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Subtly get into the spirit

Don’t let anyone accuse you of decorating for Christmas *too soon* – there’s no such thing! Well, maybe there is. But we’ve got a plan for that.

If you’re like us, you may feel like you’re ready to unleash the Holiday Spirit ASAP. So here are a few ways you can start decorating in a few small, seasonally-appropriate ways! We’ve scanned Pinterest for DIY’s and finds to help you start the celebrations and – by the time the Holidays truly arrive – you can look around your home and see how the cheer has been growing since mid October!

sage candles

A candle simply-wrapped in sage, rosemary or spruce and tied with a bow is beautiful and subtly seasonal and pretty cheap if you are wiling to go on a little walk in the woods!

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Balsa beads of alternating sizes make for a beautiful garland. You can string them today! And if you want to add modern charm, dip-paint the larger beads in white for a half-and-half look.


Christmas cards are a fantastic way to keep your long-distance loved ones updated – but they pile up fast! Make the most of them (after they have been loved and enjoyed) by turning them into beautiful stars!


Outdoor Hula-Hoop Chandelier – this one is beautiful and really, you could use it any time of the year! But maybe you’ll love it *especially* around the Holidays.

Specialty Shop: a little lookbook

We love the RABOM Specialty Shop. Maybe it’s because it’s impossible to look at sparkly, wired ribbon without thinking “Christmas!” or maybe because we subconsciously just want presents (wrapped in these, of course). Or maybe we just love the Specialty Shop because the ribbon is just gorgeous and stylish! In honor of our 20% off sale going on through Tueday 9/30 (just two more days!) here’s a post of some of our favorite items from the RABOM Specialty Shop! Wired ribbon, embroidered ribbon, christmas ribbon, burlap, chevron, checks and color galore!

Gorgeous wired ribbon from Ribbons and Bows Oh My! Gorgeous holiday ribbon from RABOM! RABOM Specialty Shop ribbon is Christmas -ready! Gorgeous holiday ribbon from RABOM! RABOM Specialty Shop ribbon is Christmas -ready! Gorgeous, wired Christmas ribbon - we <3 it!  at Ribbons and Bows Oh My! Gorgeous, wired Christmas ribbon - we <3 it!  at Ribbons and Bows Oh My! Gorgeous holiday ribbon from RABOM! Gorgeous ribbon from the RABOM Specialty Shop specialty shop 1 (26 of 27) Gorgeous ribbon from the RABOM Specialty Shop Gorgeous ribbon from the RABOM Specialty Shop Gorgeous ribbon from the RABOM Specialty Shop Gorgeous ribbon from the RABOM Specialty Shop Gorgeous ribbon from the RABOM Specialty Shop specialty shop 3 (1 of 1)-2 Gorgeous holiday ribbon from RABOM! RABOM Specialty Shop ribbon is Christmas -ready!

Grosgrain Pumpkin Lantern!

Hello all! This cute little craft is easy as pie. Much easier than pie, actually. If you’ve ever made a pie, it can be a traumatic experience depending on how DIY you go with that crust 😉 This craft is all about Elmer’s Glue (or an equivalent), water, grosgrain, a glue gun, scissors and some time! Here’s the recipe we used for making our stiffened, Glue Glazed Grosgrain.

Glue Glazed Grosgrain:

  • 1 part water
  • 1 part glue
  • grosgrain
  • a place to hang your grosgrain so it does not touch while drying

Just whisk together glue and water (we poured water into our half-empty glues and shook them like crazy), pour into a small bowl with high sides. Add your grosgrain. Let them soak for a minute then pull the ribbons out one-by-one. You can pre-cut your ribbon strips so you’re not unnecessarily stiffening ribbon you won’t use. Gently pull the excess liquid from your ribbon before hanging up to dry but do not crinkle, squeeze or fold your ribbon. Let the ribbon hang perfectly vertically and dry suspended in the air. This should take 1 hour to 4 hours, depending on relative humidity. Don’t use the ribbon unless it’s completely dry. And there you go!

Ribbon Pumpkin Lantern via RABOM Ribbon Pumpkin Lantern via RABOM Ribbon Pumpkin Lantern via RABOM Ribbon Pumpkin Craft 1 (7 of 7) pumpkin lantern (1 of 1)

We think this would look SO cute hanging from a fireplace or in front of a window! Vary the sizes of your ribbon up a little and you can make a variety of sizes! Just subtract 2 inches overall from the lengths and you have smaller, squatter pumpkins to give you pretty varying sizes! Enjoy!

DIY Thankful Tree

This is my favorite DIY yet. Lynda and I had such a blast making the RABOM Thankful Tree. We had the whole company in on this one by asking everyone to write down what they are thankful for. What better way to start meaningful conversation?

thankful tree2_2

You will need the following:

  • Old Coffee Mug
  • Gold Spray Paint
  • Sticks, Twigs (whatever you can find on the ground)
  • Card Stock or thick construction paper
  • RABOM Washi Tape
  • RABOM Baker’s Twine
  • Hole punch (we used an adorable star hole punch)

thankful treet_2

Let’s Make This Thing:

1. Spray paint your mug and sticks. We used one coat on the sticks and two coats on the mug.

thankful treet_1

2. While your sticks and mug are drying, start to decorate your card stock with washi tape. Be sure to leave a spot for writing. (Some people are thankful for a whole lot!)

thankful treet_4 thankful treet_8

3. Punch holes in the top right or left corners of your tags.

thankful treet_11

4. Cut your baker’s twine into 8 inch snippets and thread it through your tags.

thankful treet_13

5. Here is the fun part. Pass out tags among friends, family and coworkers and have them write down what they are most thankful for this year.

thankful treet_16

6. Add marbles, rice or beans to your mug. Arrange your sticks and tie on tags.

thankful treet_17

That’s it! You have an adorable thankful tree that can be enjoyed all holiday season.

Tips: Spray paint outside and with the direction of the wind. Otherwise you’ll be “goldfinger” for the rest of the day. :)

thankful treeee

I hope you have as much fun with this DIY as Lnyda and I! Let us know what you are thankful for this holiday season! Happy Thanksgiving!!

– Lo

Cranberry Centerpiece

Cranberry Centerpiece

Are you looking for a simple, but elegant decoration for the Holiday Season? Look no further because cranberries are the answer. Cranberries have a beautiful rich color plus they are easily accessible and inexpensive at this time of year. I took my twig candle holder from Tuesday’s blog post and put it in a dish that I had hiding in my kitchen cabinets. I poured cranberries around the candle holder and voila…instant centerpiece!

I love floating candles, so I wanted to incorporate one into a cranberry centerpiece. I found the larger dish that coordinates with the first centerpiece and filled it about halfway up with water. I put a bag of cranberries in the water with a floating candle, and now you have a second centerpiece. You could also add a sprinkle of glitter to this centerpiece for a little extra sparkle.

Here is another example of a festive, but elegant centerpiece using cranberries. This Cranberry Mason Jar Centerpiece can be found on Cupcakes and Candles.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to incorporating cranberries into holiday decorations. I hope this post inspires you to try something new with your decorations this holiday season!


Fall Candle Holder

Fall Candle Holder

Are you looking for a simple decoration to bring the lovely rustic feel of the autumn season indoors to your home? Well look no further. This simple project is a great way to incorporate the outdoors into your home decor during this season.


  • candle holder
  • twigs
  • ribbon
  • glue- hot glue, crafting glue, or wood glue


1. First, you will need to gather some twigs from your yard. Cut your twigs into pieces that are about the height of your candle holder.

2. Start gluing the twigs to your candle holder keeping them as close together as possible. Continue gluing until the entire holder is covered.

3. Measure around your twig covered candle holder and cut a piece of ribbon that length plus 1/2″ to allow for some overlap. Adhere your ribbon around the twigs. Make sure to begin and end in the middle of one of the sides if you have a square shaped holder. I used doubled sided tape to attach my ribbon, but glue would work as well.

4. I made a small bow to cover up the overlap of my ribbon, but you could also use an embellishment to cover the overlap. A baby pine cone may be a nice finishing touch for this project.

5. Put a candle in your holder and you have a lovely new decoration for your home. This would also make a great hostess gift.

Enjoy preparing and decorating for this Thanksgiving season!


Trot Your Turkey Winner

Happy Thanksgiving!

 The winner of the Trot Your Turkey is posted on the link to the right.

Thank you to everyone who submitted such great ideas for Trot Your Turkey.

My family and I are having a great day! Kids, dogs, aunts, uncles, grandmas, cousins, moms, dads, – just everyone is here! This couldn’t be better.

These cute turkey napkin rings are marking the place where each child will sit. Michelle and Grace had so much fun making them with me, I just had to share them with you.

Hope your day is going as well as mine is. Families are the best!



We will continue our blog next week featuring Christmas Decorations. Have a great weekend!


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Friday Sharing Day – Wreaths

It’s the end of the week already. It’s been so much fun showing you the different wreath ideas.

Thanksgiving is almost here. We here at Ribbons and Bows Oh MY are so GRATEFUL for your support and business that we are offering you an incentive to submit your ideas for Thanksgiving. We would like you to share with us. Look on the right of the blog, link in and show us your STUFF(ing)!!!

Click on the Turkey on the right to see the Turkey Day ideas.

Have a great weekend! See you next week with Holiday Table Decorations.



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