halloween craft can be found on Make and Takes.

Check back next week for more kid friendly Halloween craft tutorials!