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The Basics-Lining an Alligator Clip

Lining an Alligator Clip


  • Alligator clip
  • 3/8″ ribbon
  • Double sided tape


1. Cut a 6 inch piece of ribbon, and then apply double sided tape to it. If you are using velvet or printed ribbon, make sure that you apply the double sided tape to the “wrong” side of the ribbon.

2. Start lining the clip by adhering the ribbon to the underside of the top of the clip. Fold the ribbon over the tip and continue to secure the ribbon all the way around the clip. Finish off by folding the ribbon over the other tip and attaching the ribbon to the “inside” of the clip. Look at the pictures below for more explanation.


You’re finished! Now you have a lined alligator clip to go with any bow or embellishment.


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The Basics-Lining a Metal Headband

Lining a metal headband


Metal headband

Double sided tape

3/8″ ribbon


  1. Line the ribbon up with the metal headband and leave about ½” of extra on each side to get your desired length of ribbon.
  2. Cut your ribbon to the appropriate length and put double sided tape on the length of the ribbon.
  3.   Starting at one end of the headband, fold ½” of the ribbon underneath the headband and then apply the ribbon all the way around the outside of the headband. Finish by folding the extra ½” underneath the other end of the headband.

4. Cut two ¾” pieces of ribbon to finish the ends of the headband. Add double sided tape to the small pieces and adhere the center of the small piece to the outside of each end of the headband.

      5. Fold the extra ribbon flaps to the underside of the headband and press firmly.

Now your headband is ready to wear or embellish.


Fancy Bobby Pins

Fancy Bobby Pins

Do you need that perfect accessory that adds a little pizazz to your everyday hair style? Well bobby pins may be the answer! RABOM’s bobby pins have a molded base on the end so that you can add whatever embellishment you would like. You could add an applique, a mini silk flower, or even some bling. Check out the Crystal Flower Hairpins on Jewels by Jan for a great example of a bobby pin that will add sparkle to any hairdo. Have a great day!


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Blog Share-Bottle Cap Tray

Bottle Cap Tray

Head over to Sweet Something Designs to see the tutorial for this Bottle Cap Tray. The possibilities are endless with this craft. You could incorporate an initial or image into your bottle cap design to make the tray extra special. I think a bottle cap tray would be a great house warming gift as well. Have fun crafting!


Framed Ribbon Art

Framed Ribbon Art

Have you been trying to come up with something to fill that empty space on your wall? Well I have an answer…ribbon art! This is a great way to use up scraps and create a beautiful decoration at the same time. It’s quick to make and the possibilities are endless.


  • Picture Frame
  • Ribbon of choice
  • Glue or tape


1. Start out by deciding what kind of color theme you would like to use. I wanted to use light greens and yellows, so I found a variety of designs, colors, and sizes of ribbon to match my theme.

2. Cut pieces of ribbon to the appropriate length. Add 2 inches to your frame dimensions to get your ribbon lengths. My frame was 8×12, so my ribbon pieces were 10″ and 14″ long. Start arranging your ribbon on top of your frame until you get your desired pattern that fits in the frame.

3. I decided that I wanted to weave a couple of ribbons through my pattern to give my art  a “patchwork” design. This is an optional step because the art looks great with just “stripes” of ribbon as well.

4. I would recommend taking a picture of your design at this point so that you have a reference as you adhere the ribbon to your base. Cut a piece of paper or card stock to fit in your frame(I used the “picture” that comes in the frame). Piece by piece glue/tape the ribbon to your paper base. If you are weaving ribbon through the design, make sure to only adhere the ribbon to the back and front edges of the paper. The second picture below shows where I taped the ribbon on the front. You won’t be able to weave the ribbon through if you attach the entire piece of ribbon to the paper at first.

5. Once all of your ribbon is secured to the base, you may carefully put your art into the frame. I think I may go get a white frame for this ribbon art and use the black frame to create something for another room. Ribbon art would be a great decoration for a nursery or child’s room. Have fun creating these works of art for your home!


Barefoot Sandals Part Two

Barefoot Sandals

I hope you have had fun experimenting with different ways to use ribbon to create your very own barefoot sandals. Here’s a couple more examples to provide some inspiration.

Example 3

1. Cut your ribbon 2 yards long and thread the ends through a bead to create a long loop.

2. Hot glue a silk flower onto the bead. I used one of our new Pearl Pansies. Slip the loop over your second toe, wrap the ends around your ankle, and tie the ribbon into a bow. Voila…super cute flower barefoot sandal!

Example Four

1. For this example you will need both ribbon and a nylon choker. They can be the same or different colors. I used different colors to add a little variety to my sandals.

2. Sew a stitch about 1/2″ from both the top and bottom of your nylon choker to create two loops. You may just do two stitches or sew along the entire choker to connect the stitches. I used black thread so that you can see where I stitched the loops, but you will obviously want to use a thread that matches the nylon choker.

3. Put one loop over your second toe and thread a piece of ribbon through the other loop.

4. Wrap the ribbon around your ankle and tie a bow or knot.

Have fun showing off your new barefoot sandals!


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Barefoot Sandals Part One

Barefoot Sandals

Barefoot sandals are very popular right now, so I wanted to jump on the bandwagon while it’s still warm (actually it’s pretty hot) outside. This week I will show you a few easy ways to whip up your own barefoot sandals from ribbon you have laying around your craft room.

Photo from Jewels by Jan

Example One

1. Cut a 2 yard piece of your desired ribbon. I recommend using a 3/8″ ribbon. Place the center of your ribbon around the back your second toe.

2. Cross the ribbons over the top of your foot to create an “X”.

3. Wrap the ribbon around your ankle and tie it in a bow. You’re finished!

Example Two

1. Place your 2 yard piece of ribbon behind your second toe(just like in Example One). Thread both ends through a bead with a wide opening.

2. Continue to thread on beads until you have your desired look(I used 9 beads). Wrap the remaining ribbon around your ankle and tie into a bow.

Check back later this week to see two more Barefoot Sandal tutorials!


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Marker Holder

Marker Holder

Do your crayon and marker boxes fall apart about a week after you buy them? Mine do, and then there are crayons and markers EVERYWHERE. I can’t imagine the inside of a kid’s school desk come October…coloring supply city. I learned to avoid this mess at a young age by immediately putting my markers in a pencil bag or sturdy box, but I have come up with another fun solution. Here’s a tutorial for a cute marker container that can become a permanent fixture on your arts and crafts table(whether at home or at school). I know you could just use a regular cup, but what’s the fun in that. Get the kids involved because I’m sure they would love making there own personalized art supply holder. Here we go!


  • Cup or canister
  • Ribbon
  • Glue or double sided tape


1. I found this polka dot cup on clearance at a craft store so I had to get it. Your container can be clear, colored, or designed…the sky is the limit.

2. Now it’s time to choose your ribbon. I stuck to two colors to keep it simple since my cup already had a design on it. However, I will use a clear cup the next time I make a marker holder so that I can go crazy with using a lot of colors, sizes, and designs. Decide where you want your ribbon to go and measure around that part of the cup. Add about 1/2″ to the measurement to allow for a little overlap. Apply glue or double sided tape to the back of your ribbon pieces and adhere them to your cup.

3. Continue wrapping your ribbon around the container until you get your desired design. Fill the cup with some markers and/or crayons and you’re ready to go!

These ribbon containers would also be cute to fill with goodies and give away as party favors. Enjoy your last little bit of summer before school starts!


Back to School Notebook

Back to School Notebook

The first day of school is quickly approaching, and this is the perfect craft to get the kids warmed up to get back into school mode. This notebook is great because it holds all of those sneaky pens and pencils that always seem to disappear. Let’s get started!


  • A composition notebook
  • Ribbon
  • Double sided tape or glue


1. Get your favorite composition notebook. I was excited when I found this cute designed notebook because it’s so much more fun than the regular solid color ones. :)

2. Measure around the outside of your notebook to see how much ribbon you will need. Add about 3″-4″ so that the ribbon can be secured on the inside of the notebook as well. Glue one end of the ribbon to the inside cover of the notebook. I glued my 3/8″ piece of ribbon about 1/3-1/2 up from the bottom of the notebook.

3. You may use glue or double sided tape to attach your ribbon to your notebook. To be honest…I used both. Close the cover of your notebook and adhere the first few inches of the ribbon to the front of your notebook. I used a pen to help me create my “pen/pencil loop”. I put the pen next to the end of the ribbon and tightly looped the ribbon over the pen. I put a dot of glue next to the pen and secured my ribbon to the notebook.

4. Adhere another inch or two of ribbon to the notebook, and then create another loop. I made two loops, but you may add as many as you would like.

5. Flip the notebook over and tape/glue the ribbon along the entire back cover.

6. Fold the extra end of the ribbon to the inside of the cover and secure. Now you have a fun notebook for the first day of school! Check back later this week for another back to school themed craft!