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Halloween Fluffy Loopy Funky Bow Tutorial

Fluffy Loopy Bows are the BEST! If you have about 20 pieces of 4-inch ribbon scraps, you have a bow! And the more textures, the better! We love this bow. And we LOVE the spooky long v-cuts in the tails! We’ll show you how to get them. Find all of these supplies at!

You’ll need the following:
We used the following, all in 4.5 inch strips of 7/8 inch ribbon unless otherwise noted!

  • Delphinium Dazzle Grosgrain
  • Emerald Dazzle Grosgrain
  • Black Dazzle Grosgrain
  • Orange Dazzle Grosgrain
  • Sheerly Glitter Orange
  • Sheerly Glitter Orchid
  • Orange Stripes
  • Black Stripes
  • Black Sugar Chevron
  • Black RABOM Iridescence
  • 2 felt circles, Upholstery Thread, Needle, Bow Genius
  • Scissors, Glue Gun, Lighter
  • Covered Alligator Clip (headband would work great!)

Tutorial Thursday: Woven Headband!

This Woven Headband is SO easy once you get started! And it makes a beautiful base-layer to your prettiest Boutique Bows! The possibilities with the Woven Headband are endless and endlessly cute. Find all the supplies you need at and  et the step-by-step Visual Tutorial from the blog right here :

You’ll need the following:

  • 4 x 36 inches of 3/8 inch ribbon
  • 1 inch plastic headband
  • glue gun, lighter, scissors, alligator clip

Rabom Pinwheel Bow + BowBoard Tutorial!

Pinwheel Bows are easy to fold and can be made in so many sizes! Using the Rabom Bow Board, find your favorite bow-size and ribbon-width and start making some of the sweetest big girl and baby Pinwheels!

You’ll need the following:

  • 5 inch bow board
  • 1.5 inch ribbon
  • ribbon for knot
  • scissors, glue gun, needle + thread, lighter


  • Start your Pinwheel the same way you start your Boutique Bow: starting at the bottom right corner, line your ribbon up to the edge and run the rest of your length of ribbon up and to the left.
  • Trim your Bottom Right edge along the edge of the BowBoard, using it to guide the angle of your cut. Seal that edge, clip in place with alligator clip.
  • Continue to wrap the ribbon around the BowBoard until you have looped both sides twice and your remaining tail of ribbon is running off the Upper Left corner of your BowBoard. Clip in place as you go!
  • Trim Upper Left tail the same way you trimmed Lower Right tail – using the BowBoard as your guide, trim edge parallel to BowBoard, seal end, clip in place.
  • Now you can either run 4 to 8 evenly-spaced stitches down the Center of your bowboard, pull bow off BowBoard and accordion-fold starting in the center OR – if you have sewn 8 stitches – you can attempt to scrunch bow by pulling thread. The accordion-fold method will give you more control but may require practice. You may get lucky with the Pull-and-Scrunch method! But we recommend accordion-folding, wrapping your knot once, and organizing your creases carefully into place.
  • With a Pinwheel Bow, more creases (or folds, or peaks-and-valleys) are better! You are working with a LOT of ribbon here.
  • Wrap center, tie-off on back, insert or glue your alligator clip to back. Trim ends of necessary. Place knot of your choice and you’re there!

Wedding Streamer Chandelier

We love this ribbon chandelier because it’s such a beautiful and inexpensive way to incorporate your wedding colors and get some beautiful decor up on those ceilings! Love this idea!


Holiday Candy Garland

Halloween has come and gone, but we love this DIY Party Garland concept from The Sweetest Occasion!

It’s a Candy Garland and you can remake this in any brightly-wrapped candy of your choice to suit your sweet tooth and decor :) Absolutely adorable and festive and would make a great party favor, too. How cute would red, gold, and green Jolly Ranchers be? Pretty cute.


Another Ribbon Tree Idea!

We pinned these Fynes Designs Christmas Trees earlier this year and wanted to share with you! If you do not want to waste a good funnel, we see no reason why you couldn’t take heavy cardstock or posterboard and fashion a cone with some hot glue! And of course, if you have some foam cones around, go ahead and use those! SUPER easy and super cute. Bonus points for using a wooden spool as your Tree Trunk.

Looking for a good combination of RABOM ribbon for this project? Here’s our pics!

IMG_0048 copy


Pinecone Firestarter

The title for this post was almost Twisted Firestarter because that would have been cute and kinda accurate and you know, the 90’s :)

Your little (older) ones will LOVE making these. Dipping things into a vat of wax? Totally fascinating. And wonderful-smelling. And definitely a spectator-craft for the littler ones… :) This craft from Something Turquoise is fantastic! So is the rest of her blog!


Idea though – what if  you also sprinkled them with a generous amount of stamping glitter after their last dip? THAT would be a Christmas craft / Neighbor Christmas Gift that would be incredibly cute and fun to gift :) As long as you’re the type whose OK seeing glitter on house / self / kids / food / everything.

Her directions are so thorough! Can’t recommend this fun-looking DIY enough :)


Again, head to Something Turquoise for this project and so many more cute ones like it!


Last-minute costume: Cotton Candy

This costume could go a couple of different ways: lamb, dust bunny, cotton candy, cloud, bunny, you can probably think of a few more :) If you’re in need of a last-minute costume and you have access to quilt batting, you’re in luck! This costume comes from Hello Wonderful, you can find all kinds of sturdy, wow-that’s-actually-really-cool! DIY’s from these guys. We love the doability and creativity of their site! Check them out.


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