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Team Water Bottles

Team Water Bottles

School Spirit water bottles are a great item to make for your daughter’s cheerleading, soccer, or cross country team(just to name a few). This project could also be a fun team building activity. Below are some decoration ideas for team water bottles. Have fun decorating!

An easy way to decorate a water bottle is to add a bow to the handle:

It's so simple and cute!

 Or you can glue some ribbon around the bottle and add a bow or embellishment. You could also paint the team or players name on the bottle.

Go Team!

Here’s some cute school spirit water bottles that I found on Etsy:

Seen on Etsy-Whozit & Whatzit Giftz Galore

Do you have a fun, school spirit water bottle? We would love to see it, so post a picture of your water bottle on our Facebook page. Have a great weekend!


Paw Print Clippie

Paw Print Clippie

This clip would be cute on a headband, on a shirt, or by itself as a clippie. Let’s get started!


  • Lined alligator clip
  • 3/8″ ribbon
  • Hot glue gun


1. You will need 4-2″ pieces of ribbon and 1-4″ piece of ribbon to make your paw print.

2. Glue all of your strips into circles.

3. Glue your small circles to the top of the big circle to make your paw print.

4. Line the edges of your paw print with hot glue and secure it to a lined alligator clip. Click here for step by step instructions on how to line an alligator clip. I used a different color to line my alligator clip to add some contrast, but it would also look nice for the alligator clip and paw print to be the same color.

Enjoy your new clippie!


Pom Pom Pens

Pom Pom Pens

Over the next couple weeks I will be featuring tutorials on School Spirit themed crafts. With the start of school and football season, these are the perfect crafts for this time of year. Any of the featured crafts would be great for a team building activity or even to sell for a fundraiser. The first craft we will make is a Pom Pom Pen.


  • Pen
  • 1/4″ or 3/8″ ribbon
  • Double sided tape


1. Cut your ribbon into 4″-5″ strips. I used ten strips of ribbon for each pen(5 of each color). Heat seal both ends of your ribbon.

2. Cut a piece of double sided tape. I used a 3 inch piece for my 10 pieces of 1/4″ ribbon. Stick the one edge of each of your ribbon strips to the double sided tape leaving a little extra on each end.

3. Begin to peel the tape off of the paper backing.

4. Attach the ribbon/tape strip to the pen so that the tape is touching the pen, not the ribbon.

5. Wrap the ribbon all the way around the end of the pen.

6. Get a 1″-1.5″ inch piece of one of your ribbons. Apply double sided tape to the back and wrap it around the pen to conceal the “raw” edges of the pom pom.

Now you are ready to write in style with your new pen. Have fun making a Pom Pom Pen to match your favorite team!


College Team Color Matches

College Team Colors

School Spirit has been kicked into high gear with the beginning of the school year and sports season. Below are color matches to some of the popular college sports teams. Please keep in mind that these are the closest matches, not exact matches. Have fun cheering on your favorite team!

University of Tennessee- Orange and White(don’t forget about our Orange Painted Squares printed ribbon)

University of Georgia- Red and Black

University of Alabama- Cranberry and White(don’t forget about our Houndstooth printed ribbon)

University of Florida- Offray Royal and Orange

LSU- Purple and Yellow Gold

University of Texas- Pumpkin Pie and White

Ohio State- Red and Millennium Silver

University of North Carolina- Blue and White(RABOM’s Baby Blue Stripes Ribbon is also a good match)

University of Southern California- Cranberry, Yellow Gold, Metallic Gold

Auburn- Light Navy and Orange

Florida State University- Cranberry and Lemonade

University of Michigan- Offray Royal and Offray Mimosa(Maize may also be used in more tradition school related color matches)

Michigan State- Forest and White

UCLA- Copen and Yellow

Duke- Offray Royal and White

Nebraska- Red and White

University of South Carolina- Cranberry and Black

Penn State- Navy and White

Virginia Tech- Beet and Orange

Arkansas- Red and White

University of Colorado- Black and Metallic Gold

Ole Miss- Cranberry and Dark Royal

Stanford- Cranberry and White


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Blog Share-Princess Ribbon Sculptures

Princess Ribbon Sculptures

I found these Disney Inspired Princess Ribbon Sculptures on Grosgrain Fabulous. I love Disney Princesses, and I’m sure you know someone who would love to have one(or more) of these amazing ribbon sculptures to add to her wardrobe. Kathleen has provided great(extremely thorough) tutorials for 9 of the princesses shown. Make sure you check out some of Kathleen’s other posts after looking at these magical ribbon sculptures on her blog. Happy crafting!