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RABOM Bowmaker Spotlight: Tutus, Bows and More

This RABOM Bowmaker Spotlight is devoted to Tutus, Bows and More – a.k.a the talented Charity G.! So many Pinwheels! So many Frozen-inspired bows! So much Chevron! There’s clearly a lot to love here. We particularly love how perky and symmetrical her pinwheels are – this bowmaker has her proportions and measurements down to a science! Or maybe it’s just careful crafting and a whole lotta talent :)

Oh – and the Hair BOWquets. SO dern cute!

You can find more bows (and tutus!) on her Facebook – !

Tutus, Bows and More! On the RABOM blog!Tutus, Bows and More! On the RABOM blog! Tutus, Bows and More! On the RABOM blog!Tutus, Bows and More! On the RABOM blog!Tutus, Bows and More! On the RABOM blog!Tutus, Bows and More! On the RABOM blog! Tutus, Bows and More! On the RABOM blog!Tutus, Bows and More! On the RABOM blog! Tutus, Bows and More! On the RABOM blog!

RABOM Bowmaker Spotlight: All Things Chic

I love this new post catagory – Featured Bowmakers! We love seeing what our bowmakers are doing with our ribbon and more than anything, it’s inspiring! We talk about you guys and your awesome work when we sit down to come up with the next print, sale and / or dye to match color.

All Things Chic is making some super cute stacked bows – We love ’em! So colorful and precise and – dare we say – CHIC! Check out her work below and find her gorgeous bows at our Fall Tent Sale and HairBOWnanza! Tomorrow, Saturday August 23rd!

From All Things Chic:
My favorite bows to make are stacked bows. I love being able to put mulitiple layers of different colors and patterns together along with cute embellishments to make the perfect bow. I get some of my inspiration from Pinterest and Etsy. I am currently learning how to make resin jewelry, and how to refinish furniture, but you’ll never know what craft I’ll try next! My favorite RABOM product is the grosgrain ribbon. I love the quality along with the affordable price you can’t find anywhere else in town. I started making bows because I was already into crafts and wanted to make my daughter cute ,affordable hair accessories. My advice to beginners is to not overthink your projects, use your intuition, and to just go for it!



Thoughtful Thursday: Holiday Gift Wrapping

Ho ho ho…Santa’s on his way!! We wanted to step up our wrapping game this year and put something special under the tree!  Our Specialty Shop had exactly what we needed! Even better, ALL Specialty Shop items are 30% off until 12/10 at midnight est!

gift wrapping_1

If you’re not into wired ribbon you can still use your favorite RABOM Polka, Swiss, Stripes and Printed Ribbon to make super cute gifts. Did we also mention that ALL Printed Ribbon is 15% off until 12/10?

gift wrapping_2

gift wrapping

We love them all but which gift wrapping do you like best?

Happy Wrapping Friends!!

– Lo

Product Spotlight: Washi Tape

In case you haven’t heard, washi tape is a Japanese tape and everyone is obsessed with it, including us! Washi tape is available now in our Specialty Shop, the newest addition to our website!! –


How cute are these?

There are endless possibilities when it comes to decorating with washi tape…here are a few of our favorites!

1. Make a card: Unique designs for birthdays, thank you’s, or greetings.

washitapestationary2 Photo cred:

2. Decorate small tea lights for your mantel or window sill.

3d18b69b641aaebb47f290e9521b618f Photo cred:


3. Custom reed diffuser.

f652fb33f2e6a0a74e32b004e8bef978 Photo cred:


In case these weren’t enough, here are 56 more ways to decorate with Washi Tape!!



Get yours now:  –  What ways do you plan to use washi tape?

– Lo

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