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Tutorial Tuesday: Christmas Ribbon Tree!

Ribbon Christmas Tree! via the RABOM blogThis craft debuted at our Fall Tent Sale and HairBOWnanza! While it proved to be a bit difficult for the kiddos (they did a great job! Thank goodness mamas were there to lend a guiding hand!), it was a HUGE hit with moms and Ribbonistas alike. And for good reason! Do you have a couple of scraps of green ribbon? Do you have a stick? Great! You’re set!

We’d love to see these decorate a garland on a mantle, use different colors of ribbon, or go really teeny tiny, like 4 inches tall and in entirely 3/8 inch grosgrain! Or maybe using alternating stick heights, the trees grow tall and skinny, get potted in some tall, skinny terre cotta pots and become standing table top decorations! There are a lot of possibilities with this Christmas Ribbon Tree.

So you’re going to need the following (items in italics are optional but shown):

  • a smallish stick (4 to 7 inches tall, no more than 2 inches in diameter, extra points if the stick has a good joint at the top that can serve as an anchor for your hanging string!)
  • at least 5 collective feet of ribbon, strands starting at “13 and going down to “6, in a mixture of 1.5, 7/8, 5/8, and 3/8 inch ribbon
  • jute, twine or a strand of burlap for the hanger
  • 3/8 inch sparkle ribbon for a bow
  • glue gun
  • lighter
  • scissors


Ribbon Christmas Tree! via the RABOM blogRibbon Christmas Tree! via the RABOM blog

1. Cut your ribbons into strips, starting at 13 inches, and going down 1 inch in length until you have 8 strips, the shortest one being 6 inches. If you want to tie your ribbons to your stick first, then trim second, that’s a good option as well, although you may use more ribbon than necessary. Insider tip: Use stiff ribbon like grosgrain, sparkle tulle, RABOM iridescent, or something similar. Satins will work at shorter lengths, but shouldn’t be used for your bottom “branches” because they are not stiff enough to hold themselves horizontally. Double Ruffle will work at mid to short lengths. 

  • 13 inch – 1.5 inch wide
  • 13 inch – 11 inch strips of ribbon: 7/8 inch wide
  • 10 inch – 9 inch strips of ribbon: 5/8 inch wide
  • 8 inch – 6 inch strips of ribbon: 3/8 inch wide

Ribbon Christmas Tree! via the RABOM blog

2. Tie your ribbons along the stick, using a double knot. Be careful to get the ribbon directly centered under the stick so both of your “branches” are of equal length. Make sure your second knot alternates directions – if your bottom knot was over-under, your top knot should be reversed. This is how you ensure your ribbon sticks out horizontally and is not shifted in one direction. The second knot should try to correct the direction of the first so there’s balance – I’ve attempted to show this, I hope it comes across! Just keep tugging till you get it into place – this may take a couple of tries but you got it, dude.

Ribbon Christmas Tree! via the RABOM blogRibbon Christmas Tree! via the RABOM blog

Ribbon Christmas Tree! via the RABOM blog Ribbon Christmas Tree! via the RABOM blog Ribbon Christmas Tree! via the RABOM blogRibbon Christmas Tree! via the RABOM blogRibbon Christmas Tree! via the RABOM blogRibbon Christmas Tree! via the RABOM blog

2.a. Trim your ribbons if necessary, then seal their ends with a lighter or other heat source. Carefully. I used a brand-new lighter to do this and things got a bit crispy!

Ribbon Christmas Tree! via the RABOM blog Ribbon Christmas Tree! via the RABOM blog

3. Make a tiny bow, glue it on top! Using a fork, create a tiny basic bow, wrap thread around the center, cinch into a knot then trim your ends to your liking. Seal those ends.

Ribbon Christmas Tree! via the RABOM blog Ribbon Christmas Tree! via the RABOM blog Ribbon Christmas Tree! via the RABOM blog

4. Secure your twine / burlap / jute to the top of your stick. If there is no joint at the top, make sure your knot is tight to the stick!

Ribbon Christmas Tree! via the RABOM blog

Ribbon Christmas Tree! via the RABOM blog

Enjoy this adorable tree! This craft can be as advanced or basic as fits your needs – precut your ribbon for a kids craft, and go CRAZY with ribbons, garlands, different heights and pots for a very fun Mama-level craft!

Tutorial: Little Bitty Fork Bow

This Little Bitty Fork Bow comes to you courtesy of our Fall Tent Sale and HairBOWnanza – the sweetest little Ribbonista saw one in the craftroom and asked how to make it so we did an on-the-spot unplanned tutorial and it was great! Five minutes later she was teaching her mom how to do it! So we thought we’d make it into a mini-tutorial for the blog. It’s a good little bow to know! Great for decorating crafts like ornaments, stuffed animals, plushies and felted crafts. And we think it would make a pretty cute set of earrings! Just hot glue these onto some posts!

You’ll need the following:

  • fork (large forks work great! We could have used a bigger one)
  • 3/8 inch ribbon
  • thread

1. Wrap your ribbon around the fork. This part is super easy :)

Fork Bow tutorial via

2. Wrap your thread around the center of your loops. Wrap more than once – wrap this thread maybe 3 times if you have the patience. Putting your thread through a needle would be helpful, if you have an extra second to thread a needle!

Fork Bow tutorial via blog.ribbonandbowsohmy.comFork Bow tutorial via blog.ribbonandbowsohmy.comFork Bow tutorial via

3. Pull tight! Cinch your tiny bow by pulling on both ends of the thread. Once it’s tight enough, knot it off.

Fork Bow tutorial via blog.ribbonandbowsohmy.comFork Bow tutorial via blog.ribbonandbowsohmy.comFork Bow tutorial via

4. Trim your thread, trim your ends. Voila! What a cutie :)

Fork Bow tutorial via blog.ribbonandbowsohmy.comFork Bow tutorial via blog.ribbonandbowsohmy.comFork Bow tutorial via blog.ribbonandbowsohmy.comFork Bow tutorial via

Tutorial Tuesday: Revamped Burlap Lampshade

Do we have any Cooks Illustrated fans out there? I could say a lot about how great that publication is: recipes, beautiful Illustrations, product reviews all come to mind. In my opinion, though, the best feature of their magazine is that they try and cut corners for you. They think like cooks; i.e. “Can I do this faster? With fewer things?” They anticipate the corners you would want to cut, they cut them for you, and if it wasn’t a success they tell you why in DETAIL. As a lifelong learn-it-the-hard-way girl, I appreciate that they do this for me.

All of that is to say – This Lampshade Tutorial is a bit like that. I’ll tell you where I erred, the easy ways I could have NOT erred, and what in my opinion would make an even BETTER version of this very forgiving craft project. Let’s get started!

This lampshade was inspired by the AWESOME and AMAZING Anthropologie-Inspired Lampshade at Tatertots and Jello. So beautiful. That white burlap looks fantastic!

DIY  Burlap re-vamped lampshade via Ribbon and Bows Oh My!DIY  Burlap re-vamped lampshade via Ribbon and Bows Oh My!

You will need the following:

  • 10+ yards Burlap in 6 inch wide Ribbon or strips
  • Glue gun (lots of glue sticks)
  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • Ironing surface
  • Lampshade (sturdy, if already covered in a burlap shade ALL the better!)
  • alligator clips (not necessary, but always handy, especially if your burlap is unwieldy / tightly curled)

For the not-burlap lampshade: If your lampshade is not covered, take the time now to wrap it snugly in burlap ribbon. Wrap vertically, glue the ends of your burlap to the underside of the lamp. You don’t want a lot of excess ribbon on the underside of your lamp as you’ll see it’s silhouette when the lamp is turned on, so just tuck and glue a little bit of the end underneath. No excess tail. Daisy Mae Belle has a good tutorial for this! (more…)

Visual Tutorial

Here’s a cute synopsis of our Pinwheel Bow + Bowmaker Tutorial from this past Tuesday.

Personally, I needed about 10 videos and 3 lattes to make this bow but there’s going to be a genius on Pinterest who sees these photos and then makes 10 perfect pinwheels in a row. Then runs a 5k. This is for her <3

Happy Friday, Ribbonistas! What will you do with your weekend? I’m making World Cup Wreaths and possibly canoeing a.k.a. covering my house in Sparkle Tulle glitter then vacating it without cleaning :O

Pinwheel Bow Visual Tutorial via RABOM (

Tutorial Tuesday: Summer Picnic Placemats

Happy Earth Day, friends!

What better way to enjoy all of the beauty that nature has to offer than with a picnic at your favorite local park? We thought that picnic table placemats were the perfect craft to celebrate this Earth Day!


For this project, you will need:

  • 4, 1.5″ 20 yard spools of grosgrain ribbon. You can choose any color you’d like.
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Iron
  • Roughly 2 Yards Pellon White Sew-In Interfacing (20 inches wide)

placemats1. Start by cutting your ribbon into strips. Cut enough strips to fill the interfacing lengthwise and widthwise.

placemats_2 placemats_4

2. Lay your ribbon on top of the interfacing with micro-beads facing up. Then, begin to weave the ribbon into a pattern of your choice. Adjust as you go along to get the ribbon as tight and close as you can. Try to have little to no interfacing showing through.


4. Iron away! Make sure your iron is really hot with no water or steam. You might have to hold it in certain places to make sure that it sticks well.

placemats_75. Cut any excess ribbon from the edge and go over the pattern a second time with your iron to insure that the ribbon has bonded with the interfacing.



6. Cut the pattern into separate placemats. We chose to cut our placemats every 8 pieces of ribbon. This gave us placemats that were roughly 12 inches tall.


placemats_147. Last but not least, run a lighter along the edges of the placemat cleaning up any frays.


All finished! Time to enjoy your placemats.



Wednesday Read: The Complete Photo Guide to Ribbon Crafts

Here at Rabom, we already know that crafting with ribbon is fun and super easy. Many novice ribbon users think that bows are one of the few things to make with ribbon…but the possibilities are endless. Use this book to give you hundreds of ideas to discover all of the creative things you can do with ribbon.


You can order it at your local bookstore or from Amazon.

Rabom Ribbonista: Brenda

This week our featured RABOM Ribbonista is Brenda Mayfield. She is a talented local crafter who makes these adorable Owl Purses with hints of our ribbon. To purchase one of these adorable purses, contact Brenda at

owl pursesWhat wonderful birthday or thank you presents! Which color is your favorite?

Retro Ribbon Photo Album

I plan to take tons of road trips this summer and I was looking for the perfect photo album to hold my pictures but just couldn’t find one. So, I decided to make my own using some of my favorite ribbon from RABOM.


For this craft you will need:


  • Photo Album
  • 1 Yard Pellon White Sew-In Interfacing
  • Roughly 20 Yards Of Various Colored Ribbon (More colors = less yards per color)
  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • Hot Glue Gun

1. Start by placing your photo album on the Pellon Interfacing to get an accurate measurement. Leave at least a 2″ perimeter around all sides of the album.


2. Place ribbon horizontally over the interfacing. Once done, start weaving other colors in vertically to create a checkered pattern. Now would be a good time to plug in your iron.




3. Push ribbon close together so that there is no interfacing showing.


4. Iron away! Make sure to get the corner pieces.


5. Flip over and place the album on the back side of the interfacing. Cut a square piece of interfacing off of each corner and pieces off of center binding. Leave a little length on one side to accommodate ribbon movement when closing the album.


6. Take one end of your photo album and fold in and glue down all sides. Partially close album and then glue down all sides on the other end of the album.



7. Burn the ribbon edges to prevent fraying. All finished!


Optional: You can incorporate RABOM’s custom printing to make special wedding presents or team photo albums!

These make the perfect housewarming, wedding or birthday gifts! Have fun with yours and try all kinds of fun designs & patterns!

Happy crafting!

- Lo

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