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Party Headbands

Let’s make more head pieces for our New Year’s Eve party. These headbands are super easy to make. Since it didn’t take much time to make these, I was thrilled. Just like you, I am so busy this time of year. Get your teens to help you. They’ll love it!

Feathered Headband


  • Metal headband
  • Black satin ribbon – 5/8″
  • Black Dyed Pheasant pad
  • Shocking Pink Peacock Tails
  • Glittery embellishments
  • Double sided tape


Cover a metal headband using our tutorial from our Headband Week theme.

It can be found on the Wednesday Tip for December 14.

Embellish the headband with a feather pad and peacock feathers or a silk flower to jazz it up. Use hot glue to secure it to the headband.

Or if you want a more formal look, just add a single tuxedo bow.

Here is another headband idea.

Glitzy Star Headband


  • Covered metal or plastic headband
  • Hot pink satin 5/8″ ribbon
  • Silver and Fuchsia Glitter Stars
  • Glitter pipe cleaners from Hobby Lobby
  • Hot Glue


Cover a headband with ribbon.

Attach silver and black glittery pipe cleaners by twisting them around the headband. Cut some pipe cleaners in half, others will be full size.  Make the ends stick up. Add as many as you wish.

I altered the silver and black pipe cleaners as I twisted them on the headband, making some longer than others to create different heights.

Twist and turn the spikes to make them fun and funky. You can wrap a pipe cleaner around a pen or pencil to make it spiral on the end.

Hot glue pink and silver Glitter Stars to the ends of the spikes. Shape the pipe cleaners into the numbers 2012.

Voila!  You have a fun, funky, and festive headband to wear to your New Year’s Eve party. Everyone will have fun wearing them.

Happy New Year!

See you in 2012



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Share Blog – Party Week

Glitter Disco Ball

I found this fabulous Glitter Disco Ball by Oh Happy Day and thought it was super cute and perfect for a New Years Eve party. I was thinking that you could add ribbon to the bottom of it to create a chandelier look.

It’s fun now to relax and think of ways to bring in the New Year!



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Party Hats

 “Party Week”

Wow! The season of happiness is upon us. Getting ready for New Year’s Eve or any other party is our theme for the week.

I thought it would be fun to offer ideas to help you celebrate the New Year.

Party Hats are an especially fun way to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

Guests can make their own when they arrive at  your home.


  • Heavy paper 12″x12″ in size – scrap booking paper is ideal. Smaller paper squares for smaller hats.
  • Embellishments: feathers, marabou, ribbons, glitter stars, trims, beads, tulle. A large variety of accessories to decorate the hats.
  • Wire
  • Stapler
  • Hot glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • 3/8″ ribbon or thinner for ties
  • Pencil and string


Ahead of time you can trace and cut the hats into the right shape for forming a cone. The size of the hat is determined by the length of the string you use as your radius. I used almost 12 inches to make the large hat and about 5 inches for the small version. Tie the string around the pencil near the tip. Hold the string at one corner on the wrong side of the paper. Hold the pencil upright as  you draw a curved line from one side of the paper the other side. Keep the string taut in order to make a perfect arch. Cut along the line. Cut a small curved line at the corner. Overlap the edges together to form a cone. Glue, staple or tape the edges. You have formed the hat.

Cut two ribbons about 15-20 inches long. Staple one end of each to opposite sides of the hat.

Guests can decorate the hat or you could decorate it ahead of time. I remember one favorite New Year’s Eve party where each of my guests decorated their own hats with the materials provided by me. We held a contest to see who created the craziest, most beautiful, or classiest hat.

On the hats today, I glued marabou around the bottom, added a tulle pom to the top, and feathers and glittery leaves to finish off the festive flair. There is a matching hat for Grace’s American Girl Doll. Anyone would love to wear these party hats.

Of course there are many occasions to make party hats in this same way.  How about a party for your daughter and her friends with their American Girl dolls. Don’t forget birthday parties!

Be sure to CHIRP your party ideas.


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Friday Share Day – Merry Christmas!

“Trimming the Tree with HOPE and LOVE”

(original watercolor by Rita)

 It’s almost here – the preparations are almost finished, the excitement is rising.

We at RABOM want to wish a Merry Christmas that is filled with hope and love to each of you.

Please share with us the Hope and Love you created for the holidays.


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Ribbon Flower Bouquet

Gathered Ribbon Flowers

Continuing our weekly theme of Ribbon Flowers, today I am making a gathered flower from ribbon and attaching it to a stem. Any type of ribbon flower can be used for this bouquet, including the “no sew” ribbon flowers from Monday’s tutorial. Each flower is attached either to a wooden dowel or a looped florist wire that is wrapped with florist tape. Several flowers and stems are combined to make a bouquet.


Ribbon of all kinds – satin, grosgrain, printed, ruffled, etc.

Ribbon width of all kinds – 3/8” for the tiniest to 1 ½ “ for the largest

Green ribbon for leaves

Floral tape or green ribbon to cover the stems

Florist wire (optional)

Wooden dowels – ¼”  – I found skewers to be the perfect size

Needle and thread

Hot glue

The length of ribbon is determined by its width. However, you can experiment with different lengths and widths. After all, nature does that doesn’t she?

For this demonstration, I used about 20″ of satin ribbon.

Directions:Thread a needle with a double thread, knotted at the end. Secure the first stitch by over stitching at the end of the ribbon. Sew a running stitch on one edge of the ribbon. I started at the top of the ribbon and curved the stitch to the bottom of the ribbon. Continue with the running stitch the entire length of the ribbon.

Pull the thread to gather the ribbon. You can pull it tightly or loosely. Either will change the look of your flower.

I pulled it rather tightly and secured the thread by double stitching at the end. Cut off the remaining thread.

Take a small wooden dowel (or wire). Add a small dot of glue to the end of the ribbon, place the dowel (or wire) on the glue and start to roll the gathered ribbon around the dowel (or wire). You will roll and glue as you go, keeping the ribbon at the top of the stem. Add extra glue where you need it.

I made sepals at the bottom of the flower with green grosgrain ribbon (or you could use floral tape). Cut three 2” pieces of ribbon. I cut the pieces on an angle. There is no set rule. These are part of nature!

Cut “V” shapes in the ribbon to look like leaves. Cut a small slit at the bottom of each sepal. Place about 3 dots of glue on the bottom of one sepal.

Position the sepal on the flower and around the stem. Pinch it with our finger.

Do the same for each sepal, fanning them out around the flower base.

Take the floral tape and wrap it under the sepals. Add a little hot glue to secure it. You need to stretch the tape as you pull it to wrap it around the dowel. The tape sticks to itself if you stretch as you twist. You can also secure with glue as you go but you don’t need to. I put glue at the end of the tape near the bottom of the stem. Another option would be to use green ribbon to wrap around the dowel. Glue as you go in this case also.

I added some ribbon leaves to the flower. Start by cutting a leaf shape from some grosgrain ribbon. You will need to seal the edges of the cut ribbon with either a heat tool or a lighter flame. Just be careful not to set the ribbon on fire! I like to use a long handled barbeque lighter for this purpose.

I made some buds by taking a small piece of ribbon and folding it around a dowel. Add some more sepals, glue them to the dowel and add floral tape  down the rest of the dowel.

It takes a lot of flowers to make a full bouquet. You can vary the color and style of flower or you can make the flowers all the same type. The technique of building a ribbon bouquet is the same as it is for real flowers.

While I was making these flower for the demonstration, I also made some small flowers from grosgrain ribbon. These are made in the same manner.

The second flower is made in the same way except I used a double-folded wire with a loop at the end for the stem in place of the wooden dowel.

Sepals are added using floral tape cut in a pointed shape. Continue with wrapping the stem with more floral tape.

Some of them have two stems together. I think this makes the flower look even more real.  This way I was able to twist the wrapped wire around the main stem. Again, floral tape was used to wrap around the two stems to secure them together. Leaves are added in the same manner.

I used a little bud vase to put some of my flowers in to set on my windowsill. They add a little sunshine to a gloomy, cloudy day. I’m sure I will enjoy them well into January as well. As you can see we still don’t have any snow in the Midwest.

The flowers you make can be used for so many occasions. Once you learn how to do this, it’s a great way to cuddle up before the TV or fireplace, supplies in hand and make flowers to brighten your life and those of others. Remember practice makes perfect. While no two flowers are exactly the same, the process will get easier. What great gifts!




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Ribbon Flower Tips

Here are some ideas of how to use the ribbon flowers, especially the Now Sew Flowers.

Ribbon Flowers are great as SHOE CLIPS or clips to accessorize a small or large purse.

Glue a small flower or series of flowers to clear glass ornaments for a last minute hostess gift.

Place some ribbons flowers on packages as part of the wrapping. The receiver can then remove them to wear on a sweater, a shirt or in her hair.

There are endless possibilities for these ribbon flowers. Just use your imagination. Let us know what you are doing with your flowers.

Check in tomorrow for more ribbon flowers.



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Share blog – Fancy Ribbon Shoes

Check out this adorable Ribbon Flower and Shoe Cuff by Wedding Bee.

You can see how the No Sew Flower made with satin ribbon was used in these beautiful accessories.

Don’t you just love it?

Tomorrow I will share other ideas for the No Sew Ribbon flowers.



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No Sew Flower


Weekly Theme: Ribbon Flowers

It’s the week before Christmas. I love roses at Christmas. There is a great tradition of the Christmas Rose. I thought I’d like to show how to make some flowers with ribbon.

No Sew Flowers

Another name for these flowers is the Concertina Rose, since the ribbon looks like a concertina while you are folding it. The flower can be very tiny or large depending on the width of the ribbon you use.

It takes a little practice to get the hang of making this flower. But once you do, you will be amazed at the results. It’s like MAGIC!

The fold you use is like the springy legs and arms, I taught my first and second grade art students to make using 2 pieces of construction paper. We will use the same technique with the two ends of a ribbon.


For the small ones – 3/8” ribbon  – 12”

For the medium ones – 5/8” ribbon – 20”

Wider ribbon will make larger flowers. You will need a longer length of ribbon.

Hot glue

Needle and Thread – optional because then it wouldn’t be “no sew”, right?


I started with a grosgrain ribbon because it isn’t as slippery as satin. Eventually you will want to use satin or other ribbons to get great highlights



1.  Find the center of the length of the ribbon. Fold the left side down (vertically) to create a right angle or an upside down “L”.

2.  Fold the right side of the ribbon, the one underneath, back horizontally across the center.

3.  Take the vertical ribbon, (the one going straight down), and fold it straight UP and over the center.

4.  Fold the left horizontal ribbon back to the right OVER the center. Keep it horizontal.

5.  Take the vertical ribbon; fold it straight DOWN and over the center. You are forming a series of squares on top of each other creating the concertina.

6.  Continue folding the ribbons back and forth over the center. Take turns with each ribbon side, keeping them either horizontal or vertical all the time, and making the stack of ribbons. Hold the stack between your fingers. Don’t let go!

7.  When there is about 1 inch left of each side, hold the ends between your thumb and index finger with your left hand (right hand if you are a lefty). Let go of the stack while still holding the two ends. If you let go, the ribbons will unravel. So hang on!

8.  Holding the two ends together loosely, pull the bottom ribbon. Continue pulling. As you pull, keep holding on to the other ribbon.

The ribbon will twist and turn and will begin to form a flower shape.  When you see a center forming and petals forming, stop pulling, but don’t let go.

9.  Look at the bottom. Tack the excess ribbon to the other one at the base of the rose with a small dot of glue. (This is where you could use thread to secure the ends of the ribbon to the rose.)

Cut off the extra ribbon and tack the ends in with glue.

This takes a little practice, but, as I said earlier, the results are amazing. After making several flowers, in various sizes, you will have roses to attach to any surface.

Wednesday, I will share with you my ideas of how to use these amazing little flowers. In the meantime, practice, practice, and practice!

Be sure to check out the special sales on ribbons this week.


Have fun!




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