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Spike Bow Tutorial Video + Pinnable

Make cute, symmetrical Spike Bows on the Bow Genius! You’ll need 3 pieces of 6-inch lengths of ribbon and some attention to detail! You just want to make sure that your lengths are exactly the same AND you’re getting your needle through the direct center of your bow. Bow Genius helps with that! Find all of these supplies AND Bow Genius at

You’ll need the following material:

  • 1.5 inch grosgrain: 3 pieces, 6 inch lengths
  • 1.5 inch grosgrain: 2 pieces, 5 inch lengths
  • 3/8 inch grosgrain: 1 piece, 6 inch length
  • Bow Genius
  • 2 knotted threads (embroidery thread is best)
  • alligator clip
  • glue gun, scissors, lighter


Little Halloween Stacked Bow + Video!

We love a good stripe bow. It goes with all teams, all holidays, all festivities, all EVERYTHING! These little stacked bows combine 2 little Flat Boutique Bows – you’ll love how sweet and simple this little bow is!

We used the following materials:

  • 18 inches of 1.5 inch Orange Stripe
  • 16 inches of 7/8 inch Black Grosgrain
  • 5/8 inch Black Grosgrain for knot
  • glue gun, scissors, lighter, needle + thread
  • wrapped alligator clip

simple stack bow screen 1

Fold your 16 inch strip 2 inches down from the ends to create a crease. Fold 2 more times, each time at the center.


Use your creases to make your Boutique Bow folds! Match crease-to-crease to keep your loops even.


Finish your last fold and stitch through the center, place 3 evenly-spaced stitches through center – start by going IN through the front!


Scrunch to make your creases! Then wrap your knot and tie-off on the back. You watch this step right here!

Now repeat for Larger Bow!

simple stack bow fold 1

simple stack bow fold 2simple stack bow25

stitch through

wrap and tie off

You can watch these steps right here!


Glue your Black Center bow down to your Base Bow


Place your knot, then your alligator clip – glue ’em down good!


Wrap knot and glue to back of alligator clip – make sure you like the look of the knot from the front before the glue sets!


See these steps here!

Trim the excess tail, seal with a lighter and you’re done!

little halloween bow cluster small

So cute!

Ribbon Cross Wall Art Tutorial

This one is easy, low on supplies, and cute every time. Quite possibly the best, quickest, prettiest, most customizable Ribbon Wall Art out there! Also, these moves are – you probably guessed it – also awesome for wrapping presents! We use this fast-wrapped decorative bow all the time for quick prezzies – make a bunch ahead and have quick bows on hand to glue down to any and all presents (how cute would they be on Mason Jars??). We love this easy, beautiful project!


ribbon wall art mailchimp

Bachelorette Bow Tutorial

AKA a Cheerbow! Make a quick and pretty one with a ziptie and some 3 inch grosgrain – so much easier than you’d think! To get really great ones? Just keep practicin’! You can fold and re-fold a Cheerbow for a long time until you get it just right and get your workflow down! We like this idea for cute Bachelorette Party Accessories you can do yourself (Just wait, those pics are gonna be so cute!)

Mini Stacked Bow Clip!

This Mini Stacked Bow is fluffy and adorable like its bigger sister – the Stacked Bow – but a little more manageable for little ones! Combine your Boutique Bow + Surround-a-bow + Covered Alligator clip (or Foldover Elastic Headband!) skills and get this adorable baby bow.

You’ll need the following:

  • 18 inches of 7/8 ribbon
  • 18-22 inches of 3/8 ribbon (excess of Surround-a-Bow used for center!)
  • 7 inches of 3/8 ribbon for clip
  • glue gun, scissors, needle + thread, heat-sealing, alligator clip.

Surround-a-Bow Video Tutorial!

This shamrock-shaped layering-bow adds beautiful layers to your Boutique Bows and Twisted Boutique Bows! Use layers of 3/8ths ribbon to add color and beautiful details to your Boutique Bows and Stacked Bows. Super easy and SUPER customizable, we love this bow-upgrade! You’ll need about 25 inches of 3/8 ribbon for a 4inch bow. Pro Tip: keep your ribbon on-spool while you place your Surround-a-Bow to eliminate wasted ribbon!

match surroundabow mailchimp make cute bow even cuter surroundabow mailchimp

Free iphone wallpaper!

These abstract iphone wallpapers make a cute change in your day-to-day! Rotate one of these cuties in for a pop of color and a nice change!


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