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Bottle Cap Coasters

Bottle Cap Coasters

I loved looking at all of the Valentine’s crafts from the Link Party, so I decided to feature a couple Valentine’s crafts on the blog this week. Today I will show you how to make a bottle cap coaster. You could switch up the colors and make these coasters for any occasion. Lime and emerald bottle caps would make a cute St. Patrick’s Day coaster!


  • 9 bottle caps(I used 5 white and 4 red)
  • Crafting foam(this can be found at any craft store) or a wood cut out
  • E-6000 glue or any other heavy duty craft glue


Start out by placing your bottle caps on the foam to get the dimensions of your coaster and then cut out your coaster base. My coaster measured about 4 inches by 4 inches. Feel free to use more bottle caps for a larger size coaster. You could also do a circle shape instead of a square. I saw some really cute heart foam cut outs at the craft store that would be great for this project as well.

Now it’s time to grab your glue. Turn your cap color side down and apply glue to the entire edge of the bottle cap. Stick your bottle cap glue side down on the coaster base. Continue this until you have glued down all of the bottle caps. Allow the glue time to dry before displaying your new coasters for use.

Experiment with different color combinations and shapes to create coasters for every occasion. I would love to see the different coasters you create, so please post them on our Facebook wall. I hope you enjoy making this easy craft!


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Ribbon Belt

Ribbon Belt

Today I will show you how to make a belt using ribbon and webbing. Ribbons and Bows Oh My! carries 13 colors of webbing, so the possibilities are endless. Let’s get started!


  • 1 length of 7/8″ ribbon
  • 1 length of 1.25″ webbing
  • 2- 1.5″  D-rings
  • 1 Belt Tip(optional)
  • Fabric Tac adhesive
  • Sewing machine


You will determine your length of webbing and ribbon by adding 8 inches to your waist measurement. Apply Fabric Tac adhesive to the back of the ribbon and place it down the center of the webbing. Make sure to seal both ends of your ribbon and webbing.

Stitch the ribbon down both sides of your belt.


Place one end of the belt through the two D-rings. Fold the ribbon/webbing approximately 1 inch over the D-rings and then stitch across the belt to secure the D-rings in place.

You have two options on how to finish the other end of your belt. The first option is to crimp a belt tip at the end of the belt for a nice, finished look. The second option is to fold one end under about 1/2″ and stitch across to create a hem.

You can now make a belt to match your favorite outfit. Have fun crafting!


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Braided Ribbon Belt

Braided Ribbon Belt

This is a great project for the kids to help you make. They will have so much fun making a belt that is just for them. Have fun making this simple belt!


  • 3 lengths of 3/8″ ribbon(make sure it has the same design on both sides)
  • 2-1.5″ D-rings
  • Needle and thread


Determine the length of your ribbon by doubling your waist size and adding about 18 inches. I recommend using a stripe, saddle stitch, or preppy mini ribbon. These fun ribbons have the same design on both sides and offer more color options then using a single solid grosgrain ribbon.

Fold your three lengths of ribbon in half. Thread the loop through the 2 D-rings and pull the loose ends through the loop.

Pull the ribbon tight to create a knot on the D-rings. Repeat with the other two lengths of ribbon.

Once you have all three ribbons knotted on the D-rings, you will need to attach your D-rings to an object that will hold the belt in place while you braid the ribbon. I clipped my D-rings on a clipboard to secure the belt in place.

Once your D-rings are secure, you are ready to braid. You will use your two left ribbons and one of the middle ones to make your first braid. Try to keep the braid as flat as possible as you move down the ribbon. After you finish the first braid, you will use the remaining ribbons to make your second braid.

I recommend using alligator clips to secure the end of your braids. I left about 6 inches of ribbon at the bottom of my braid because I like the look of the loose ends at the end of my belt. It’s up to you how much “free” ribbon you would like at the end of your belt

Now you need to twist/braid the two small braids one on top of the other. Again, try to keep the braid as flat as possible. Tie a knot with the two small braids once you get to the end of your belt. You will now want to take your needle and thread and do a small stitch every place the two small braids overlap. This will help keep the belt in it’s twisted shape. You may skip this step, but you will have to “re-twist” your belt every now and then to get the braided shape back. All you will have to do is hold the knotted end of the belt and twist the D-rings until you have your desired shape.

Now you are ready to wear your new belt! This belt would look really cute with a dress as well as pants. Check back later this week for another belt craft.

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Link Party

We are finally having a Link Party! We want to see your favorite Valentine’s Crafts. You must link up by 4pm EST on Friday, January 27th to be entered in the contest. We will narrow down all of our submissions to ten crafts, and then it’s your turn to vote. We will post the ten crafts on Facebook on Monday, January 30th, and the craft that receives the most “likes” in one week will be the winner. What’s the prize? The winner of our Valentine’s Link Party will receive a $50 gift basket full of RABOM goodies. Click on the “Link Up” tab at the top of the page to get started. We can’t wait to see all of your fun, festive crafts!


Boutique Ribbon Necklace

Boutique Ribbon Necklace

Today I will show you how to make the elegant ribbon necklaces that you see in all of the boutiques. Even though this is a step up in difficulty from our Kid’s Ribbon Necklace on Monday, this is still a fun and easy project. You will feel so accomplished wearing your beautiful ribbon necklace out on the town, and I’m sure you will get many compliments!


  • One length of ribbon
  • Beads of your choice
  • Needle and thread
  • Hot glue gun


You will determine your length of ribbon by taking the desired length of the necklace, multiplying it by 2, and adding 24 inches. I used about 2 yards of ribbon for my necklace. Make sure that you choose a ribbon that has the same design on both sides.

Stick your needle through the center of the ribbon about 12 inches from one end of the ribbon. Don’t pull the needle and thread all the way through yet. It’s much easier to stack your beads and ribbon while they are still on the needle.

Place one bead on the needle leaving some room at the top for the next steps.

You should have one 12 inch section of ribbon to one side of the bead, and another very long section of ribbon to the other side. Fold the longer section of ribbon over the bead and push it down onto the needle. Try to make sure the needle is going through the center of the ribbon on every fold.

Continue adding beads and folding the ribbon over. You are basically making an accordion fold with the ribbon, but there are beads between each fold. Remember to keep two or three beads on the needle at all times because it will make it easier to fold the ribbon on top of the bead.

As you are threading and folding, gently slide the beads off the back of the needle. I found it easiest to hold the needle straight up with the necklace hanging down from it and then push the beads down off of the needle. The beads may spread out some while you are working on the necklace and that’s fine.

You will want to stop your bead and fold pattern when there is about 12 inches of ribbon left to match the other end. You will want to end the pattern with a fold so that you have ribbon covering up your last bead. 

Through some trial and error I found that a simple knot at the end of your thread won’t secure it from slipping through the ribbon and bead. I suggest putting a small dot of hot glue on your knot so that it will hold your necklace together.

Once you have your thread knotted, glued, and trimmed, you will tie a knot at each end of the necklace to hide your thread. All you have left to do is even out and seal the ends of your ribbon, and you have a beautiful necklace for any occasion.

You can even make a bracelet and necklace set. These would be great to give to bridesmaids as a gift, or to anyone as a birthday or thank you present. I hope you enjoy wearing, and giving away, this beautiful necklace!


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Kid’s Ribbon Necklace

Kid’s Ribbon Necklace

Ribbon isn’t limited to being used as an accessory for hair anymore. I see ribbon jewelry everywhere I go. This week we will feature two different kinds of ribbon necklaces that can certainly be altered to make bracelets as well. The first necklace to be featured is a Kid’s Ribbon Necklace. This is a simple necklace that your children can make as a Valentine’s gift for their friends. This is the perfect craft for your next slumber or birthday party.



  • One length of 3/8″ ribbon
  • Beads of your choice(make sure that they have a wide hole)


 Your ribbon length will be the desired length of your necklace plus about 30 inches. So if you want your necklace to be 20 inches from end to end, you will need a 50 inch piece of ribbon. A solid grosgrain, satin, double ruffle, or stripe/saddle stitch ribbon would be best for this project since these ribbons have the same design on both sides.

After you cut your desired length of ribbon, you will need to tie a knot about 12 inches from one end of the ribbon.

Slide a bead onto the opposite end of the ribbon and push it close to the knot that you tied.

Tie another knot on the other side of the bead to secure it in place. Now it’s time to slide another bead onto the ribbon. Continue the knot-bead pattern until you have about 12 inches of ribbon left.

Once you tie your last knot, even out and seal the ends of your ribbon. Tie the ends of the necklace into a bow and you have a fun, colorful necklace to show off to all of your friends.

Feel free to leave out the middle knots if you are wanting to simplify this craft. You could have a knot 12 inches from one end, then thread on your desired amount of beads, and finish with a knot to hold the center beads in place.

Have fun making your very own ribbon jewelry whether it’s at your next slumber party or as a Mommy-Daughter craft project.


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Tails Down Bow Tutorial

Here’s a peek at the Tails Down Bow Tutorial, which is included on the Beginner Bow Making DVD.


Tails Down Bow from Jennifer Huinker on Vimeo.


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5 double prong clips
5 60 mm French clips

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Check back later this week to view one of the video tutorials included on this DVD.



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Wine Glass Centerpiece

Wine Glass Centerpiece


  • Wine glass
  • Ribbon and or tulle
  • Candle
  • Jeweled Tiger Lily(optional)


I’m going to show a few different variations on how to do a wine glass centerpiece.


Variation 1: Ribbon pieces

1.     Cut your ribbon into various lengths. You may use all one color or a mixture of colors.

2.     Pile the ribbon into the wine glass and carefully flip it upside down.

3.     Take a jeweled tiger lily and carefully peel off the center jewel.

4. Set the flower on top of the wine glass and place your candle on top of that. You may omit the flower and have the candle sitting on top of the wine glass, but I liked using the flower so that it would help keep the dripping wax off of the glass.



Variation 2: Tulle strips

1.     Cut your tulle into different size strips. You can leave your tulle as strips or make them into tulle puff. Refer to our earlier post on tulle puffs for the instructions.

2.     Place your tulle puff into the wine glass, turn it upside down, and place the flower and/or candle on top.


Variation 3: Korkers

1.     Take about 5-10 pieces of korkers and put them into the wine glass. Flip the wine glass over and add the flower and/or candle.



You can use each of these on their own, but I combined them to create a tiered centerpiece. I took three different sizes of wine glasses and filled them with a variety of items to add a little dynamic to my centerpiece. You could use all kinds of items and colors with your wine glasses to create centerpieces for many different occasions. Have fun decorating!



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Wedding Table Centerpiece Tip – Tealight



  • Tealight
  • ⅝” ribbon of your choice
  • Double sided tape


1.     Measure around your tealight and add about ¼”-½” to get the length of your ribbon strips. Cut your desired number of ribbon strips.

2.     Put double sided tape down the center of the back of your strip.

3.     After peeling off the paper, start to carefully apply the ribbon to the tealight.

This is a great, inexpensive way to add color accents to your table.


You can use any color of ribbon that you like. Take a look at all the different varieties and textures that Ribbons and Bows Oh My has to offer.




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Share blog – Ribbon Flower Tree and Bouquet

You will love this beautiful Ribbon Flower Tree I found to share with you. This is from Rich and Meg. I love the pearl accents infused with the turquoise and brown colors that you see everywhere lately.

Adding coordinating ribbon as a table runner really pulls this look all together.

Isn’t this bouquet so beautiful? Imagine how much money you can save in your wedding budget by not spending them on flowers!


Check in tomorrow for wedding tips!



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Topiary Wedding Table Centerpiece

Happy New Year!

2012 may be bringing wedding bells into your life. If so, best wishes to you! To help you get started in your planning, this week’s theme is Wedding Table Centerpieces.

Tulle Topiary


  • Tulle of color(s) of your choice
  • Green foam disc for the base
  • Green foam ball(I used a 6” one)
  • Wooden dowel
  • Corsage pins
  • Glass dish, basket, or other container
  • Ribbon(optional)
  • Paint(optional)


1.     Begin by cutting your tulle for the topiary into 18” strips. It took about 25 yards of tulle to cover the entire ball.

2.     Take a strip of tulle and ball up one end to create the center. Slowly twist and wrap the tulle around the center to create a rosette. This is similar to the technique used for the Rosette Headband.

3.     Once you get to the end of your rosette, fold the end under the rosette. Place a pin through the center of the rosette making sure that it goes through the end that you just folded under your rosette.

4.     Push pin into the foam ball to secure your rosette into place. You can paint the Styrofoam ball if you would like, but I liked the green showing through a little. Continue pinning the rosettes around the ball until you have covered the foam ball.

5.     Now it’s time to grab your dowel. You may paint the dowel or cover it in ⅜” ribbon. You will want to decide what part of the ball you would like to be the bottom. Carefully insert the dowel into the bottom of the ball.

6.     Secure your foam disc to the center of your glass dish or other desired base. You can use hot glue or any other craft glue to do this. Take some strips of tulle and bunch it around the exterior of the foam disc until the space between the disc and the container is filled. Stick the dowel into the center of the foam disc. Secure bunches of tulle to the top of the disc until you can no longer see the foam disc. You could also use tissue paper or colored glass beads to hide the foam disc.

7.     Now your topiary is ready for the table. If you use sparkle tulle, I recommend misting the finished topiary with hair spray to help keep the glitter from “shedding”. I used white sparkle tulle for my topiary, but the sky is the limit. You could use any color or even use a few different colors.


Check back Wednesday for our weekly tip. This week’s tip will help you create the perfect accent for this centerpiece.

Let’s make it a great year!



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