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Little Gift Box DIY

So you might not like Toilet Paper Roll crafts. We get that. We’re not entirely sure we do either BUT these little gift boxes from 21 Rosemary Lane are pretty cute! And um, it’s what’s inside the DIY Gift Box that counts, right?


Ribbon Sculpture Present Tutorial!

ribbon sculpture present1This one is so cute and easy – let’s jump in!

You’ll need the following materials:

  • 1 x 1 inch square of cardstock
  • 11.25 inches of 3/8 inch grosgrain for Bow (pink)
  • ~2.5 inches of 3/8 inch grosgrain for Wrapping Bow
  • 1 inch of 3/8 inch grosgrain for Bow Knot
  • 4.5 inch of 3/8 inch for Alligator Clip, same colors as present (partial wrap, the bottom prong is unwrapped)
  • matching 3 inches of 1.5 inch grosgrain for Present color (green)
  • 3 alligator clips
  • needle + thread
  • G + L + S (glue gun, lighter, scissors)

ribbon sculpture present3 72 res

1. Start by wrapping your present! Gently glue the “wrapping paper” in place so the grosgrain is not pulled too tight!ribbon sculpture present4ribbon sculpture present15

ribbon sculpture present14


DIY Painted Mugs

We see these EVERYWHERE! And we love the idea… but wondering if this craft can really stand the test of dishwashing and hand-scrubbing? Well after poking around for tutorials that promise more lasting-power for your hand-painted ceramic designs, we found this tutorial on Curbly!


According to this DIY Mug Maker, the key to success lies in the paint! Sharpies wear off and wear down no matter how much baking, fixing, cooling and prepping you do. This DIY’er uses Vitrea 160 Glass Paint to paint the bright, brushy watercolor-like marks on her mugs! This glass paint will fire into your ceramic mugs, making them bright and ready for use!

We love this craft because we think it’s a GREAT way to get yourself a matching set of mugs and cookie platter for the Holidays!

Ribbon Bracelet

We have all seen and made a pretty ribbon and bead necklace in our time, but this tutorial on Pinterest reminded us that you can always take a craft in a new color direction! This bead and ribbon bracelet uses such pretty, on-trend colors like Peach and Gold. We think it’s the cutest!


Oilcloth Bowl Covers DIY

This DIY vintage cuteness from Sugar and Charm will cure your tupperware problems! The problem of missing lids, that is. These cuties are pretty easy to make and great for the upcoming season of toting food to-and-fro parties and gatherings. Also: for those of you who bake, this is a great alternative to saran-wrapping your pyrex bowls while your sponge rises! We just think these are the cutest!


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