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Olympic Spirit Wand

Olympic Spirit Wand

I LOVE the Olympics! The talent and abilities of the athletes are unbelievable and inspiring. I have decided to feature a tutorial for an Olympic Spirit Wand to celebrate this wonderful event. I love going to high school and college football games and getting to use “shakers”/pom poms to cheer on my team, so I wanted to make something similar for the Olympics. This is very similar to our Wedding Wand, so feel free to check out that post for more detailed instructions. I used red, white, and blue in my spirit wand for the USA, but of course you can change the colors to fit with your favorite country. These would also make great fairy wands for your dress-up box.


  • Wooden dowel
  • Ribbon of choice(I recommend 3/8″)
  • Hot glue


1. I cut my ribbon into 9 inch pieces because I wanted my dowel to be longer than the ribbon streamers. You could cut the ribbon at different lengths to have a more tiered, random look.

2. Hot glue one end of your ribbon to the dowel. This is where I vary a little bit from the wedding wand tutorial. I started off by having the ribbon stream down towards the dowel. Keep gluing pieces of ribbon around the dowel.

3. I started gluing the ribbon in the opposite direction(away from the dowel) once I had about 4-8 pieces left. This will hide the top of the dowel and all of the raw edges.

4. Once all of your streamers are glued, take a piece of ribbon and wrap it around the dowel where the edges of the ribbon are overlapped. Cut it to match the length of the rest of the ribbon streamers.

Now you are ready to cheer on your favorite teams! Enjoy watching the Olympics!


Birthday Bash Ribbon Party

Ribbon Party

RABOM hopes you are enjoying all of the deals that are part of our 10th Birthday Bash! I wanted to give you “10 Ways to Use Ribbon at a Party” in honor of our celebration.

Picture from Paper and Pigtails

10 Ways to Use Ribbon at a Party

1. Ribbon Table Skirt

2. Ribbon Party Wreath

3. Ribbon Adorned Chairs

4. Ribbon Topiary

5. Ribbon Party Hats

6. Ribbon Table Runner

7. Ribbon Embellished Invitations

8. Ribbon Garland

9. Ribbon Cake Stand

10. Ribbon Canopy

Don’t forget to check our website for the last deals of our Birthday Bash. Have fun at your next party!


Birthday Bash


RABOM is super excited to be celebrating it’s 10th birthday! We would like to thank all of our customers for their support over the last ten years, and we look forward to serving you for ten more. In case you haven’t heard the RABOM story, here it is:

The story of Ribbon and Bows Oh My! began in 2002 in Rolling Meadows, Illinois, just outside Chicago, when company founder Jennifer Huinker bought $50 worth of denim grosgrain ribbon and sold it on Ebay, turning a small profit. A “stay-at-home” mom, Jennifer was interested in a business which would allow her the flexibility of operating from her home and keeping her own work schedule. Jennifer’s husband and co-founder Paul ran a carpet cleaning business, but began to help Jennifer process and ship orders in the evenings. In February, 2003, the Huinkers officially formed their new company, selected the name “Ribbon and Bows Oh My!” (or RABOM) and began selling ribbon and related products on Ebay.

Initially operating from their kitchen table, Paul and Jennifer were able to increase the business and shortly moved into a 1500-sq ft building with five employees. Business growth really began to accelerate when RABOM went on line with a dedicated website in 2006. Recognizing the potential of RABOM, Paul sold the carpet business and committed full time to the ribbon trade.

Having traveled through the picturesque southern city of Chattanooga, Tennessee on family trips and vacations, the Huinkers decided that Chattanooga offered a great environment in which to raise their three children, an attractive cost of living, and a place where RABOM could grow. Jennifer recognized that an internet-based business could function successfully from virtually any location. In 2007 the family moved to Tennessee. The Huinkers found a 2200 sq-ft space in Hixson, a Chattanooga suburb, and set up operations with 10 new employees.

Jennifer began to expand the RABOM product line with particular emphasis on cute, unique prints. In 2007, RABOM acquired two sublastatic printing machines and began adding prints based on fashion trends and customer requests. RABOM now offers over 250 prints, from “ABCs” to “Zebra.”

RABOM quickly outgrew the original Tennessee location, and, in January, 2009, moved one block away to a new 10,000 sq ft building constructed specifically for RABOM’s needs. Additional space allowed for expanded inventory and shipment of new products including headbands, caps, appliqu’es, korkers, flowers, and scrapbooking paper. The workforce expanded to 18 employees, and a second shift operation was added to keep up with customer demand. The additional space has allowed RABOM to service walk-in customers, and the new address is a favorite destination for bow makers and crafters from the surrounding region.

From that initial $50 investment, RABOM is currently approaching $3 Million in annual sales. The Huinkers recognize that their success is due in large part to their loyal and ever-expanding customer base, which now numbers over 15,000 individual customers. The helpful staff and management at RABOM always follow three important guidelines:

  • Quality is essential…quality of product, quality of effort, and quality of response.
  • The success of our customers determines RABOM’s success. By providing attractive products and good prices, and doing so on a timely basis, RABOM helps our customers to succeed.
  • Innovation drives the business. RABOM is committed to leading the ribbon trade by providing the latest designs, the latest products, and the most innovative pro cesses available.

Whether a customer needs five yards of ribbon, or 500 yards, RABOM is the one-stop shopping destination for your ribbon crafting and scrapbooking needs.


Have a wonderful day, and take advantage of all of our Birthday Bash Deals before it’s too late!


Shoe Clip-Blog Share

Fancy Bridal Shoe Clip

I LOVE this shoe accessory! Project Wedding featured a tutorial for this Fancy Bridal Shoe Clip as one of their DIY projects on One Lovely Day. This is the perfect way to add a subtle pop of color to a bride’s or bridesmaid’s attire. These shoe clips would also be a fun accent to an outfit for a holiday or cocktail party. Have fun adding new piazza to all of your old shoes!


Rosette Ribbon Sandals

Rosette Ribbon Sandals


  • Ribbon of choice
  • Sandals
  • Hot glue gun
  • Needle and thread(optional)


1. Grab a pair of T-strap sandals. You may also use flip flops, but keep in mind that you will need two rosette ribbon ruffles instead of one.

2. I used 1.5″ satin ribbon, but you may use grosgrain as well. Cut about a yard of your ribbon and tie a knot at the end.

2. Twist and roll your ribbon until you get the rosette size that you are wanting. YOU WILL HAVE A LOT OF RIBBON LEFT. Click here to see our ribbon rosette tutorial(you will not need to fold and glue the loose end to the back as mentioned in step four of the tutorial). Secure the ribbon to the rosette with hot glue when you reach your desired size.

3. Fold your ribbon to the left side of the rosette to create a loop and secure with a dot of hot glue.

4. Fold the ribbon back to the right to create another loop and secure with hot glue on top of the first loop.

5. Continue folding and gluing the ribbon back and forth to create a ruffle. You may also use a needle and thread to connect your ruffles if you don’t want to use hot glue. Once you get your desired length of ruffle you have two options. A) Trim the extra length of ribbon to 9-12 inches. Tie a knot in the end of the ribbon and roll into a rosette(my ribbon in the picture below was a little too short so you will need more length than what I had). Secure the rosette to the rest of the ruffle with glue and you are almost done. B) Cut the ribbon at the end of the ruffle. Create a rosette and glue it to the end of the ruffle.

6. Use hot glue or E-6000 to attach your rosette ruffle to the strap of your shoe. Since this craft is a little “glue messy”, you can blow a hair dryer on the ruffle to get rid of a majority of the hot glue strings. Now you are ready to strut your stuff in your new sandals!

Check back later this week for another way to spice up your shoes!


Ribbon Jewelry-Blog Share

Blog Share

I love all of the ribbon jewelry that I see all over the internet and in the stores. Here are a couple ribbon jewelry tutorials that you may enjoy:

This DIY Washer and Ribbon Necklace tutorial can be found on Nestled. Megan does a great job of giving clear and easy steps for the reader to follow. This blog features all kinds of beautiful jewelry, so browse around after you finish making your necklace.

I love this Ribbon Ruffle necklace. Head over to H is for Handmade to see the tutorial for this flirty necklace.

I hope these tutorials inspire you to have a ribbon jewelry party with all of your friends. Happy crafting!


Easy Pearl and Ribbon Necklace

Easy Pearl and Ribbon Necklace

I saw a post about “up-cycling” jewelry on Crowley Party, and it inspired me to make this great accessory. I LOVE pearls! This necklace is great because you can easily change out the ribbon to make the necklace match any outfit. Even though I used pearls for my necklace, you could use any old necklace or costume jewelry that you have hiding in the back of your jewelry box for this easy craft.


  • Strand(s) of pearls or another old necklace
  • Ribbon


1. Lay your necklace on a table in a circular shape. I had one long strand of pearls so I doubled it so that my finished product would have more layers.

2. Cut a piece of your ribbon 1.5 yards long and seal the ends. I used a satin edged sheer ribbon for my necklace because I love how elegant it looks with pearls. Lay your ribbon underneath your pearls.

3. Pull the center of the ribbon up through the circle of pearls, and then bring the ends of the ribbon up so that your pearls are enclosed in a ribbon loop. This is kind of hard to explain so see the pictures below to clarify the instructions.

4. Put the necklace over your head so that the pearls hang in the front and the ribbon is behind your neck. Adjust the ends of the ribbon until your have your desired necklace length and tie the ribbon ends into a bow.

Have fun digging through your old jewelry to find hidden treasures to use in this craft. Check back later this week to see other ribbon jewelry tutorials. Have a great day!


Click here to purchase Satin Edge Sheer Ribbon

Kids’ Craft Class

Ribbon Rainbow Craft Class

RABOM usually holds about two craft classes a month, and we enjoy using this opportunity to get to know our local customers better and teach them something new. This week I had the pleasure of teaching a Kids’ Craft Class. We had so much fun making Ribbon Rainbows that I had to share a few pictures!

With our supplies in hand, we were ready to tackle this fun and colorful project.

All of the girls did a great job on their crafts! They were so much fun to teach, and they were all willing to help one another with their projects.

Look at all of these pretty girls and their beautiful Ribbon Rainbows! We had so much fun in class, and I can’t wait until our next kids’ craft class!

I hope this inspires you to do a little summer crafting with your kids.


New Products

New Products at RABOM

Have you checked out Ribbons and Bows Oh My!’s website lately? We have been adding all kinds of new products, so here’s a few of them in case you didn’t hear the news:

Neon Animal Prints

Everyone needs some neon animal prints to keep up with the current fashion trends!

Neon Jumbo Dots

Neon is HOT, so don’t miss out on getting this popular print!

Glitter Spooky Cats

These cute appliques will be perfect for all of your Halloween projects…it will be here before you know it!


We also have a new Clearance Category. We are always adding new items, so don’t miss out on these deeply discounted items before they are gone.