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2.25 inch Polka Dots are back!

2.25 inch Polka Dots! They're back! 2.25 inch Polka Dots! They're back! 2.25 inch Polka Dots! They're back! 2.25 inch Polka Dots! The2.25 inch Polka Dots! They're back!y're back! polka 1.5 in (8 of 9)Long time / no talk! Hey Ribbonistas. We’ve been busy here at the RABOM labs – we got Polka Dots back online (woo!), a new print for Back to School, and we’re getting ready to head to the Atlanta Market to look for the latest and the greatest in home & gift trends. So busy. But please enjoy these *glamour shots* of our 2.25 inch Polka Dots. We’re excited to have them back! And watch the blog because pretty soon we’ll have some videos for you… SO exciting. Take care, friends, and have a great Thursday!

- Laura


Gymboree Color Match: Red, White & Chic

Gymboree Color Match from Ribbon and Bows Oh My!

Dear Followers – I hope you follow us on Facebook and receive our newsletters so that this does not get to you a day late BUT here it is - 20% off EVERYTHING at RABOM is happening right now. Everything! If you need some bow-making inspiration, here are some color match-ups for Gymboree’s latest line Red, White & Chic. Happy Thursday, all!

Color Inspiration: the Orange and Pink Wedding

Weddings are an endless source of inspiration for people who work in the wonderful world of color. That’s probably a lot of us, right? Bowmakers think about color, photographers think about color, creative directors think about color… if you’re selling a product, chances are you’re thinking about color a LOT! Well, weddings aren’t exactly a product, but they’re a hugely creative endeavor and visually speaking, they are organized almost entirely around color.

After the success of our Modern Honeycomb color contest, I became so aware of just how popular Pink + Orange is. I see it everywhere now! And it’s not a new combo – it’s been around for awhile! – but the shades have changed We’re no longer in the era of Sherbet Orange and Mauve… we’re all about saturation, mid-tones and pops of a contrasting color like Mint, Navy and Mystic Blue.

So I took to the internet to look for Pink + Orange photo inspiration and of course I ended up seeing so many wedding bouquets! There’s seriously no better place to find a wide range of oranges and pinks than in a wedding bouquet. So I took to the RABOM Ribbon racks and created some inspiration photo collages… enjoy! (Oh! And all florists and photographers are credited and liked at the bottom!)

- L

Inspired by This Blog and RABOM Ribbon inspirationZest Floral and Design and RABOM Ribbon color inspirationCalie Rose Photography and RABOM Ribbon inspirationSasparilla Sunset Color Inspiration on the RABOM blog


1.  Inspired by This BlogKT Merry PhotographyFifty50 Creative ServicesNuage Designs Custom Linens and RABOM Ribbon

2. Ben Pigao PhotographyZest Floral and Event Design and RABOM Ribbon Ribbon

3. Callie Rose Photography + RABOM Ribbon

Custom Ribbon Success!

We ran a color contest for our most recent geometric print Modern Honeycomb and WOW. RABOM customers seriously delivered on the color suggestions that look great on a ribbon. You can see the final RABOM selections here but pictured below are three customer suggestions we chose at random.

Coral + Navy, Teal + Lime, Kelly + Navy. Do these look great or what! We’ll say it again, this won’t be the last time we ask our customers for color suggestions!

RABOM Custom-printed Modern HoneycombRABOM Custom-printed Modern Honeycomb


Monday Motivation + newsletter wonderings


Today’s Motivation Monday (from our Pinterest!) coincides with some thoughts I have about the RABOM Email Newsletter.

You guys probably receive these newsletters – thank you in advance if you do! We send them out three times a week: one sale announcement, two sale reminders. We do this regularly so a customer never misses an opportunity to stock her/his collection at a better price. Which is great! But sometimes I wonder what I could be doing to make our emails better?

I’ve been thinking about this all day and based SOLELY on my personal email-reading habits, here are some observations on the good and bad newsletters of my Inbox:

  • Big Sale. If I see “Free” and “Shipping” or “20%+” and “Everything” I am clicking on that email. If a company is going to hard-sell me over email, I like for it to be a pretty cool discount.
  • Dependable quality. I have not purchased anything from Anthrpologie in over a year. I’ve never purchased anything from Terrain. But I open probably 4/5 of those emails because they are pretty! But then… I never purchase anything. So… are they effective?
  • If you are not selling something slightly cheaper, do I really need an email from ya? I receive emails from one company that are just Sunday updates. I guess I appreciate that there’s never a hard-sell contained in the email – I mean one of these Sunday updates just had fashion mash-ups of current men’s clothing trends and pictures of Uncle Jesse from Full House (which was awesome.) So… I’m up in the air about this. I think personally I’d never send RABOM customers a “Hello! No discount but HERE are some pictures from FULL HOUSE?!” email. But maybe there’s something to be said for just talking lifestyle stuff, like DIY’s and trends.

So what makes a good email newsletter? Is it pretty photos? Or an easy-to-spot discount? Regularity? Or a combination of these PLUS something I haven’t thought of? Hmm…

I invite you to weigh on on your fav newsletters! I’ll go ahead and tell you that I love updates from Anthropologie, Terrain, Refinery29 (Hello! I’m ready to be click-baited with catchy headlines like “The fashion mistake EVERYONE needs to avoid.”! Seriously, I’ll click on Refinery29 headlines ALL day with no shame.)

Happy Monday!
- Laura

Tutorial Tuesday: World Cup Ribbon Wreath!

Here we go!

World Cup Ribbon wreath via Ribbon and Bows Oh My!

You’ll need the following:

  • 1 wreath (I’m using one that is 14 inches across, 8 inches in diameter)
  • scissors
  • straight pins (5 will do)
  • lighter or woodburner
  • 4 yards (at least) of 2.5 – 3 in ribbon for wrapping the wreath
  • ribbon in multiple widths and textures!
  • Sparkle Tulle

World Cup Ribbon wreath via Ribbon and Bows Oh My!

1. Wrap your wreath with at least 4 yards of fabric. I’ve used a solid 2.5 inch Grosgrain in Red but a pattern base or Sparkle Tulle base would look neat.

World Cup Ribbon wreath via Ribbon and Bows Oh My! World Cup Ribbon wreath via Ribbon and Bows Oh My! World Cup Ribbon wreath via Ribbon and Bows Oh My!

2. Cut your ties between 20 – 17 inches for your thicker ribbon, 14 – 12 inches for your skinner ribbon. You can always trim your wreath down when you’re finished so you want to give yourself a little wiggle room with your ribbon length. TIP: Keep in mind that the amount of ribbon you need for each tie will depend on how thick your wreath is. I measured mine to be 8 inches so that’s 8 inches of wrapping + 2 inches for my double knot + 4 inches of tail on each side of my knot = 18 inch strips of thicker ribbon for my wreath

World Cup Ribbon wreath via Ribbon and Bows Oh My!

3. Start with the thicker ribbon ties and sparkle tulle. Double-knot each piece if you’re using un-starched grosgrain. I have not tried this using grosgrain treated with stiffener but I imagine that that may eliminate the need for a double knot and ALSO help you create a wreath with more loft and depth BUT PLEASE trim, pink and seal your edges before treating with stiffening spray. TIP: Overlap the edges of your thicker ribbons so you can get a LOT of ribbon on there.

World Cup Ribbon wreath via Ribbon and Bows Oh My!World Cup Ribbon wreath via Ribbon and Bows Oh My!World Cup Ribbon wreath via Ribbon and Bows Oh My!

4. Go back in and fill in the spaces between with thinner, sparkly ribbons and more Sparkle Tulle. NOTE: Once I finished my wreath, I went back in and just added about double the amount of Sparkle Tulle pieces over and in between my ties. You may want to even do a base of Sparkle Tulle or 2 to 3 pieces tied together between each larger piece of ribbon. It’s up to you! But it definitely helps the wreath “fill out.”

World Cup Ribbon wreath via Ribbon and Bows Oh My! World Cup Ribbon wreath via Ribbon and Bows Oh My! World Cup Ribbon wreath via Ribbon and Bows Oh My! World Cup Ribbon wreath via Ribbon and Bows Oh My!

6. Pink, trim, and seal your ends!

World Cup Ribbon wreath via Ribbon and Bows Oh My! World Cup Ribbon wreath via Ribbon and Bows Oh My!

All done! Spray with stiffening spray, should you like. Just make sure you do this AFTER you’ve sealed your ends… otherwise you will have a flaming ring of ribbon which will be glorious and exciting in its own way… but maybe less cost-effective than proper fireworks :)

The possibilities for ribbon wreaths are so endless! Holiday wreaths, monochromatic wreaths, 100% sparkle fabric wreaths, Ombré wreaths… whoa! This is a cool craft for kids, too, as it does not involve any hot glue (scary) or sewing (impossible). If we aren’t too bored of ribbon wreaths already, I think we’ll try an Ombré Summer Sunshine wreath for the next tutorial < That’s just what I’m calling it right now. You can see my inspiration for this on our Instagram.

Happy Tutorial Tuesday!
- Laura



World-Cup-Happy Part 2

I’m loving all the World Cup bows on Etsy. Maker Little Loves and Studs has a great US (or France!) bow, Cupcake Mama Boutique has a ton of teams to choose from and Kasey Boutique 123 makes a Brazil 2014 World Cup bow for the fan who maybe likes more than one team (:

Here’s some of our color matchups for two of our most popular teams, according to our Facebook Fans – USA and Mexico! Color matches for ALL teams would be great! Stay posted because it just may happen (Argentina has a dreamy color scheme – Light Blue and Yellow Gold!)RABOM-exclusive World Cup Brazil 2014 RibbonRABOM-exclusive World Cup Brazil 2014 Ribbon

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