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No-Tails Boutique Bow Tutorial

No tails and no secrets! Except for one – this Boutique Bow method requires you to think in straight lines and RIGHT angles. So make sure your parallel overlaps are truly parallel and your perpendicular placements are truly perpendicular! Or… you know, eye-ball it. Either way, once you get a clip on there or place it on a headband, it’s going to look adorable! This is a great way to mix in different colors or prints to your bow, too. So Holiday / Seasonal Bow Fans, this one is for you!

You’ll need the following materials:

  • 15 to 16 inches of 1.5 inch grosgrain
  • 4+ inches of 3/8 inch grosgrain for knot
  • 2 alligator clips
  • 2 straight pins
  • needle + thread
  • glue gun
  • scissors

the RABOM No Tails Boutique Bow Tutorial

You guessed it. More Felt Bows!

What can we say? We love these Felt Bows! And at the suggestion of our Ribbonistas, we made them into smaller collections. Now you can get a pack of six bows of different, coordinating colors! Obviously this is awesome. And we’re psyched about these collections! Here are a few *glamour pics* to share with you of this awesome new product!Hipster Heathers! RABOM Felt Bow CollectionsRABOM Felt Bow Collection: Rainbow Felt!

Purple Princess Felt Bow collection from RABOM! RABOM Felt Bow Collection: Rainbow Felt!Hipster Heathers! RABOM Felt Bow CollectionsRABOM Felt Bow Collection: Rainbow Felt!Hipster Heathers! RABOM Felt Bow Collections

Purple Princess Felt Bow collection from RABOM! Hipster Heathers! RABOM Felt Bow Collections RABOM Felt Bow Collections : Pretty In Pink Felt Bow Glamour Shots (44 of 106)Hipster Heathers! RABOM Felt Bow Collections RABOM Felt Bow Collections : Pretty In PinkHipster Heathers! RABOM Felt Bow CollectionsRABOM Felt Bow Collections : Pretty In PinkPurple Princess Felt Bow collection from RABOM!Purple Princess Felt Bow collection from RABOM!

Tutorial filming: some advice on Tutorials (and life!)

Dearest Ribbonistas,

Your RABOM Design team is hard at work putting together a lovely, informative, and simple Boutique Bow tutorial and the process has been equal parts FUN and WORK. If you’ve never made a tutorial video, here are some tips we’ve discovered through during our tutorial journey.

  • Resolve tricky or time-consuming steps of your tutorial before you start

Is there something that you’re doing in your tutorial that is causing you to forget your words, train of thought or process? Is there a particular step that is taking a lot of time? Are those things 100% necessary to the video or photos? No? Then take those out! If cutting your ribbon on-camera is taking a lot of time and making you forget your words, cut it beforehand. No one absolutely HAS to see that step.

And ALWAYS thread your needles off camera! Threading needles for an audience? That’s too much pressure for one Ribbonista to handle.

10 tips on how to make AWESOME tutorial videos: via the RABOM blog

  • Use consistent language

We know that you can use “loop” and “ear” pretty interchangeably when talking about a bow, but stick to one – it’s easier on YOU and it’s easier for your viewers to understand. And anything that is easier on you is ultimately better for your presentation. Words to watch and use correctly: bottom, end, top, back, front, up, down, left, right. These are all relative words and some ( The “ends” of your ribbon / The “bottoms” of your ribbon) can be used interchangeably but also may get confusing for viewers, so before you get started, take a few minutes to choose your words and stick to them while you talk!

  • Wear something comfortable that’s not a bright print or pattern

This is some Group Photo Taking 101 – wear grey, white, khaki, chambray or subtle blues because this will allow your viewers to focus on the craft without naturally wanting to gaze at the beautiful pattern of your sleeve. Also – bright pinks and reds will cause “blowout” on a computer or tv screen – this means the pixels loose the ability to show depth because, for lack of a better phrase, the color has blown the mind of the camera with its intensity. This sounds cool, but it’s a bit painful on the ole’ eyeballs.

10 tips on how to make AWESOME tutorial videos: via the RABOM blog


  • Make more than one tutorial

By the time you’re set-up and ready to go and you’ve rehearsed what you’re going to say AND you’ve managed to film a good run-through of your tutorial, you may as well sit down and do a few more while you’re camera is set up! You’ve got your materials out, you’re cozy, and chances are you have more battery power in that camera so keep going!

  • Divide your process into separate videos

If you’re showing people how to make a cute cluster of Shabby Chiffon Flowers for a headband and you know you’re using a Fold-over elastic headband, make a separate video showing people how you made the fold-over elastic headband! Split your process up so you have more videos (more visibility!) and more content for those Social Media rainy days! And your audience will thank you – what’s easy and obvious to you may not be easy and obvious to others!

10 tips on how to make AWESOME tutorial videos: via the RABOM blog 10 tips on how to make AWESOME tutorial videos: via the RABOM blog

  • Talk about what went wrong

If you read any Cooking Illustrated publications, you’ll know that they start the recipe out by telling you ways they tried to cut time / money / material and whether or not it worked. We’re all trying to streamline all the time – if you tried something in your process that didn’t work, let your viewers know! This builds trust with your following and trust = longterm followers! Also, this gives you credibility as a crafter / maker / cook / DIY’er who isn’t afraid to be adventurous and try some hair-brained things! AND lastly – you know those moments in tutorial videos that, well, you can hear crickets chirping in the background? Because you’re busy tying a knot and that’s an important, time-consuming step? This is a good time to chat with your viewers about something like “Guys, DON’T do what I did this one time… “

  • Memorize your first and last line

This is a story-telling technique that works in a million scenarios. This is actually a life-hack.

When you’re going to do something difficult but you know you have to talk through it, memorize the first sentence you’ll say and the last, concluding sentence you’ll say. Everything in between will come naturally if you have a concrete start and stop, one that is rehearsed and makes sense to you. Try this the next time you are telling a story! You’ll see how helpful it is to know that you’re not struggling to start OR stop talking!

10 tips on how to make AWESOME tutorial videos: via the RABOM blog

  • The best camera is the one you have.

It’s an old adage, but it’s true. Get out there and shoot with what you have! If you have an iphone you already have a pretty awesome video camera – use it!

  • Light! Lots of it. But not directly.

Get as much light on your work area as you can – this will make all of your movements clear and easy-to-see for your followers. And if you can, get light from multiple directions! Set yourself up in a room with a lot of windows and film at a bright time of day but avoid direct beams of light as this will cause your screen to go completely white in certain areas (this is called “blowout”) and that’s just as unhelpful as areas that are in utter darkness.

  • Be you! We like you!

If you need to make a joke, make a joke! If you aren’t a big talker, that’s cool, too! Just talk when you think it’s necessary. Do you say “um…” a lot? That’s ok! Don’t be harsh with yourself. Are you actually this amazing actress who is pretty good at DIY but AWESOME at making people smile? Go for it. Have fun. The tutorial is a creative endeavor, so put yourself in there.

boutique bow shoot edits-1060369-2

That’s it! We’ll probably think of more as we go on and of course we’ll keep you posted about it. Have any tips for us? Let us know in the comments!


Tutorial Tuesday – the One Bow You Need to Know

This bow is a cinch. It’s classic, it’s easy, and it looks like you spent way more time on it than you actually did. You can skip the needle/thread part and just hot-glue your folds together which is GREAT if you’re busy and don’t feel like digging for sewing material but if the bow ends up in the dirty clothes now and again, a bit of thread through the center will help it live a longer. Either way, this is a quick bow that doesn’t use a lot of material so it’s perfect for busy bowmakers!

You’ll need the following:

  • 2.25 inch ribbon
  • 5/8 inch ribbon of same or corresponding color
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors
  • needle + thread
  • lighter
  • 2 alligator clips

RABOM double-pinch bow tutorial via (more…)

Retro Ribbon Photo Album

I plan to take tons of road trips this summer and I was looking for the perfect photo album to hold my pictures but just couldn’t find one. So, I decided to make my own using some of my favorite ribbon from RABOM.


For this craft you will need:


  • Photo Album
  • 1 Yard Pellon White Sew-In Interfacing
  • Roughly 20 Yards Of Various Colored Ribbon (More colors = less yards per color)
  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • Hot Glue Gun

1. Start by placing your photo album on the Pellon Interfacing to get an accurate measurement. Leave at least a 2″ perimeter around all sides of the album.


2. Place ribbon horizontally over the interfacing. Once done, start weaving other colors in vertically to create a checkered pattern. Now would be a good time to plug in your iron.




3. Push ribbon close together so that there is no interfacing showing.


4. Iron away! Make sure to get the corner pieces.


5. Flip over and place the album on the back side of the interfacing. Cut a square piece of interfacing off of each corner and pieces off of center binding. Leave a little length on one side to accommodate ribbon movement when closing the album.


6. Take one end of your photo album and fold in and glue down all sides. Partially close album and then glue down all sides on the other end of the album.



7. Burn the ribbon edges to prevent fraying. All finished!


Optional: You can incorporate RABOM’s custom printing to make special wedding presents or team photo albums!

These make the perfect housewarming, wedding or birthday gifts! Have fun with yours and try all kinds of fun designs & patterns!

Happy crafting!

– Lo

No Sew Apron


This no sew apron is a quick, easy project for the busy spring months. It will take you no time at all to whip up one of these as a hostess gift or birthday present for your favorite cook. Let’s get started!



1. Measure your waist and add about 36 inches to determine your ribbon length. Cut the ribbon and seal the ends. I used 7/8″ ribbon, but 1.5″ would work as well.

2. Line up the middle of your ribbon piece with the middle of the dish towel. Secure your ribbon to the top of the dish towel using Liquid Stitch or iron on adhesive.

3. You’re done! Wasn’t that easy? These aprons are also great to make for your little helpers. I loved putting on my very own apron and helping my mom in the kitchen when I was a kid.


Enjoy making these cute and easy aprons!

Elizabeth – originally posted 1/20/12

Baker’s Twine Ball

With temperatures of 60+ degrees, it’s starting to feel a lot like spring around here. We thought it would be fun to make festive spring decorations for around the office so we gathered up some extra baker’s twine to make fun string balls. This project might be a little messy but it is totally worth it!


You will need:


1. Blow your balloon into the shape you want. We went with a medium sized ballon so that it was a little rounder. You can coat your balloon with Vaseline so the twine won’t stick to balloon once dry.

2. Pour Mod Podge into the container and soak your twine. This is when it starts to get messy so make sure you do this outside or over a towel.


3. Start wrapping your twine around the balloon. Wrap vertically, horizontally and diagonally. You can use multiple pieces of twine to avoid tangles. If so, cut out the tangle and tuck the loose string under a wrapped piece of twine.


4. Let your ball dry for 24 hours and then pop the balloon.




All finished! Just remove the shriveled up balloon and crusty Mod Podge.


You can make additional twine balls with our fun spring colored twine! These are perfect for parties or spring weddings! We’d love to hear how you use your twine balls.

– Lo

DIY Seasonal Dog Collar

I love dogs! I love ribbon, and I love crafting!  So it’s only natural to make a personalized dog collar for my main man. With so many fun designs to choose from it’s easy to find a print or solid for your pup’s collar.

frogcollarYou will need:


For this project I suggest you work through the steps without sewing first. It can be very frustrating to have to take out triple stitches so put it together to get the feel of how it works.

1.  Measure your dogs neck. You will take this number (my dog’s neck is 17”) and add 11” inches. For my dog that means I need 28” of webbing and ribbon. Easy!

2.  Seal the ends of your ribbon and webbing with a lighter to prevent fraying.

3.  Center and sew your ribbon to webbing.


4.  Take one end and slide it through the strap adjuster – fold over about two inches and stitch this end down. Do two lines of stitching – go back and forth a few times with your reverse button. You can even do an hourglass stitch for a stronger hold.


5.  Now, flip it upside down where the webbing shows.

6.  Take the female buckle, curved side down, and thread onto the webbing on the opposite end of the strap adjuster.

7.  Next, run the end you just threaded back through the strap adjuster. Then, add the D ring.

8.  Now, attach the male buckle by threading it up through the end away from the prongs, and back down through the other.

photo 3-6

9.  Pull 2-3” inches through, keeping the D ring in the middle of the fold you just created. Sew either lines or hourglass stitches on each side of the D ring to secure the buckle.

photo 5 copy

photo 1-7

Clip the threads off of the collar and you are done! Be sure to send us photos of your collars on your dogs!

– Lo

Burlap Valentine Notebook

valbook _11

I love handmade notebooks &  journals! This fun sized notebook is the perfect gift for a journaling friend or significant other in your life. Write them a sweet note or a creative poem in the front flap in celebration of Valentine’s Day!

You will need:


1.  Cut the burlap a little over half way down the center. Don’t worry about the extra, you will fold it into the book later.

valbook _1

2.   Glue the card stock to the burlap. Make sure you have even edges along the top and bottom of the notebook. Then fold the extra burlap over the edge of the top and bottom sheets of your card stock and glue.

valbook _2

valbook _3

3.   Grab the pages of your notebook and cut off a half inch from the edges. This way you won’t see the pages when your notebook is closed.

valbook _4 valbook _5

4.  Weave the saddle stitch ribbon into the grand natural net ribbon. Then, hot glue the ribbon to the cover of the notebook.

valbook _8valbook _7

Almost finished! Just snip off the rough edges and add your personal message in the front flap. We hope this tutorial puts you in the mood for Valentine’s Day as much as it did for us!

Happy crafting!

– Lo

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