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Thoughtful Thursday: Holiday Gift Wrapping

Ho ho ho…Santa’s on his way!! We wanted to step up our wrapping game this year and put something special under the tree!  Our Specialty Shop had exactly what we needed! Even better, ALL Specialty Shop items are 30% off until 12/10 at midnight est!

gift wrapping_1

If you’re not into wired ribbon you can still use your favorite RABOM Polka, Swiss, Stripes and Printed Ribbon to make super cute gifts. Did we also mention that ALL Printed Ribbon is 15% off until 12/10?

gift wrapping_2

gift wrapping

We love them all but which gift wrapping do you like best?

Happy Wrapping Friends!!

- Lo

5 Easy Holiday Projects Using RABOM Ribbon

Are you itching to buy some new ribbon? Well here are 5 easy  & straightforward holiday projects you can do with RABOM ribbon!

1. Tie some 1/4″ ribbon around the stem of your wine glasses for a festive touch. Use a different color to help guests keep track of their drinks.


2. Make matching bows for your family portrait. You can even include the boys by making them coordinating bow ties. Ribbon for the bow below >


3. Use ribbon to hang tree ornaments. It’s much prettier than those ugly wire hooks.


4. Make a dove ornament with 1/4″  ribbon.



5. Tie a festive bow, with satin ribbon, on your house plants…why should the tree get all of the glory? :)

68450d2a4f46ad6e7c7e42877fd804d7Image: Pinterest

If these weren’t enough ideas you’ll be glad to know that there are many more to come. Let us know which idea is your favorite!

- Lo

DIY Burlap Advent Banner

I know it’s crazy, but the holiday season is quickly approaching. What better way to kick start the holidays than with an advent banner that is fun for you and the kids? Plus, it’s the perfect size to hang over the fireplace.


You will need:

1. First, we cut our 2.5″ burlap ribbon into 12″ pieces.

2. Fold in 1″ on left side, fold 1/2″ on right side. Then take right side and fold in 3 inches to make the pocket. You will need to make 25 pockets.

DSC_0988 DSC_0992

3. Stitch the pockets with your baker’s twine.

4. Cut your satin ribbon into 12″ pieces and tie them into bows. You can mix and match colors as you wish. You need a total of 25 bows.


5. Time to make your pockets pretty. Attach your bows with a drop of hot glue. Make sure to leave room for the numbers. We went the simple way and wrote our numbers with sharpie but feel free to get as creative as you’d like.


6. Put your banner together by stringing the backs of each pocket to a long strip of baker’s twine. Attach bells or other embellishments as you wish.

DSC_0565 DSC_0568

We made our advent banner pop by pairing it with a triangle bunting made from wrapping paper. If this project doesn’t get you in the holiday spirit, we don’t know what will.

- Lo

No-Sew Holiday Silverware Holders

Burlap Silverware Holders


Impress your dinner guests with simple, yet elegant, burlap silverware holders. We went with a holiday theme however, these would be the perfect touch for a football or new year’s themed party.

You will need:



1. First, cut a 22″ piece of 4″ Poly Burlap  and cut an additional 22″ piece of 2.5″ Burlap in a coordinating color. Remove the wire from the 4″ Poly Burlap.

2. Next, fuse the 2.5″ Burlap to the center of the 4″ Poly Burlap.

place setting

3. Now it’s time to fold the pocket. Fold the left side in 2 inches (Make sure the “nice side” is face down).  Fuse together.  Fold the right side in 7 inches.  Fuse together.  Then fold the left side again 5 inches to create the pocket.

place setting_5

place setting_6

4. Use the fuse tape to complete the pocket by running it from the inside of the pocket down to the 5″ seam.

5. Embellish as you’d like!! We kept it simple by adding a small satin bow. You could attach a sprig from your Christmas tree for a more natural look.

6. That’s it! You’ve finished the first of your silverware holders.



The best part about these is that they will never go out of style. You can reuse them for years to come. How would you embellish your silverware holders?

- Lo

Ribbon Embellished Gifts

Ribbon Embellished Gifts

Ribbon is a great way to add some extra flair to your gift wrapping. Here are some examples of ways to use ribbon in gift wrapping:

Martha Stewart

The Sewing Loft via Skip To My Lou

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart

One Charming Party

For What It’s Worth…or Not

I hope these posts inspire you to use ribbon to add that special touch to your gifts. I only have a few gifts left to wrap, but I know some people still have a lot of wrapping left to do. Good luck finishing up all of your holiday preparations!


Wrapped Christmas Tree Ornament

Wrapped Christmas Tree Ornament

I have a bunch of metal cookie cutters left over from my wedding favors, so I decided to recycle them to make some cute Christmas ornaments. You could add these to the tops of your gifts with the gift tag to give your presents that “special touch”.


  • Metal cookie cutters
  • Ribbon(I recommend 3/8″ or 5/8″)
  • Double sided tape or craft glue.


1. I used a three yard piece of ribbon to wrap my 2.5″ heart and had a little extra at the end. Start out by putting a piece of double sided tape or a dot of glue on the inside of your cookie cutter.

2. Put one end of your ribbon on the tape/glue and start wrapping it around the cookie cutter. Make sure you overlap your ribbon as you wrap.

3. Stop wrapping when you have about two to three “wraps” left. Put some glue or double sided tape at the top center of your ornament.

4. Make a ribbon loop for your ornament(I tied a bow at the top of mine). Adhere your loop to the top of the ornament.

5. Continue wrapping the ribbon around the ornament and the ribbon loop until the cookie cutter is covered. I did a few extra wraps to make sure that the loop/hanger was equally wrapped on both sides of its center.

Enjoy making these quick, but cute ornaments for all of your family and friends!


Part of Skip To My Lou Made By You Monday


Christmas Card Wall Display

Christmas Card Wall Display

I love receiving Christmas cards from all of my family and friends around this time. I have an easy way to display your Christmas cards for all to see. This project is great because your display can be as large or small as you need it to be depending on the number of cards you receive.


  • Ribbon of choice(I recommend 7/8″ or 1.5″)
  • Tacks or push pins
  • Bows or other embellishments


1. I have the perfect small wall in my kitchen to use for my Christmas card display(warning-the lighting in my kitchen is horrible and it has been raining a lot lately, so I apologize for the low quality pictures). I will be using the whole wall width, but you can use part of a larger wall in your home. Measure the width of the area of space you are using and cut your ribbon to that length. Make sure to seal the ends at this time.

2. Use tacks or push pins to secure your ribbon to the wall in horizontal rows. Make sure to leave enough space between each ribbon for the cards to hang down. I left about 8 inches between my ribbon rows.

3. Place a bow or other embellishment at each end of your ribbon row to hide your push pin.

4. I put some ribbon on paper clips and used them to hang my cards from the ribbon rows. Check out our Paper Clip Bookmark tutorial for different ways to apply ribbon to your paper clips.


Now you have an easy, but cute display for your Christmas cards that can grow as your card collection grows. I look forward to filling mine up as we continue to get more cards in the mail. Have fun decorating for the Holidays!


Candy Cane Place Card Holder

Candy Cane Place Card Holder

I just love this idea. I have seen this place card holder idea on Pinterest, but usually it is made with mini candy canes. Here’s my version of this super simple craft.


  • Regular sized candy canes
  • 3/8″ ribbon of choice
  • Double sided tape or glue


1. Glue or tape your candy canes into a tripod shape. I left the wrappers on and used double sided tape so that my guests could take the place card holders home and enjoy the candy canes later as a sweet treat.

2. Tie on a piece of ribbon and slip your place card between two of the candy cane”hooks”. Now you have a festive place card holder that also doubles as a gift to your guests.

You could also use rainbow and other colored candy canes for this project. The rainbow candy canes would be great for a birthday party.

Check back later this week for other Christmas decoration ideas!


Cranberry Centerpiece

Cranberry Centerpiece

Are you looking for a simple, but elegant decoration for the Holiday Season? Look no further because cranberries are the answer. Cranberries have a beautiful rich color plus they are easily accessible and inexpensive at this time of year. I took my twig candle holder from Tuesday’s blog post and put it in a dish that I had hiding in my kitchen cabinets. I poured cranberries around the candle holder and voila…instant centerpiece!

I love floating candles, so I wanted to incorporate one into a cranberry centerpiece. I found the larger dish that coordinates with the first centerpiece and filled it about halfway up with water. I put a bag of cranberries in the water with a floating candle, and now you have a second centerpiece. You could also add a sprinkle of glitter to this centerpiece for a little extra sparkle.

Here is another example of a festive, but elegant centerpiece using cranberries. This Cranberry Mason Jar Centerpiece can be found on Cupcakes and Candles.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to incorporating cranberries into holiday decorations. I hope this post inspires you to try something new with your decorations this holiday season!


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