Transform a room for less than $20

These framed photos from Always Rooney? Iphone photos. Printed at Staples. And framed during a Michael’s framing sale. Their scale and subject instantly transforms the walls of this livingroom into something so beautiful! We love this! And we LOVE the budget for this! This is a fantastic treat for yourself if you’re looking to give your walls a fresh look!

IMG_8456 IMG_8450

DIY Metallic Vase in 5 minutes!

Looking for an easy upgrade to the standard hurricane vase? Sure! We all have a few of these vases kicking around and they have so much versatile potential if you just pick up some foiled paper from the craft store. Love this idea from The Craft Patch!

geometric metallic scrapbook paper geometric metallic vase DIY easy metallic centerpieces

Valentine’s Day Chocolate Bark

And now for the less-healthy version of yesterday’s post: Chocolate Bark! This sweet project from Hungry Happenings is for the slightly-more-indulgent dessert person! It looks adorable, delicious and a lot of fun to make! A great teacher or neighbor gift for those who just love giving on Valentine’s Day!

x-s-and-o-s-hugs-and-kisses-chocolate-bark-valentines-day x-s-and-o-s-chocolate-bark-valentines-day-recipes homemade-valentines-day-chocolates-xs-and-os-bark

Heart Eyes Emoji Cookies!

You know we are Heart Eyes Emoji for all things emoji – but ESPECIALLY these emoji cookies from Hello Wonderful! Click through for some tips on how to get your royal icing looking perfect for these cuties! And we wish there were more Valentine’s Days throughout the year – who do we need to talk to about making this happen??

8-mini-heart-emoji-cookies13-mini-heart-emoji-cookies 3-mini-heart-emoji-cookies

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