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Subtly get into the spirit

Don’t let anyone accuse you of decorating for Christmas *too soon* – there’s no such thing! Well, maybe there is. But we’ve got a plan for that.

If you’re like us, you may feel like you’re ready to unleash the Holiday Spirit ASAP. So here are a few ways you can start decorating in a few small, seasonally-appropriate ways! We’ve scanned Pinterest for DIY’s and finds to help you start the celebrations and – by the time the Holidays truly arrive – you can look around your home and see how the cheer has been growing since mid October!

sage candles

A candle simply-wrapped in sage, rosemary or spruce and tied with a bow is beautiful and subtly seasonal and pretty cheap if you are wiling to go on a little walk in the woods!

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Balsa beads of alternating sizes make for a beautiful garland. You can string them today! And if you want to add modern charm, dip-paint the larger beads in white for a half-and-half look.


Christmas cards are a fantastic way to keep your long-distance loved ones updated – but they pile up fast! Make the most of them (after they have been loved and enjoyed) by turning them into beautiful stars!


Outdoor Hula-Hoop Chandelier – this one is beautiful and really, you could use it any time of the year! But maybe you’ll love it *especially* around the Holidays.

DIY Confetti

DIY Confetti

Do you have tons of scraps of tissue paper and gift wrap laying around from opening presents? Do you have extra ribbon scraps hiding in baskets and drawers in your craft space? Then you have everything you need to create your own confetti for New Year’s Eve! This is a great project for the kids to roll up their sleeves and help you make something fun for the big night.


  • Decorative paper-tissue paper, wrapping paper, scrapbooking paper, etc
  • Ribbon


1. I know this is so simple that you probably don’t need directions, but it goes. Gather all of the paper and ribbon scraps that you can find.

2. Cut or tear the scraps into small pieces and store in a special bag or container.

3. When the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve throw your confetti into the air and celebrate a great 2012 while welcoming in a new year full of opportunities. If your kids are too young to be able to stay up until midnight, have your own party a little earlier in the night. You can count down the seconds to an earlier hour, throw your confetti high, and toast with your cups of sparkling grape juice as you say goodbye to 2012.

You can also use ribbon scraps and pipe cleaners to make your own New Year’s headband(check out the tutorial here).

We hope you have a Very Happy New Year!


Party Headbands

Let’s make more head pieces for our New Year’s Eve party. These headbands are super easy to make. Since it didn’t take much time to make these, I was thrilled. Just like you, I am so busy this time of year. Get your teens to help you. They’ll love it!

Feathered Headband


  • Metal headband
  • Black satin ribbon – 5/8″
  • Black Dyed Pheasant pad
  • Shocking Pink Peacock Tails
  • Glittery embellishments
  • Double sided tape


Cover a metal headband using our tutorial from our Headband Week theme.

It can be found on the Wednesday Tip for December 14.

Embellish the headband with a feather pad and peacock feathers or a silk flower to jazz it up. Use hot glue to secure it to the headband.

Or if you want a more formal look, just add a single tuxedo bow.

Here is another headband idea.

Glitzy Star Headband


  • Covered metal or plastic headband
  • Hot pink satin 5/8″ ribbon
  • Silver and Fuchsia Glitter Stars
  • Glitter pipe cleaners from Hobby Lobby
  • Hot Glue


Cover a headband with ribbon.

Attach silver and black glittery pipe cleaners by twisting them around the headband. Cut some pipe cleaners in half, others will be full size.  Make the ends stick up. Add as many as you wish.

I altered the silver and black pipe cleaners as I twisted them on the headband, making some longer than others to create different heights.

Twist and turn the spikes to make them fun and funky. You can wrap a pipe cleaner around a pen or pencil to make it spiral on the end.

Hot glue pink and silver Glitter Stars to the ends of the spikes. Shape the pipe cleaners into the numbers 2012.

Voila!  You have a fun, funky, and festive headband to wear to your New Year’s Eve party. Everyone will have fun wearing them.

Happy New Year!

See you in 2012



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