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Holiday Candy Garland

Halloween has come and gone, but we love this DIY Party Garland concept from The Sweetest Occasion!

It’s a Candy Garland and you can remake this in any brightly-wrapped candy of your choice to suit your sweet tooth and decor :) Absolutely adorable and festive and would make a great party favor, too. How cute would red, gold, and green Jolly Ranchers be? Pretty cute.


Julie Blanner Centerpieces

We found this lovely blog run by Julie Blanner with a great theme: entertaining & design that celebrates everyday life. We love how clean and approachable Julie’s style is! These centerpieces come together so easily and beautifully with flowers and fruit that you can find at the grocery store. Cheers to Julie! We think these centerpieces are so inspiring and great for the upcoming holiday season!

christmas-arrangementfloral-christmasmothers-day-flowers1 summer-centerpiece fall-flowers1

Another Ribbon Tree Idea!

We pinned these Fynes Designs Christmas Trees earlier this year and wanted to share with you! If you do not want to waste a good funnel, we see no reason why you couldn’t take heavy cardstock or posterboard and fashion a cone with some hot glue! And of course, if you have some foam cones around, go ahead and use those! SUPER easy and super cute. Bonus points for using a wooden spool as your Tree Trunk.

Looking for a good combination of RABOM ribbon for this project? Here’s our pics!

IMG_0048 copy


Pinecone Firestarter

The title for this post was almost Twisted Firestarter because that would have been cute and kinda accurate and you know, the 90’s :)

Your little (older) ones will LOVE making these. Dipping things into a vat of wax? Totally fascinating. And wonderful-smelling. And definitely a spectator-craft for the littler ones… :) This craft from Something Turquoise is fantastic! So is the rest of her blog!


Idea though – what if  you also sprinkled them with a generous amount of stamping glitter after their last dip? THAT would be a Christmas craft / Neighbor Christmas Gift that would be incredibly cute and fun to gift :) As long as you’re the type whose OK seeing glitter on house / self / kids / food / everything.

Her directions are so thorough! Can’t recommend this fun-looking DIY enough :)


Again, head to Something Turquoise for this project and so many more cute ones like it!


Last-minute costume: Cotton Candy

This costume could go a couple of different ways: lamb, dust bunny, cotton candy, cloud, bunny, you can probably think of a few more :) If you’re in need of a last-minute costume and you have access to quilt batting, you’re in luck! This costume comes from Hello Wonderful, you can find all kinds of sturdy, wow-that’s-actually-really-cool! DIY’s from these guys. We love the doability and creativity of their site! Check them out.


Subtly get into the spirit

Don’t let anyone accuse you of decorating for Christmas *too soon* – there’s no such thing! Well, maybe there is. But we’ve got a plan for that.

If you’re like us, you may feel like you’re ready to unleash the Holiday Spirit ASAP. So here are a few ways you can start decorating in a few small, seasonally-appropriate ways! We’ve scanned Pinterest for DIY’s and finds to help you start the celebrations and – by the time the Holidays truly arrive – you can look around your home and see how the cheer has been growing since mid October!

sage candles

A candle simply-wrapped in sage, rosemary or spruce and tied with a bow is beautiful and subtly seasonal and pretty cheap if you are wiling to go on a little walk in the woods!

a57a985fc3aa928ce62889ccf7debbc0 (1)

Balsa beads of alternating sizes make for a beautiful garland. You can string them today! And if you want to add modern charm, dip-paint the larger beads in white for a half-and-half look.


Christmas cards are a fantastic way to keep your long-distance loved ones updated – but they pile up fast! Make the most of them (after they have been loved and enjoyed) by turning them into beautiful stars!


Outdoor Hula-Hoop Chandelier – this one is beautiful and really, you could use it any time of the year! But maybe you’ll love it *especially* around the Holidays.

Little Stacked Halloween Bows

We love a good stripe bow. It goes with all teams, all holidays, all festivities, all EVERYTHING! These little stacked bows combine 2 little Flat Boutique Bows – you’ll love how sweet and simple this little bow is!

We used the following materials:

  • 18 inches of 1.5 inch Orange Stripe
  • 16 inches of 7/8 inch Black Grosgrain
  • 5/8 inch Black Grosgrain for knot
  • glue gun, scissors, lighter, needle + thread
  • wrapped alligator clip

simple stack bow screen 1

Fold your 16 inch strip 2 inches down from the ends to create a crease. Fold 2 more times, each time at the center.

simple stack bow fold 1

Use your creases to make your Boutique Bow folds! Match crease-to-crease to keep your loops even.

simple stack bow fold 2simple stack bow25

Place 3 evenly-spaced stitches through center – start by going IN through the front!

stitch through

Scrunch to make your creases! Then wrap your knot and tie-off on the back.

wrap and tie off

Repeat Flat Boutique Bow steps for your smaller Black Center Bow


Finish your last fold and stitch through the center, same as last time!


Glue your Black Center bow down to your Base Bow


Place your knot, then your alligator clip – glue ’em down good!


Wrap knot and glue to back of alligator clip – make sure you like the look of the knot from the front before the glue sets!


Trim the excess tail, seal with a lighter and you’re done!

little halloween bow cluster small

So cute!

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